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Why delete over 30,000 emails? Think the prosecution team is embarrassed and mad at the missing evidence and the 100’s of I DO NOT RECALL AND I CAN NOT REMEMBER? I can NOT remember if I EVER got a briefing on TOP SECRET materials and their handling? Knowing Hillary is an ATTORNEY AND OFFICER OF THE COURT they are furious. As you can tell in the undertone of all this.

Now the SMOKING GUN of evidence in 600 emails via a cache file retrieved by court order NO one including HILLARY knew was hidden and still OUT THERE. This has taken her 15 point decisive lead last week to zero with NECK AND NECK now with Trump. But Trump is likely to now WIN. Also in America it is arrogant to “assume your the winner before the election and broadcast that assumption” creating even more switch over votes.

So its POLITICAL FIRST IN HISTORY where a candidate is for the SECOND TIME under a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION as they run for the US President. If they find evidence justice will be swift in this matter and you will all see the drama unfold. THE SMOKING BULLET has now been found and all 30,000 missing ( the worst emails ) are in this cache file for SURE. The Lord says – what you have hidden I will bring forth for nothing is hidden in my eyes…..




The OPEC meeting ended this weekend – just like we told you it would – WITH NO AGREEMENT. The idea that OPEC can control supply is insane. That day is over. Its own members are trying to agree on a FREEZE at all time production high levels.

The IEA reported last week that once again in 2017 demand for oil products will decline.

You can not have price rise in a market of over supply. The world is drowning in oil. Ships holding oil are stacked five deep off ports because there is now where to STORE the over supply. The measures they use to report supply are antique and fail to report the true reserves floating on the seas. That alone would take almost a year to rebalance but that inventory is never going down. It is rising. Supply is greater than use and demand. Supply is rising. Demand is falling. Price is MANIPULATED BY INVESTMENT SPECULATORS who control the market as globally there is no REGULATORY FRAME WORK.

The members of OPEC like IRAN, IRAQ and “others” want exemptions for any freeze on their production. Others want to set their own highest number. NO ONE IS CUTTING BACK. Opec wants to symbolically cut supply by 1,000,000 barrels a day – which frankly doesn’t offset the falling demand. We don’t rebalance under any OPEC plan.

Opec like politicians are JAWBONING the market speculators to keep price above 50.00 dollars. They want a new SWEET SPOT of 50 to 55 dollars a barrel. They feel this will preclude profitable North American shale vast supplies from rising on line and taking their markets away.

Technology during the two year crash has advanced to a point that North American Supply can roar at 48 dollars even 45 dollars. North American supply IS rising – the OPEC plan failed and SUPPLY is over stripping demand for the long term.

In this market rebalancing to shortage and premium oil is unlikely. The price wars continue. There are so many outside forces at work on this market place.




Millions are going out of work in China. Their industry is collapsing. The engine that drove  China. The cost of pollution clean up and health care will bury China. The demographics of a non existent young work force with an avalanche of seniors to take care of is during China.

They have been moving their GNP down – a CRASH – from just years back at 25% annual GNP to now 5.6% GNP which may not be accurate. Their middle class is not large enough to sustain growth.

China debt is now 300 dollars to every dollar they make. How can a family borrow 300 dollars year after year over what they make adding to the pile without an unhappy outcome as economic 101.

China despite and near panic now is devaluing its currency. It is sliding 20% in a couple of years. As it goes down their goods are cheaper. But the risk on FLIGHT OF CAPITAL and INVESTMENT is reaching a TRILLION DOLARS in the run on the China bank. Everyone is running for the hills.

As China faces a crash of its currency, its banking, its debt, its out put and bubbles from currency markets and real estate all at once – the effect of the CHINA HARD LANDING on world markets has long been predicted here as the SEEDS OF SUPER CRASH.

Why? Failed communist policy. It is policy. It can be fixed but China is slow to move. They are running out of time for a fix. And we will all pay the price for CHINA failed POLICY.

Finally depending on who wins the election China will be effected by new USA policy to their policy. The day of hacking and rip off from other nations is closing now. The rule of Global law and accountability is rising. How will China policy adopt. THAT Is the open question. Faced with an economic disaster of unimaginable proportions will China chose WAR?



Putin in his 14 years failed under communist policy to diversify Russia as a PETRO one economic nation model into a vast entrepreneur nation. Wealth has consolidated so 1% primarily PUTIN himself owns more wealth than 99% of Russia. This is economically not politically UNSTABLE in the EXTREME for all nations.

The GNP for Russia has crashed ( as has China as a communist failed POLICY on economics ) from 5.2 Trillion annual GNP when Putin came IN to only 1.3 Trillion in 2016. That down graph over 14 years can not be challenged. The policy is a disaster.

NATO has ramped up unifying NATO Allies and putting entire new brigades in Poland and Missile Defense in Korea ( which covers China and Russia ) now surrounded with STAR WARS on all sides for Missile defense globally.

Does this deter RUSSIA? Desperate now? Where stealing assets in Ukraine and Georgia is low hanging fruit for Putin and for the Russian people being deflected away from failed policy into THREATS that are not real but are manufactured by PUTIN for his agenda.

The WORLD is less stable with RUSSIA so UNSTABLE economically. The alliance of the UNSTABLE ( China and Russia failed economic models ) is the highest risk in the world scene today.

We’ll keep you posted.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE – Next huge conference Disney World Dec 13th

— November 1, 2016

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