First, in summary, I have asked my readers with investments in both stocks and bonds to consider expert advice to SELL OUT of both and to place your nest egg, your near and dear money you can not afford to lose, into diversified insurance investing with insurance investment professionals who may not be your normal LIFE GUY- such that:

  • Index insurance is high yield principle guaranteed investing – that – substitutes for prior market investing
  • Annuity investing substituting for bond investing
  • Whole Life investing for bank and savings investing with full access to money through cash value one-day loans back as needed

DIVERSIFIED INSURANCE INVESTING will protect your near and dear money after a market SUPER CRASH which remains a ways into the future and no one can predict when. Due to system abuses in credit and speculative bubble pricing across all asset classes the destructive rebalancing of DEFLATION and DELEVERAGING ( of bad loans in the trillions of dollars by industry and nations ) will require time and global pain. Eventually.

Now to be clear as crystal – I believe – the market will still go up in what economists refer to as a fools rally or a SUPER BUBBLE. When the market expands plus Profit and Earning ratio’s we believe are historically normal to historically speculation rates that only are seen in history prior to SUPER CRASH corrections – one can appreciate – that if it walks like a historic duck it is time to hear quack quack.

Historic to all bubbles is the:

  • March of Fed experts saying there is NO BUBBLE
  • Market experts saying THERE IS NO BUBBLE
  • Rallies of invested interests profiting saying there is NO BUBBLE.

Quack Quack.

So then those same experts having made the SUPER BUBBLE so much worse – so much more damaging globally – then say – OH WOE IS ME AND HOW OH HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED? MY MY HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED.

I believe in economic history everyone has financial amnesia and no one learns from prior financial history which is data available and so easy to uncover and discover. Quack Quack. It is forever duck walking if you look backwards and not that far back either.

I see the HOPE FLOAT or the RALLY OF INSANE RAIN into the market going on as a last gasp before the Super Crash. The Super Crash will flow from a global contagion event. No one can predict this debt unraveling until it comes forth in the market. We have given you where to look on this blog series if you care to have more information more data to protect dear and near money.

If we are wrong you make a lot of money.

If we are right you save loss that would wipe out all your gains and part of all of your near and dear money and for many all of it.

You can not lose following our model.

You can not win following other models.

Today leading economists are growing in number suggesting the end of this market of insanity is near now. David Stockman advisers to many Presidents and Congress stated the values of today’s market are INSANE.

The FED ( perhaps too late now ) is changing core policy to aggressive rate rising to stop the massive speculation free money is manipulating asset classes with inside a SUPER BUBBLE FREE MONEY POLICY ( failed and policy gone horribly wrong ) by central banks – has affected. Rates will rise. This will put extreme pressure on China who has lost over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS recently trying to support its Chinese Currency. The IMF accepted this funny money into its legitimate basket of currency before the head of the IMF went on trial in France. An IMF leadership of shame. The Chinese currency is likely to trigger global SUPER CRASH and worldwide credit rebalancing. We have reported why here with data. Nothing political. Nothing personal. Just economic 101.

So the market is down now – as we predicted.

The market will yet go up as we predict here.

But the market will Correct – later this Spring and later this year again. 

The contagion event you will well know when it comes. The effect will be:

  • Super Crash day after day of market value’s 
  • Super Bubble rebalancing
  • Credit lock up and lock down worldwide
  • Economic growth stops and moves to the red all nations
  • Liquidity lock up first in ETF then in all markets as contagion spreads
  • Defaults and bankruptcies for nations and institutions until too big to jails.
  • Bank failure and runs on banks worldwide this time
  • Regional wars pressure into world war 
  • World depression and account rebalancing by possible world wars

This is a long-term look at 24 months due to global credit abuse, impossibly slow recovery, rising rates removing free money stimulus, exploding dollar value, and runs out of China continuing at an elevated pace as China communist economies implode into Super Bubble crash and deflation – coming soon.

The longer politics lead economics the worse the future outcome.

The sooner economics lead politics the lighter the load sharing later.

Cooperation resolves problems competition can no longer resolve.

So we watch sanity or insanity in the world and our only objective is to keep the nest egg and the near and dear money of our blog readers safe from risk and exposure. We strongly believe in a super conservative approach to protecting your NEST EGG and near and dear money for your circle you share this with. For sure:

  • Asset classes are not in a real market value but are specualtion influenced in a fools rally spiral upward.
  • Risk from hsitoric data and charts points to a rebalancing
  • In the past the spiral continues and tighens until a SUPER CRASH correction
  • The time period until a correction is now short
  • The end of one of the longest up bubble rallies in 100 yaers is close historically

For these reasons we suggest GET OUT at the PEAK WEEK and get PROTECTED AND SAFE in diversified insurance investing and ride through every possible storm better than any altenative we know of. Ask a licensed insurance investment professional for their super conservative best answer. You can not lose but if you snooze you can lose.

I wish you safe harbor.

For those joining CEO SPACE March 13th – you will be beyond grateful .