The huge following to this blog is increasing including my tribe of economists, investment bankers, professional hedge funds, private equity, and related planners for nations and sovereign wealth funds, and media for deep background.

As I have noted the SUPER BUBBLE fueling all economic bubbles is the structured asset market of so-called passive AI investing known as ETF’s. These software packages warring against one another work in markets of volatility. In markets of contagion, they work to freeze up liquidity.

Energized by shadow banking and dark pools, with 4.5 trillion Black Rock and their tribe moving to 50% and higher in ETF’s ( in a span of time that is not risk moderating ) produces the fuel of SUPER BUBBLES operating on the fiction as is always the case in herd driven investment bubbles that there IS Riskless RISK when i fact there is no such thing.

The leading economists are so gracious when they join the WORLD BANK and IMF to ring the warning bell over and over – as has my blog – that THIS ( the ETF market ) can simply “not end well”.

Operating outside traditional global regulations the outcome is historically predictable. Which is why I predicted the next fortunes will be made by SUPER SHORTING the ETF markets before the SUPER CRASH arrives. It will be too late one it hits.

To say the system is fragile is to ignore the system has been credit abused and speculation driven. The market today globally in all nations is a casino. Real investing is not taking place. The greatest wealth consolidations in history are taking place outside regulatory moderations.

We have moved from too big to FAIl into TOO BIG TO “JAIL”.

The leaders of wealth are increasingly paying enormous fines for crimes used as their GET OUT OF JAIL CARD where crimes today at the top of the system are simply a COST OF BUSINESS.

We the people all know this fact.

We can’t understand why bought and influenced politicians will not collectively initiate the largest regulatory global RE-THINK in a digital market space that has outgrown old pre-digital frameworks. There – that IS the problem.

One can not expect the bought and paid to change POLICY on the controlling wealth. Even if such change is in their own best long-term interest.

Credit and Debt system abuse is the downfall of all nations from Rome to today. It is as if we simply do not learn – financially- ever.

In my mind teaching financial history is the most important part of public education to assure the voters ARE informed really and can vote on POLICY leadership that self-corrects over time. Failed policy is silly.

So we move along in the insanity of competition. Competition is insane as an economic system. Cooperation is sane. The two use different box top rules.

Cooperative capitalism will fix the abuse and failures of competitive capitalism and worse competitive socialism Рcommunism as harmful to human kind. Fostering crimes of the FEW against the many from environment to economics on the ground.

We’ll keep featuring systemic risk to keep our CEO’s ahead of the economic curve. But one bank at a time it is wobbling now and soon we’ll see it come into the contagion.

Thank you all for spreading the truth for the world. Protect your tribe as it all roars along. One of the longest expansion cycles in 100 years is coming to a close soon.

Berny Dohrmann – Investment banker economist at your service