INSANITY = Abu Bakr al-Baghdad


He was raised as THE BELIEVER for chastising his own family for not being of the standard of strict practices he concluded where required, at age 7. He was mentally ill then and he obsesses upon the religious studies of radicals to adapt their believe as a GOSPEL. These are not writings of the KORAN. He gets a PHD in religious studies of the writings of mad men over centuries and he embraases THEIR MADDNESS over the words of the Holy Koran.

The Koran was an oral tradition spoken only until some 300 years when the versions of today began to be written down. Every word of the Koran damns ISIS to hell and with ISIS Abu Bakr al-Baghdad but he is too insane to see all that. He studies the words of man versus the words of the KORAN which preclude his insane behavior. He is bound by ego to the dark side versus the illuminated grace of the one true GOD. He has fallen.

Today the CALIPH of ISIS is insane. Mentally ill. Surrounded by mentally ill gang members, who believe GOD is behind the insanity they inflict upon others. They don’t seem to appreciate GOD is allowing other believe’s and the SANE to destroy their false believe.

ISIS and Abu Bakr al-Baghdad are not “OF” GOD nor are they agents of “GOD”. Far from it. We would say they are agents of the DARK SIDE OF THE FORCE only they are INSANE.

Following insanity is a choice as insanity is catching. ( See Hitler ).

So know them for who they are. Stop trying to decide WHY they do the things they do. THEY ARE NUTS that is why the insane act out. THEY ARE CRAZY. Thats all.

Today Abu Bakr al-Baghdad called for his insane gang members in Mosul to fight the disbelievers and to kill and die for GOD. This is insane. All the while GOD is punishing Abu Bakr al-Baghdad but he is far too insane to understand he is being punished for his sins.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdad will be dead soon. No one more insane will follow. He is the MOST INSANE of them all.

Berny Dohrmann – Speaking out for sanity

PS: Abu Bakr al-Baghdad if he and his ISIS are blessed and protected by GOD why are they being utterly destroyed in such a short time frame? It would seem GOD is using others to perfect his divine will and Abu Bakr al-Baghdad is not among the elect. YOU SHALL KNOW “THEM” BY THEIR WORKS……

— November 3, 2016

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