So, in the new super strange QUANTUM WORLD, we reside within, digitally, IS brand new. This world of world markets is sixty months NEW. Let me explain it to you and you may share this content and viral the links on your walls and boards and twitters.

First, everything you READ about the markets is WRONG. So consider that item of fact. Those providing the information are using data, with charts and graphs, that relate to historic markets before the markets went QUANTUM 101.

What is the market CYBER EFFECT? What is Quantum markets 101? Why are reporters providing information ( experts ) not aware of the core shift that has taken place?

Well, that one is easy. When the general brain software of education over years and decades of culture repetition and tradition IS the core software by which an individual ( expert ) understands values and reports forward guessing on what will take place, the software limits them. The world is flat. It takes centuries before we all believe the world is round and rotates around the SUN, not the other way around. Centuries and hey you could using the telescope SEE the difference with your own eyes.

The markets going QUANTUM in only sixty months snuck up on experts and they don’t yet appreciate their old box top rules not longer work, as we are not driving horses we are driving teslas. New rules apply at the intersections of life.

So the old obsolete market has not yet caught up with the sixty-month-OLD QUANTUM MARKET. So let’s look at simplifying the issues:

  1. The global regulation framework was set up after the two World Wars and global Depression of the 1930’s.
  2. The regulatory framework was designed to regulate a market that was entirely paper with paper in a barn that regulators could visit examine and audit.
  3. The regulations were formed when radio was new – the internet was not – there was no computer – phones were not in the majority of homes – and the world was paper with a Telegraph, no fed ex, no im, no fax, no email, nothing digital imagined.
  4. As digital encroached into the market place in the 1980s to now, the regulations for the paper in the barn model tried to band-aid solutions lacking any VISION to the new set of problem issues that would arise.
  5. The 1930’s regulatory framework was forged on two principles. The first speculation to manipulate prices in asset classes was a crime. Second banks were firewalled from investment banks precluding bank’s using deposits for speculative investing, which created two depressions globally and bankrupted the banks. In 2000 those two rules were removed by Congress and conditions in the QUANTUM MARKET are now far worse globally than in 1929. Only no one is seeing the methane explosion in the mine. Well, a few awake economists ( my tribe ) are shouting from the rooftops but the law makers are not listening.
  6. Sixty months ago the trading was largely still a barn of a paper clearing. 
  7. Today the regulations are paper weighted, and blue sky to nations or local, while the trades are in the cloud, and beyond regulatory authority of any kind.

So what do the 7 steps above mean? Well, there is one more element you have to look at in the Quantum markets which are why it is all NEW and never experienced by human beings in all history.

Markets began by risk sharing capital, into ventures and world trading, by box top rules started with COMMON OUTCRY around a Tree in New York and London and in Asia that became the markets of today. Until sixty months ago and when I owned my global publically trade BROKER DEALER large volume trading was cleared on major exchanges by specialists and “seat holders” on those exchanges – through common outcry. You see it still today though really it is IPAD and electronic and only a fraction of trading.

Sixty months ago the MAJORITY of global trillions in market transactions was traded by software. In sixty months the great % of global trade and prices for all asset classes are set by one software on the mainframe against another software. The first generation of QUANTUM COMPUTERS are up and running, IBM lets you access their’s free. QUANTUM DRIVEN software will advance to develop AI aspects providing greater HIGH FREQUENCY and VELOCITY PRICE VOLATILITY to maximize trading speculations and profit. The SOFTWARE MARKET – the DIGITAL CYBER EFFECT – OF MARKETS TODAY has outpaced regulations and the core system capacity to manage the trading. 

The software includes the CYBER EFFECT mankind never experienced before:

  • Total lack of transparency – via shadow banking – dark pools and sovereign wealth funds – with zero understanding of market manipulations for profit taking – all outside any global regulatory safeguards and framework. The Cyber Horse is out of the barn and there is NO getting that software back into the antique obsolete local regulatory framework for paper trades. No one knows it is all opaque versus transparent just in 60 months.
  • Software is the new financial ARMS RACE. The software is intelligent, self-learning, and opposing its own alternative software, adjusting to that influence and creating its own counterbalance, all the while using fantastic credit and leverage never seen in any markets before. Black Rock and Carlyle alone control almost ten trillion dollars of capital resources and their trading leverage in and by itself influences asset class price across all asset prices including currency – largely outside any regulatory framework. The laws are local for the paperwork barn – the trades are CYBER and in the cloud outside regulatory framework. These two private money pools are larger than the influence and wealth of 95% of all nations COMBINED TOGETHER as something NEW and not a factor in the last depression.
  • The software manipulates prices to all asset classes creating consolidations unwanted in economics. 1% own more wealth than 99% and the 1% own the software. Consumers pay lifetime hidden taxes against a system spiral into global bankruptcy through credits that are not sustainable in economic application – say China spending 300% more than it earns while its GNP is plunging over ten years down down down like Alice in the Rabbit Hole still to hit bottom ( bankruptcy of the communist system a 100% occurrence in that economic modeling ). 
  • No one is regulating CYBER MARKETS worldwide in what has become a communist and capitalist CASINO CAPITALISM where the 1% profit at the great expense of nations, industry, and the 99% of us. Market distortions from the CYBER EFFECT must be rebalanced either by cooperative global re-frame of regulatory structure or by World War. There are no other options. Right now we are in a spiral toward World War and every one of my readers knows that if not why. The economics is why.
  • The amount of bad debt in the system is reaching a point where a ripple deflation and rebalancing of accounts must take place. Said another way massive bankruptcy and a world depression arrive unless a cooperative solution is defined. We suggested the only one we know of in Redemption the Cooperation Revolution buy one for yourself and your HEAD OF STATE and send it to them as a gift. Change the world.
  • Today the SOFTWARE WARS define consolidation of all industry, place stock buybacks ahead of investment in plant and jobs, and deploy capital in ways that make money in speculation over long-term economic backbone and growth.

