So we have not seen this much insanity in markets ( excessive exuberance ) since the last TWO crashes back to back.

We predicted yesterday if President Trump spoke to a billion people ( and received a HEAL & DEAL  ) positive ranking – a Presidential Trump – the one he promised the world and the congress would grow to respect and love ( and they did see that new side of their President ) THAT – the market would soar.

So the market went up 300 points.

On what?

Oh interest rates going up? Doesn’t that always hurt corporate profits and dollar values rising hurt international trade? 

You bet.

So why is the market soaring?

Well, it is soaring on HOPE. Not on profits. Or Profit to earnings ratios. Which were before a 300 point rise INSANE.

So what will happen?

Will the market-driven on hope…has no hope.

So the reality is going to set in. Congress is not going to blank check Trump or be functional from dysfunction. As you saw half the Congress never stood for Trump save when a widow was standing.

Not on one policy and not on any call to action.

Congress historically stays and respects the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT when the President has completed his speech. The democrats made history by tearing out of the room like FIRE ANTS invaded the congress. All well rehearsed by Nancy Polisky who wants to impeach Trump as he tears her lifetime agenda into shreds. She tightly rallied her democrats. But when you say democrats break rank and stand and applaud on policy –  there are three who wanted to stand but did not – these are VOTES FOLKS that with a united Republican congress and a dozen crossover votes – Trump can do more than OBAMA. 

Can he get:

  • 54 billion from a nation in record deficit budget?
  • 1 trillion for reconstruction when there is no money but debt
  • Does his debt model creating jobs for income – taking millions off government support and creating pay in from those millions paying taxes and spending work

The honest answer no one knows and everyone has their own views. Can Trump:

  • Build a Wall
  • Revise Tax codes
  • Revise regulations at core
  • Revise immigration
  • Break the system before the system breaks him

No one knows. Everyone has an opinion.

The enormous weight of economics is about to come home. The Fed must raise interest rates and they are two years too late as this blog has reported for two years. They must stop this insane rally. Because the longer it goes on the more we move from a crash correction to a SUPER CRASH that can threaten the system all over again. I know you think this is silly but the reality is:

  • The world goes bankrupt in an ocean of debt if the USA just slows down a little.
  • The pressure to go to war – like Russia running out of money – takes over states is historic and predictable. How worried are the Balkans home to all world wars? As the Hague winds down this year. War crimes? Who tries them with the Hague closed?
  • The UN just turned down sanctions to Syria for using UN precluded NERVE GAS on its own people and in war. China and Russia vetoed the sanctions ( again ).
  • The weight of economics is so heavy that the market must correct the only economist item of issue is precisely WHEN

No one can predict because the TRUMP HOPE BOAT is free sailing. The weak 1% GNP growth in the USA – the soaring unheard of USA debt burden – the lowered USA credit rating – the downward results from Sears, From Macy, From Target, from so many we can’t count them, hey the market soars. Interest goes up and up and the market soars. 45 Million on food stamps as President Trump shared with us and the market soars. Health cares up over 100% in one year in one state and the market soars. The social security and medicare trusts are underfunded by TRILLIONS not BILLIONS and are running out of money sooner than later and the market SOARS. The old note NERO FIDDLES WHILE ROME BURNS comes to mind as Congress Fiddles while America burns and the fire is the market heating up.

We have not had this much growth profits and greed no sir not since the last two bubble crashes back to back the Trump HOPE BOAT takes it all by storm. Only what happens in a storm as the waves get bigger and bigger?

Folks the END is coming and is like I said going to BE this SPRING – we’ll show you as for first quarter earning’s arrive. CEO’s who own and run business are gathering in the GREAT GATHERING of CEO’s in Orlando at CEO SPACE. Want to stay ahead of the WAVE and prosper develop a larger COOEPRATIVE TRADING COMMUNITY and do it March 13th with CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL in Orlando.

Life insurance for life style.

I’ve told you what to do on the HOPE SHIP STIL AFLOAT.

ABANDON SHIP. This is not a drill.

This is not for exercise for exercise.

ABANDON SHIP and woman and children first please.

Now we are talking sanity versus insanity.

But remember – when everyone says there was no joke to hope – I said hope is a joke.


Berny Dohrman – Keeping Safe Harbor for the well informed – stay ahead folks stay ahead 


PS: POT THE CORK MARKETS – when you POP the cork what happens ? Half the bottle pours out across the floor in a foaming lather we call A MESS. The rest you get drunk on – the market is DRUNK today. Join the party you can’t see the cliff when your drunk ! Pop another cork.