What you are about to read may be the most important item online you can read in your adult lifetime.

Competitive Capitalism and its mirror twin communism was created before the industrial revolution. Before radio. Before telephones. Before computers. Before Space travel. Before globalization. Before digital markets and digital everything. The theory is obsolete and can not STRETCH to accommodate SUPER CHANGE.

Today the second wealthiest man alive is Warren Buffet. His net worth is 400 Billion dollars. In 1985 the top 400 wealthiest folks on Wall Street were worth a total of 400 Billion. Today that same 400 is worth 2.7 TRILLION. Why?

1% of the wealthy now control 99% of the wealth. Said another way 99% of the people hold 1% of the wealth  Socially, ethically, morally, intellectually, what is wrong with this picture?

The box top rules of economics now block as a barrier cost to entry anyone from rising into SUPER WEALTH outside a merger acquisition with the SUPER WEALTH. This consolidation of wealth creates the lack of circulation, liquidity, and elevation for a rising middle class.Today the middle class globally is going down down down like in Alice’s rabbit hole in Alice and Dunderland.

Today the middle class globally is going backward or is in serious multi-year decline. The rebalance that occurs with this level of consolidation, historically, is SUPER CRASH worldwide economic depression and world war.

Which is an expression of a form of insanity?

Cooperative Capital is the THEORY that sparks the final revolution of economics to foster a world of FULL PARTNERSHIP and sustained opportunity for all of us.  Ultimately a Central World Government would issue global bucks to all citizens where human work was creative and artistic and inventive. Intelligent robots would replace “wetware” ( us )in all  labors and free humanity up for exploration discovery and creative expression which is our highest good.

The transition from pre-industrial economics into the COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM REVOLUTION requires informed soldiers. All of us. My Book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION defines for every economic  level today in all nations of the world today , an out of work laborer, to a CEO running a Fortune Institution, from the religious in a pew, to a Pope running a religious nation, precisely how YOUR TRIBE CAN LEAD the forward economic  revolution. How you can make a difference?

As this revolution is humanities most important are you standing on the side lines or making that difference YOU WERE BORN TO MAKE? Ask that one question.

The difference IS coming.

If enough of US read the book and act – we can for the first time take an option path different than DEPRESSION and WORLD WAR. Competitive models will demand the super crash and world war. My book tells you why in simple English.

Buy Five or Ten as Holiday GIFTS as everyone will remember WHO GAVE THEM REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. The book changes and improves your home life. The book changes and improves your work life. The book changes YOU.

Competitive Capitalism historically never – not ever – does that economic system vary: It always delivers this:

  1. 1% own more wealth than 99% ( world condition in most nations today )
  2. Meltdown from instability – we experienced THAT globally in 2008.
  3. Trade Wars that elevate ( going on now China just devalued again )
  4. Super Crash which follows a contagion event which is coming next.
  5. World depression and world war to get out of depression

This  past economic modeling of a form of insanity IS fully  preventable. We can make our economic system reform into the modern ages and fast. Upgrading our core failed economic system only requires we know the antique system  is at core broken and we want a better distribution of wealth for our unborn generations. What world system permits starvation of over a billion each year when sufficient food to feed them all exists already? Is that not insane folks? A system that allows that much annual  death and agony. Competitive capitalism is awful folks while COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM outlined in the book REDEMPTION is precisley wonderful.

What system allows such poverty that an ISIS can exist let alone thrive? Is that system itself not insane? Can we not do better? Much better.

Do you agree human cooperation in digital ages is the future versus a dog eat dog human competition? Cooperation is VIRUS FREE THINKING. Competition is the one virus on human consciousness.

REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION AT AMAZON is humanities automatic virus removal tool.

If you want a better future – read the book than share it.

Folks time is running out and you know it.

Take action. You will change the world as you act.

I vote for YOU.

Berny Dohrmann – Leading the most important Revolution in the world today