So yes I speak there next year. Yes, it is the largest mega city now on earth. Each year the Holiday has millions of boom into the sky fireworks and millions of cars arriving.

The USA Embassy measured the limit of their own scale – at its outer upside never in human history above 999 micron’s – for particulates that reach the deep lungs and kill you – I mean it was the worst pollution on human records ever.

Now that record will cause health issues for generations to India that raise a cost to human’s that is beyond calculation.


As I say everything is POLICY ( failed or successful ) and economics.

Without massive POLICY SHIFT, the future does not look well in China on pollution or in India. The ground contamination and water contaminations from the fall out ripple into generational life shortening and health catastrophe in cost to nations and humanity.

We watch this economics for investors worldwide and our media who read increasingly to sort through the massive information to what is real about future trade and nations.

Highest inflation in two years in EU today.

This will move the FED to raise rates – way too late – but the five-year rise in rates is ON now. Finally.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman

— November 1, 2016

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