Soon enough it will be FOUR MONTHS of President Trump. This weekend in America huge marches supporting TRUMP took place nationwide. Enormous numbers turned out thanking President Trump reminded us TRUMP WON and Hillery LOST. Even the news has shifted to say HE IS OUR PRESIDENT we all MUST remember THAT. The change since the election ( in Trump himself ) you can feel. He appears to be moving from RATINGS in an entertainment show to acting PRESIDENTIAL ( kind of ).

His team is doing things under the table. The result is rather amazing:

  • Shifts in the UN
  • Shifts in NATO
  • Shifts in Gov Buying
  • Shifts in Immigration POLICY
  • Shifts in TAX POLICY
  • Shifts in EVERYTHING
  • The markets are soaring
  • The consumer index is almost at 100%

The political landscape is shifting too.

ISIS is being systemically destroyed in absolute terms. All their leadership is about to perish. They are insane and committed suicide as insane brains will. ISIS is so nuts but there are other insanities out there. All being dealt with.  

To date, there is a calm before storms. China just downsized its economic outlook this year. As the RUN on China – the ten years down bubble to their economy – is ongoing and the sinking is beginning to be obvious. They increased their China military by 7% the smallest in years and not even keeping pace with CHINESE inflation so NO REAL increase at all. That is good though for the world.

From Turkey to India, from EU to Ukraine, from Hawaii to Bejing, from Tokyo to North Korea, there is a Trump Effect. What is being said under the table? Politically it seems more deal branches are in the air from this OLIVE BRANCH PRESIDENT than any in modern history. Everyone has a DEAL under the table and we all will have to wait and see. 

I suspect at some point a CRAZY will TEST PRESIDENT TRUMP. I suggest such a test is going to be F grade for the crazy and A grade for Trump. I wouldn’t wish it on a crazy even but that is WHY THEY ARE CRAZY.

For now, it is an amazing period. The world is stable economically, running along well, not really booming like they make you think ( that is a lie ) but its way past the first shoe falling on the crash that shook the system. The cause of that system breach has gotten worse ( speculative trading and price manipulation in all asset classes and a lack of modernized regulations ). The RESULT is the second shoe falling is likely and you have read about SUPER CRASH and its causes here for over a year. Economics 101.

But that all is NOT NOW and it is NOT YET. We do feel the SPRING which begins NEXT SUNDAY in America – is when we SPRING FORWARD and lose one hour of time as we reset our clocks to DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME Ben Franklin Invented. Still not sure I really agree with all that.

Meanwhile, the SPRING as I have said since last SUMMER is the time economically we may have the first market test for TRUMP and a correction – a serious correction. Next Spring is when I am cautious or fall of a SUPER CRASH as market forces collide.

Economics never can be ignored. 

Is the market over priced?

You bet it is. 18 x PE ratios ? Charts are pretty clear on such data.

Is there a bubble like the candidates said when the FED said no way?

Way! Yes, there is a SUPER BUBBLE in all asset classes like the world has never seen because the regulatory framework has collapsed and the market is a casino now – it is global casino capitalism where the few get fantastically more wealthy and less than 1% own 99% of all wealth. That is not an economic system that can sustain itself nor is it a system of integrity and ethics nor is it fair and just. 

This economic tribal warfare marks a system in the last stages of its life. Inside a SUPER BUBBLE which will rebalance accounts within a SUPER CRASH. The System must fail to rebuild a new system because the SUPER WEALTHY are an insane class addicted to mindless accumulations of waalth and power for their own sake.

Social re-invention of global regulatory health and economic systemic remodeling isrequired to usher in COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM which is built upon integrity. Until we have that the inevitable that is coming – will take so many coming in at the peak – when our blog said STAY OUT DO NOT GET INTO THIS MARKET – will see their paper profits become real loss to their life wealth – just as we told them and within the WHY we reported in this blog.

Remember on Sunday you heard it all here. We are off to ORLANDO to be with our favorite AUNT LYNN from Ohio where it is 28 degrees ( not spring yet ).

CEO SPACE March 13 to March 18th.

March 26 off to Romania and my peeps in the EU.

Berny Dohrmann – Founder CEO SPACE and your blog humble servant on Sunday