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  • Market will correct and go DOWN
  • Thursday largest one day down correction since LAST JANUARY takes place
  • Today Market down again
  • Our readers who acted lost nothing at the all time high


  • Price Earnings ratio’s have risen from average of 8 times earnings to 14 times earnings and in 2017 18 times earnings – or an insane PE ratio to value
  • Earnings are generally declining 
  • GNP is sinking like a stone in America
  • To stop the insanity in the market the FED is going to raise interest much more frequently and aggressively than the market expected – years too late.
  • The current record market INSANITY is built on HOPE itself an insane driver
  • Awareness TRUMP reality deliverables are going to take much longer than expected IF EVER – and that means IF EVER
  • Professional money gets all this
  • ETF markets in a SUPER CRASH will become illiquid a move back to managed funds is a diversification model – that when the liquidity crash – the second crash hits – the world will STOP on a dime – with the WEAPON OF MASS FINANCIAL DESTRUCTION begin ETF investing – which will BK the too big to jail and we told you so – so keep that prediction in mind
  • The Super CRASH will be caused in part by massive SHORT SELLING in ETF markets. THE BIG SHORT were trillions will be made by the bleeding edge capital investors. They read my blog just like last time – we started the rebalancing 

It is always best to rebalance early.

It always costs more to rebalance later.

Traditional economists are paid by and defend the existing system model.

The LEADING ECONOMISTS defend the rebalancing and future economic model no one can even see today.

The end of COMMUNISM and COMPETITIVE CAPITALISM as FAILED economic organizational models and political models and bodies of laws takes time but is taking place.

The advanced ultimately of a G 100 ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS will take place – over a three year time frame – and that global set of COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM – the new era – will caste integrity – ethics – morality – into fair and honest free global trading and FULL PARTNERSHIP for all nations impossible in competitive capitalism and competitive communism both well intended but both failed economic models.

My book redemption: should you wish to acquire a few copies and share them – explains the COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM MODEL to law makers and heads of state you may know. Send them a copy as your gift to them IF you wish to help change the real world.

Meanwhile we delay and pay – the cost of global rebalancing. Add into market insanity the real economic issues that:

  • Terrorism is bound to get weapons of mass destruction
  • Rogue nations are bound to use weapons of mass destruction ( gas already used )
  • The BRIT EXIT is naivety economics – the cost is far greater than one thinks
  • The EU is breaking up due to debt bombs in Greece – Italy – Spain and others
  • China is in a communist economic debt spiral and a run on the nation – sinking
  • Russia has gone from 5.4 Trillion in GNP to 1.3 Trillion – Putin must act out in debt 
  • Oil price keeps Gulf instability high and futures in region at great risk
  • GNP in America is 1% within the worst recovery after two depression in history
  • Retail is a failed model world wide as Sears and Macy’s close 100’s of anchor mall stores bankrupting already bankrupt commercial property by the billions of dollars
  • Target had record earnings drop and itself is in trouble another retail hit – Best Buy has a record Holiday drop another retain HIT
  • Against all this earnings soar to record high P&E levels driven by Hope alone
  • This level of insanity was last seen before the last two bubble crashes
  • The risk of rebalancing is SUPER HIGH and the risk of insanity having a firewall correction eventually is SUPER HIGH



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