Never have the elite insiders on all sides spent more money. Hillary Clinton raised and spent 1.2 billion to largely destroy Donald Trump versus elect herself. She was joined by insider elite packs from Wall Street to Big Pharms, to the Big Eight Industries.

Over 2 Billion was spent, enough to foster a new INDUSTRY in any nation, all now lost on the failed strategy to elect Hillary Clinton. The democratic party has lost the Congress and has lost the Presidency. The enormity of this loss can not be adequately expressed.

For example, the box top rules that have been the MODEL for winning Presidential runs, along with Congressional runs, must be burned to ashes. Trump has destroyed the old rule book. The old rule book is decades of modeling now longer does that box top rule set apply.

Polls predicted Hillary could not lose. She ran up in the Polls just prior to the election. Early in the vote on Tuesday News Media was confident Hillary would win in the end. Very confident.

You could see on their faces, all of them, the shock, the stun, being STUNNED as the entire slate came in for Trump and it was not CLOSE. It was so NOT CLOSE that Hillary who can well read the board – the utter complete meltdown – conceded early to TRUMP even before the 270 was reached. The Clinton and Democratic influence, the power, the policy, is repudiated by American voters.

The New President of the USA is part of populace movements expressing themselves globally. Candidates running against the ELITE  are winning Рcandidates for CHANGE and for the PEOPLE and their needs Рare winning. The old lies no longer work.

Media no longer works.

Advertising no longer works.

PR no longer works.

On line and off line no longer works.

The new rule book is unfolding and the truth is NO ONE KNOWS what works as these populace candidates win all over the world. What is for sure is CHANGE. Real change.

And with President TRUMP real change IS coming. The world expects AMERICA to lead. To be strong and to be bold. The world expects America to be inclusive. The world expects America to re-invent her strength – as China melts down and the EU is washing itself in political economic self-destruction driven by Debt Brussels will never be able to pay for its member failed nations.

Economics runs the world in the end not politicians.

Good politics is good economics.

Bad politics is always bad economics.

Now CHANGE is coming. REAL CHANGE and it is going to effect the entire world. President TRUMP is the largest policy change for America since Eisenhower. No one can predict. No one can use old rule books. What one might expect is:

  1. A honeymoon period with world leaders.
  2. A honeymoon period while the Trump team comes together.
  3. Faster action with a Republican Congress than we have seen in decades.
  4. A reverse of OBAMA POLICY and a complete unwinding of Obama Presidential orders and policy starting with OBAMA CARE.
  5. A six-month surge of new alliances in the world starting with PUTIN to defeat ISIS utterly.

More stability in the world versus less. Better economics in the USA. A jobs program and a revised FED POLICY. The failed Policy of Janet Yellin should result in her request by the President for Resignation. I’d start THAT now as President-Elect.

Obama will leave as a historic Black President. Hillary will withdraw from power having lost over 2 billion of insider money her standing is now as she moves into her mid-seventies …past. Stale. Contaminated even. Everyone feels sorry for her. She has moved from power to pity.

FROM POWER TO PITY is a long long fall.

Trump has rising POLITICAL CAPITAL as everyone wants to kiss his toes today. The extent he has re-written Presidential politics, spend less and won more, commands respect from his worst critic. TRUMP will now know for how he spirals up or down his political capital and invests or squanders it.

Running the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a bit different than running a global real estate empire – and President Trump is learning Politics on the job. But President Trump is teaching the POLITICIANS the OLD way is dead and buried and in effect YOU ALONG WITH IT if your THINKING DOES NOT CHANGE.

The scope of the win.

The scale of the upset.

The total confounding of old methods, old box top rules, loosing over 2 billion a strategy to trash one man – one man who ALWAYS FOUGHT BACK and NEVER GAVE AN INCH – a strategy old rules said doomed President Trump – in fact, MADE President TRUMP and doomed Secretary Clinton.

In the end, enough people believe Hillary Clinton is a LIAR compared to Hillary’s attempt to label Trump unfit to lead. Her plan failed.

What failed…HER PLAN and her TEAM who planned it.

Which moves Secretary Clinton from POWER TO PITY.

Will she get indicted? Pity.

Will she get ill from the failure? Pity.

She now has a negative political bank account. Pity.

She is a political untouchable all in one night from one man.

I’ve been THINKING about the SCOPE of all this and the magnitude of this CHANGE is so enormous one can’t write about it quickly or easily. You will see a new map. A new landscape of box top rules and economics.

Now we will have to SEE what the stages and phases will be. The actual leadership of DONALD TRUMP versus Candidate TRUMP i suspect will be as WORLD WINNING and re-inventing as Candidate Trump has been.

One thing you should count on from today forward.

President Donald Trump IS a leader – and President Donald Trump is going to do the business of the nation differently – his way – not the party way – not the elite way – but real change – as he moves to represent the UNBORN GENERATION in his definition of what the future should be for MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

I suspect in the hearts of many Hilary Clinton Voters that voted more against Trump given the 2 billion of pure manipulation that went on against this one man – that – there is MORE RELIEF than the world is capable of understanding right now.

Hillary Clinton is relieved it is OVER.

The world is relieved it is OVER.

America is relieved it is OVER.

America values our system more than the individuals in the system.

The country rose to CHANGE THE FUTURE.


On that the day after the election we can all retire into the adventure of it.

I suspect the adventure will be MASSIVE and IMMEDIATE.

As I predicted the markets did not Crash with President Trump – they were calm and orderly as the elites don’t wish to lose any more on their Hillary side betting – today – they have all lost enough – the scale of the loss will be a factor for a long while. Emotional loss. Political loss. Straetic loss. Policy loss. And financial loss and ruin for some and utter loss for the rest. Every penny into Clinton was loss. That is as she said PAINFUL and will be painful for a very long time. She gets to rest outside the pain and move forward to make money which will always be a Clinton opportunity. We wish them peace rest and prosperity – they have earned all that.

All my data about SUPER CRASH remains in play. China is in a continued decade long free fall. There is no let-up. No end. A complete run out of China is taking place. The Real Estate SUPER BUBBLE IN CHINA coupled to their economically unsustainable DEBT and now with TRUMP – China will have a hard economic landing. Their currency will crash. Their inflation will skyrocket. Their unemployment will reach revolution levels. Primarily because they failed to regard the IMF and World Bank and USA and EU help and structural change. Economics is unforgiving for massive systemic abuse by central government.

The ripples from the CHINA hard landing may be the trigger for a global SUPER CRASH. Personally, if we experience SUPER CRASH ( which we must to rebalance the system credit speculation abuses ) – and given we need global regulatory new laws to manage the digital forward markets – the leadership of President TRUMP and his team should be economically beneficial in such periods.

History will unfold and tell us.

To those who saw their hero win – congratulations.

To those who saw their hero fall, we are all sympathetic to this pain and we want to heal together.

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Social CAPITAL ( your connections ) is WEALTH today.

Come increase both.

To all our global readers – it is time to HEAL UP and move into the future together.

Now the adventure begins…and one thing you can count on….its new and things are going to be a lot different.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman of CEO SPACE

PS: I’ve been from Washington DC to San Diego to San Francisco on Election Day flying back to Tampa before New York CITY NEXT WEEK – and I”m picking out what to wear for the INAUGRIAL BALL in Washington DC.


— November 10, 2016

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