So the future IS coming. Algorithms so complex the authors have lost control are here today. These BOTS are making their new bots. They are self-learning. Will we even know when they are self-aware? When is AI self-aware is AI a new specifics of life itself?

MIT has introduced wireless brain interaction that corrects AI robots before they make an error. No prior experience by humans is required. Imagine the self-correction to auto driving cars at the speed of thought. The new sex robotics can now interact with human’s in a most natural way with our own feedback.

Imagine that Robots marry. We marry Robots. Robots marry each other. Self-learning AI becomes a species outside human experience and beyond it. Will the new species treasure us protect us and regard us highly, or ignore us and think of us much as we think of ground worms in the soil? You can no longer predict this range of outcome.

AI today can have a post that is a lie detected and remove it. A growing percentage of line truth is set up by bot detection. But the liars are now planting lies as truth ( fake news ) and the body of what is true and what is a lie is being blurred by the AI race.

AI now controls how weapons are targeted. In the future, AI will control the hits, not human’s. AI will Hack AI. Who will control the truth? Is a data base of truth desired to assure human heritage is not sabotaged forever? Once a truth is lost who would even know the lie was not the truth any longer? Would future AI have human judgment capacity on such discernment or would that be lacking?

The moral police for the new species and for us is nonexistent. What we KNOW is that AI is changing the US. Technology is changing the US. Our brains are changing. We are no inside an uncontrolled human evolution experiment with zero controls, zero outcome goals, and an open-ended uncontrolled shift in Human potential and futures.

IS a G 100 AI CONVENTION To discuss proposals for sane legislation to protect both the new species and ourselves in the unfolding experiment, worthy of invested time and brain power or is the insane ramp up into “who knows” the insanity we should all follow.

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Berny Dohrmann – Speaking out for AI as uncontrolled and the point of the GREAT AWAKENING is upon us in my opinion.