Last week Hillary Clinton was calling Trump a SORE LOOSER and basked her 15 point lead over Trump – a lead so decisive this close to an election – a lead soaring upward at 5 points a week, until last Friday.

Since last Friday and FBI public disclosure that 600,000 emails including the 30,000 that Hillary destroyed, ( how much criminal evidence is there to her days of testimony under oath ) might ow be discovered – THAT – the Federal Bureau of Investigation was based on EVIDENCE OF RELEVANCE re-opened a NEW CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION into Hillary Clinton criminal activity.

In 72 hours three “never wrong” predictor index’s including one AI never wrong predictor noted that the largest swing in election history had taken place. The 15 point lead of last week and the over-confident leader last week Hillary Clinton – has had the largest crash of lead and momentum in ELECTION HISTORY EVER in 72 hours. The polls show Hillary neck and neck even with Trump and a growing number of polls now show TRUMP IS AHEAD. This is a MASSIVE VOTER SWING IN 72 hours – I MEAN MASSIVE – historic – never seen before.

America is on the fence if Hillary is a liar, and untrustworthy, and a crook. Millions are coming off the fence this week.

All three index’s report TRUMP WILL WIN THE NEXT ELECTION in less than two weeks and TRUMP will BE the next PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. These index’s have NEVER not once been WRONG. So they are relevant. More money is pouring into TRUMP today than in his entire period week to week and more endorsements on the fence are pouring in week to week.

Trump rally’s are 30 to 50,000 and they have to turn crowds away as there is no room in every city he speaks in.

Hillary is lucky to get 2000 to show up. They try and make the venue smaller and the camera show full but the full is nothing like TRUMP Rally’s – Rallies no President has ever commanded. Except for Michael Jackson and the Pope not even the President can fill rooms like TRUMP is filling. The press does not report this difference in any fair way or focus upon it – as they would typically – but given the ANTI TRUMP BIAS and oceans of unfair spin on TRUMP for a year – TRUMP IS WINNING.


That is what the economist are saying.

While this is going ON in Lame Duck Obama “WORLD” – Putin called off all peace talks in his satellite port city – SYRIA a new Russia Mediterranean Nato Counter Force in the Gulf – where he has taken over Ukraine port cities and billions in deep port piers┬ácontainer offloading cranes – warehouses – roads – power – security – fuel depot and pipe lines not to mention oil and gas. Russia failing at home is succeeding in taking new territory- against USA opposing forces – the USA has lost and Russia has won.

ISIS is loosing but is preparing for the loss by setting up in 32 countries as an INTERNET NATION and in that series of battles we have more than ten years to determine if we win any war really.

Russia and China on their ass financially – are stealing USA Technology and rushing that technology into military weapon building for advance weapons. China just hosted their first global WEAPONS AIR SHOW with their STEALTH FIGHTERS stolen directly from state sponsored hacking – Russia is stealing nuclear advance engineering – making new torpedo’s that travel thousands of miles and defeat STAR WARS MISSILE defense both having hacked and now using our top secret military secrets. All this over the last eight years. They do not fear our 55th red line or our 122nd sanctions. The world is laughing at the USA diminished more in stature in eight years than in 80 years. Why?

Policy. Failed foreign policy. Is why. Today the USA as the largest engine in the world financially, is on life support of FREE MONEY from the FED, is unstable as an economy, though better than other nations, and the life support economically for the entire world, no one is helping US. Asia and the EU suck the life out of world economies from an imbalance of world trade – they sell more than they buy and pocket the surplus – assuring by currency manipulation and POLICY – THAT – the USA sells less and buys more from them – so we have a trade deficit – while the others supported by the USA buying have a trade surplus. This is not fair nor is this sustainable. It will lead to a global SUPER CRASH and DEPRESSION. Which all the experts have been stating.

The trade deals are unfair and do not rebalance the global trade picture. Without that rebalancing there is no long term future for GLOBALIZATION. So the failure of competitive capitalism and communism, is this 400 year pattern:

  1. Wealth consolidates so that 1% own more wealth than 99% a fact of life in the top ten nations controlling 77% of all world trade and production.
  2. This is unstable and leads to financial melt down we had in 2008.
  3. This leads to destruction of TRUST between trade partners and opens world TRADE WARS through price and currency manipulation – over a period of rising market speculation ( casino capitalism ) further destabilizing the world market space.
  4. This leads to a contagion event due to debt default and a system dominoes event SUPER CRASH that places the world in collapse and depression financially.
  5. This leads to WORLD WAR.

My book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION sets down in clear language a FIX for the problem and documents options for an individual family to prosper into the failed policy consequences on a family- a fix for a business – or a nation. Redemption will change your life and I’d get some Holiday copies for this SEASON for those you love from Amazon – REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION by Berny Dohrmann – enjoy. Also for lady leaders get them PERFECTION CAN BE HAD.

The five step cycle was shown