Peter Thiel founder of PRICE LINE and many time billionaire entrepreneur leader – said so well in summary….the media all lost because they failed to ever take Donald Trump SERIOUSLY but they always quoted him literally. They utterly missed the point.

Peter bet on Donald Trump when his tek community bet againt him and trashed PETER For stating his American RIGHT to his vision – which in fact came in RIGHT and those who were bashing PETER where utterly wrong. Peter your a winner and a hero for seeing the future with the eyes that always define your leadership – well done. Eric from Alaphbet gave you a standing ovaation today as well he should.

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Lets all remember its a big world out there of interests. One man gearing up a new team can only do so much even with the first President with his own Congress majority in a long while. Its a big big world.

Today to next year we have a number of upset surprises. First, the USA enemies are in a HONEYMOON period. They are unlikely to challenge President Trump while they get to influence his favor FIRST and see how he lands FOR THEM -each of them. So we have a grace period.

Markets sensing a trillion dollars in Highways, Damns, High-Speed Transit, Bandwidth, and core infrastructure from deep sea ports to rail are factoring in the ripple effect of millions of high paying jobs returning into the American economy as President TRUMP makes AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. This rapidly grows tax base for the nation. We spend a dollar ( unlike Obama with Tarp spending 150 million in LA to create ten jobs ) and we get a billion in return. The market is in HONEY MOON with all the industries effected – industries trashed by Hillary and lifted by TRUMP.

The experts all said Trump would loose.

WE said Trump would win.

The experts all said the markets would crash if Trump won.

We said the markets would go UP if Trump won.

We said SUPER CRASH Is coming latest Spring of 2018.

We still see SUPER CRASH as coming – nothing to do with the USA – we said the USA was the best place to be in the coming EU-Asia driven debt driven super debt bubble next super crash. We stick by it.

But the Super Crash is postponed with TRUMP ECONOMICS.

Should you be in the market during the honey moon?

DO WAY. David Stockman said – the markets are hideously over priced.

You buy low – ( next crash  ) and you sell HIGH.

Do you buy at the all-time peak?

No you then SELL.

Then you wait.

Stockman advisor to six Presidents is in all cash and gold. What does a leading economist know? These folks read my blog.

We have been telling you WHY WHAT HOW WHEN AND you alone take action.

So if you want to trade money you can lose in the crazy markets of the moment – so over priced on multiples to earnings – play but expect to loose.

You never BUY at the all time peak and trade UP from there. NEVER.

You SELL at the all time HIGHs and if your at final base camp at value don’t worry about the Everest final summit before the long fall down. Avoid all that. Be smarter. Sell against the crowd folks – if there is one rule I can teach you as an investment banker economist it is

…follow the data avoid emotion and sell when the crowd is in and buy when the crowd is out….you’ll make so much money with one principle……..

We call these rallies SUCKERS RALLIES. After a time you all learn.

Today we are all riding the TRUMP TRAIN. The market is a TRUMP TRAIN right now because its global shock stun and honeymoon time. Everyone wants to SEE and to HOPE. So we have to wait. During this time year end portfolio’s are being adjusted.

The wild card – CHRISTMAS BUYING. “IF” CONSUMERS are more confident and spend – and this holiday sets an unexpected record from the suprising TRUMP TRAIN why then year end is going to surpise EVERYONE. We have to wait and we have to HOPE. I am.

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ITS A BUSINESS ACCELERATION REVIVAL in Orlando just get your own ticket to ride.

For business OWNERS this is the best time in a long time. I’d get the new skills the TOOLS AND THE TACTICS Dec 13th – I’d tell your circle – I’d spread the word – business is coming together for SOCIAL CAPITAL at CEO SPACE in Orlando Dec 13th. I’d reclaim some of your tax money and me”d own a lifetime asset for your business acceleration ranked # 1 in the World for a reason.

You can only make more money faster if you do.


Berny Dohrmann – Telling the Truth for you


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