In the last depression speculation trading – side bets on which way a future price might land – became larger than then the real market of investment. Today software has passed the ratio of the depression years due to leverage and Cyber Effects to fuel speculation at a pace and level the world has never experienced.

Let’s look at sequence:

  1. Dec 1999 Unanimous Vote of Congress in the USA shatters ll depression firewalls to keep speculation out of global markets.
  2. By 2008 the SUPER CRASH from one commodity class becoming distorted in CYBERSPACE – mortgages – took the regulatory community of the world by shock. A regulatory heart attack.
  3. In 2017 the SPECULATION is far worse than 2007 in the same mortgage class as no paper barn regulation can regulate the money pools trading in the cloud.
  4. In 2017 the shift of human managed money pools regulated by OLD LAW has been largely completed to DIGITAL TRADING MARKETS ( Electronic Traded Funds – or software against software ) which now is the largest fastest growing money pool on earth.
  5. These new CYBER EFFECTED INVESTMENTS keep capital our of economic growth and invention and place money in instant profit making in enormous speculations managed by software to DISTORT MANIPULATE AND CASINO PRICE ALL ASSETS in what was a crime but is now legal.

The CYBER EFFECTED “QUANTUM MARKETS” are new. The software is developing and becoming every more intelligent to make instant profits at any cost. The software does not understand SYSTEMIC FAILURE ( Super Crash ) which it is creating but has no awareness it is responsible. Remember my trade in 2009? The heads of the largest broker-dealers in Congress? Saying – oh my how could this have happened we have no clue what was paying us our 100 million dollar bonus’s no clue – can you bail us out now in our bad bets so banks we own do not go bankrupt worldwide? We would like to make your nation bankrupt so we can keep speculating and getting our bonus sums your honors.?”

So as with all fairy tales do we the people the world live happily ever after?

Ah, no we do not. We all lose everything.

Why? Because law makers do not understand the CYBER MARKETS. Regulatory folks are the inward focus to preserve the powers granted them to regulate the paper barn. They do not appreciate their regulatory elasticity is now stripped of tools to regulate the global digital speculations.

Once the depression laws we abolished, and we made it legal to take your grandmother’s savings inside the Bank of China, at a 50 to 1 leverage and debt investment via software, in pure speculations, the entire system went bankrupt in 60 months. Today the debt spiral has reached a point of BAD AND NEVER PAYABLE LOANS that the system risk of utter failure is when no longer if. 


Without a global RETHINK of regulations for world trade the inevitable contagion, Super Crash, and world depression and world war is a traditional outcome. While those who caused it all do the blame dance.

The law makers are selling out to the financial lobby the largest lobby voice in all national capitals for reasons mentioned ( CYBER WEALTH ).

The CYBER WEALTHY are in a spiral of the FEW AGAINST THE MANY exploring in uncharted wealth effects consolidation of wealth and power such as the human global system has never experienced before. This is all new. Untried. No rule book to know the outcome.

So the laws are local.

The trades are in the cloud.

The software took control of markets 60 months ago and software now runs the majority of all capital transactions one software against another all trading for instant hourly profits in up and down markets.

Today’s pause is a pause. The insane trading will continue to move up as there are too few assets and too much capital when leveraged 50 to 1. 100’s of trillions in cash investing in tens of trillions of assets. Easy to manipulate the price.

CASINO Capitalism – a world first from CYBER WEALTH.

1% own more wealth than 99% which is a failure of nations to rebalance world economics into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM evolved from failed communism and competitive capitalism.

The QUANTUM ECONOMIC is a form of insanity.

Slowly the sane may declare the earth is NOT FLAT.

We have to wait and see.

That’s my song and I’m sticking to it.

Berny Dohrmann – Investment Banker Economist – CEO SPACE March 13 Orlando