FED POLICY was once upon a time American and USA concentric. Policy created the strongest reserve currency – the US dollar in the history of humanity. Rising prosperity for all.

Globalization as Donald Trump has suggested lead to America’s single weakness – wishing to help those less fortunate – to have an opportunity – to absolutely screw our people culture and inventive leadership in the bad trade deal and failed trade policy for three decades. The result is trillions of economic backbone left the USA while our leadership of SHAME invested 20 trillion allowing OUR USA infrastructure to decline into third world status. WTF.

An idiot can see this has no future long term not for the world or for the USA.

As the principle driver of prosperity for the world we have two policy Fed options:

  1. The policy of supporting the world by suppressing the buying power and worth of our USA DOLLAR through FREE MONEY which has not grown our USA economy at all but has created histories worst recovery in 100 years. Data never lies.
  2. Or the old policy of advancing the DOLLAR STRENGTH which does make our goods more expensive and offshore goods less costly but returns the dollar to its superior worth and value against the MANIPULATED phony money of the EU and Debt-Ridden Asia.

The Fed is now reactive to international economics and divorced from policy to protect and safeguard USA economics FIRST not second third or not at all.

Free money has created the largest SUPER BUBBLE in all asset classes bar none, in recorded history. Free money as failed Fed policy has created the largest DEBT BUBBLE in 2000 years of human record keeping and history. This WILL NOT END WELL.

The Fed has lost all credibility in all world markets. The Fed is the subject once of the greatest respect and not the butt of the worst jokes ever told. A laughing stock and the USA along with their failed policy.

Which is why I request central banks in all nations be merged back into their treasuries wherein a digital age they have hourly accountability and supervision – which is now lacking. There is no gov that can override CENTRAL BANK DECISIONS.

The FED is a private corporation. The FED is NOT a gov agency or part of gov. The private stock firm is owned by secret shareholders like founding criminal bank WELLS FARGO BANK and other bank shareholders the public never knows. Same in all nations. An 80 page FED LAW is a contract to give the private firm utter absolute control over the nation’s money supply for profit fee’s they make by charging you endless interest for printing money. Why not remove those costs? Forever. in digital space now?

So the conflict of interest ( making their shareholders money ) is not FAIR POLICY for taxpayers and the citizens – the FED a private stock firm works as a FRAUD with zero audit – zero financial review – by any agency of gov. They operate outside gov. They make sure their 80-page law passed in a cloud of secret meetings 100 years ago before the computer or internet – 80 pages ( versus 8000 pages in Obama Care with supplements ) is never taught to students in public schools.

It is past the time to MERGE these horrible ideas – models – back into the nation’s treasury and take CONTROL of the nation’s money policy into the future.

CONGRESS – do your responsibility to the CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES.

That’s my song and as an economist and investment banker, I’m sticking to it.

Berny Dohrmann Chairman CEO SPACE

PS: They will not raise rates now and after election the global markets may well cause no change in Dec. Cowards working against the USA for the world economy versus our own first.