CHINA “KNOWS” THAT PRESIDENT “TRUMP” has their dial-up number. Economically this means Trump KNOWS the economic landscape. Trump understands to support China as they truly require versus desire he has PRESIDENTIAL leverage. Trump wants:

  • Fair trade where we sell as much as we buy from China versus a Mountain of China selling into the US with a speed bump of market access from the USA to China.
  • The National theft of IP from America by China to stop. It is criminal and is not fair trade.
  • The hacking to stop. It is criminal and not fair between partners.

What China says versus what China does is the problem.

So CHINA has to create NEW DEAL MODELS which will only help China in every possible way. They can and they might secure Trump Deals that last for centuries. The best opportunity since Nixon is on the horizon. Or China will be marginalized by economics and President Trump. Bam. No wiggle room. It is more in the economics. It is not in the politics.

Today Trump broke tradition and phoned TIAWON. Such a Presidential call has not taken place since the 1970’s. Big break in POLICY of the United States. China is furious. But the idea the notion China can tell a US PRESIDENT who they can talk to on the phone – nothing to do with policy – just talk to – is insulting to America really. Any leader can phone any leader. Why would a PRESIDENT be restricted. Such a firewall by China has nothing to do with mutual respect. It has all to do with forcing the US to act in the firewall of a communist leadership and its policies.

China will get over a PHONE CALL. It is not policy. It is not economic. Its HELLO. Get over it.

The world is changed. Trump is making NEW POLICY. China policy is not being continued. To shape NEW POLICY China leaders must decide – if they want instability in the region – and financial bankruptcy for the nation – then make mountains out of mole hills as we say in the USA over nothing. China does this well.

Keep in mind 2016 is the worst economic year for China at busy seasonal buying in TEN YEARS – just the worst. The unemployment to follow is a symptom. Currency controls put in place ( yet again ) in China are a symptom. Of failed economic policy. Nothing political here.

Protecting failed policy and failing to admit the policy is failing is always the issue of leadership that has trust or lack of trust. Lack of trust blows out confidence. Next it blows out currency. Then it blows out investment. Then it blows out jobs.

It all blows out in a death spiral. The Death Spiral is under way in China past the talk.

So distracting the population on phony threats and enemies such as a TRUMP phone call defines China panic at the top. So when you read the news see the economic tea leaves of what is really going on.

ISIS is dying. The problem, as we have said, is disbursement. As ISIS falls and its going to be quick in 2017 – ISIS will diaspora to the EU. Rising EU terror events will take place. We all will have lone wolf events. Stop asking why. They are INSANE that is why. They are nuts. Crazies. Nothing but mentally ill humans. That’s it. It happens.

Slowly it will stop as the sane wipe out the cancer of this insanity. Muslims are wiping it out themselves ( Praise God ). The largest changes in modern times are coming now and in the coming two years you will see the most dramatic shifts in a lifetime.

No one – including me – can predict the events. We can however define them.

And of course


Berny Dohrmann – Just for you – have your weekend reading glasses on and have fun