I warned you to get OUT of the markets. The Standard and Poors has the worst monthly performance since Jan of LAST YEAR. IT is just the START. Why?

The market has long bets on Hillary winning.

As it becomes clear a trillion dollars of side bets in the casino may now reside on the wrong side of the table on HILLARY BETS – ┬áthe RUN to cover such positions will make volatility an oxymoron in coming days before and after the election.

If the market crashes – history tells us TRUMP WINS.

If the market soars Hillary is more likely to win.

Whose money circle is controlling the market space?

You’re about to see ( really ).

The Fear Index is soaring. THE VIX has soared as the fear index – 40% higher in just six days. This has predicted the last big market downturns. For another data point to track.

Stay tuned.

Berny Dohrmann – The TRUTH is fog clearing don’t you think ? You always hear it all first – what you’re seeing on the news and what it means – it is all economic from the Gulf to your town – all of it. The failure of OPEC is yet another reason…duck !

— November 2, 2016

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