Today we get the news:

  • In Kabal ISIS dressed as doctors and medics shot over 30 dead and wounded over fifty doctors, nurses, patients, those being operated on, and all of ISIS gunmen were killed. The NAZIS did not attack hospitals. This is the worst WAR CRIME yet and indicates mental insanity. ISIS is not a government. ISIS is not a religion. ISIS is a gang of insane brains worse than crips and blood. A GANG like NAZIS of insane brains. The faster media refers to ISIS as INSANE the safer the world will be.
  • CIA leaks, they have no clue where these leaks from our most secure CIA globally or where those leaks THIS WEEK  came from,the leaks  define they THE CIA , not the NSA have tools to embed in targets ( all electronics we own in our home and office ) and  they THE CIA related to those targets can now at   wish to track or remove from theater, via any electronic device. The CIA fighting with TRUMP over leaks just  And TRUMP says he was tapped at TRUMP TOWER was it BY THE CIA? THE CIA LEAK now sprung is a bigger leak than Snowden. The retooling of this agency is ahead. Trump will reset this agency watch.
  • China had a negative balance of trade – not seen in years. This is important because if China is dipping more frequently into world buying that is plunging – within the RUN ON CHINA we report here in this blog – to a point, they buy more than they sell by billions this year – the depth of the CHINA CHANGE becomes apparent. The sun in China ( communist economics ) is fatal and setting. Without the US there is nothing ahead of China but revolution and they well know that. We both know it.
  • Greece economics fell MORE than EXPECTED in the fourth quarter as Greece is not growing and recovering.

Which brings us to the problem of DEBT NATIONS in fatal economics.

So politicians. Remember them? Where POLITICS lead the ECONOMICS versus economics leading the politics. For say five decades. So after World War II everything is booming and rebuilding. The USA has a Mashall Plan going in the EU and in Japan. The massive investment creates growth and wealth.  So the politicians do what? 

They begin to promise the public they can retire with benefits never seen before. They can retire at 65. Wait they can retire at 62. Wait they can retire at 60. Wait they can retire at 57. Wait for it – they can retire at 50. Now all this would never work economically. If you’re out of work you get paid to not work. Then what happens is the war babies age. The pig in the python. Speaking economically.

So create an upside down pyramid. You have THAT in your mind. At the bottom are young workers who pay into the retirement system of the politicians, or promises that were made by dead politicians. Keep one economic truth in your mind:




At the top of your UPSIDE DOWN PYRAMID are those retiring at age 50 to 55 or the burden to pay out, with the money not present to pay it. All reserves were spent as the nations have been spending over 170% of what they make for decades. They borrowed from the retirement funds that are now not functional. They need billions to keep paying yearly out payments in all EU nations. The UPSIDE PYRAMID is created by Politics leading economics. The USA and other developed countries are not as bad but their problems of UNDERFUNDED PENSION LIABILITIES ( Social Security and Medicare going bankrupt fast ) are MASSIVE and run into the TRILLIONS of dollars.

This is economic’s, folks.

In China, they spend 300% of what they make each year and finance the balance by debit. The communist has POLITICS leading economics. In Greece the IMF wants Greece to cut pensions to a level they can afford to make the payments. This means BREACH OF DEAD POLITICIAN PROMISES. The public now feels those decade old fatal economic promises from fully dead now politicians are a RIGHT and the demand THEIR RIGHTS. Only they are not RIGHTS they are actually LIES.

Because the PUBLIC IS ECONOMIC ILLITERATE and does not know the economic alphabet the ability to act in self-interest is not present. The nation will collapse into bankruptcy, depression, and violence. The rule of law will break down when you can’t pay courts and police folks. Debt nations marching into bankruptcy are a thread from such unthinkable realities. Banks close. Hardship you can’t imagine begins. Food is a black market item. Folks kill to eat. Why? The one and only truth:




The public KNOWS the truth at some instinct level. The public believes in fairy tales. In movie happy endings. That there has to be a way to FIX ALL THIS. Well, folks guess what. There is no way in many cases. If you spend more than you make long enough you go broke.

Greece wants those who lent it money to make up for lies, to not get paid and to default on those loans to pay the public their pension money so they don’t riot and kill the leadership. At the end of the day that is the truth.

Those holding the debt owe others their money back and they can’t walk away from legal contracts and fail to get their money back they invested into Greek promises/lies that they could rely on a being paid back. The IMF does not want to put new money into a nation of liars without others cutting their debts, ( losing all their money invested ) so that the IMF has a better chance of getting paid back. None of this is working. While Greece is sinking.

Now move over to scale and the larger same exact issue in China. China has a run on manufacturing moving to better quality price and political systems and language in Indonesia the number four economy on earth, and India number five and almost tied for two not to mention Taiwan, Vietnam, Bangladesh. and many many others. Capital is running by the trillions out of China investments, banks, institutions, just running. China has spent a TRILLION DOLLARS in 12 months supporting is funny money which is still in free fall as a value in the world some 40% down in recent years in buying power and free falling now. Chinese are trying to get their money OUT but the nation is increasingly under communist economics putting them in JAIL if they try it. A plan of politics leading economics that never works historically not ever not once.

So the UPSIDE DOWN PYRAMID and the truth that only Dead Politicians DO NOT LIE is what you need to make your bible. Until economics lead politics systemic reformation is impossible. Today in a digital age of trading a G 100 nation ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS is required to reform all systems together, in a giant COLLAB which is the HOPE AND PROMISE. The problem is living lying politicians will never cooperate they only compete itself a form of insanity.

So now you have some education economically. Nations are bankrupt. The politicians of bygone generations made promises that now they are dead are seen easily to be lies. They don’t care they are dead. The public thinks the lies are their RIGHT. Politically. No one is thinking economically. The nations can not afford to spend more than they make. Or they go bankrupt. When nations go bankrupt nations go to war.

Because their people can not eat and they are killing each other.

Rule of law breaks down when you can’t pay courts police and keep banks open.

We are all a thread from that happening due to years of abuse. You have three days of food supply folks. You have no reserves if there is a run on the banks. It’s over in minutes, not days. Minutes.

Folks panic is all it takes. Now think what will trigger panic? Dominoes. If Greece falls and bows out of the EU than Italy Spain and other debtor nations are right behind it. The unwinding will create potentials for economic panic politicians and lies can’t contain any longer. Still, people will not understand the TRUTH of how they became bankrupt.

They stopped being SELF RELIANT and relied on OTHERS to make their choices and to TAKE CARE OF THEM versus taking care of themselves and one another. One is insane one is sane.

If economics lead politics there is hope.

If politics lead economics there is no hope.

Time is the only issue as we lap dance to the cliff of the biggest canyon humanity has ever faced given our weapons of mass destruction.

So that is the TRUTH and we thought a little economics might be useful. DEAD POLITICIANS DON’T LIE.

Keep THAT in mind when you read the news.

Berny Dohrmann – March 13TH CEO SPACE ORLANDO you should be inside it …..