The new jobs offered in America where at a 43 year low. The media reports that as good as the Administration says the labor market is FIRMING.

The markets are going to lie and spin financial news to keep volatility in a range that supports sovereign Debt in the EU – Asia and North America. Only free money – no cost money – leveraged into NATIONAL DEBT BONDS – keeps economies afloat today.

The market has basically made a casino deal. Nations leave us loop holes from your laws. We will buy your debt with the free money you have to give us to buy that debt. This keeps us both afloat. Until someone figures out how to fix this.

The new President will preside over a long huge recession in America. When a default contagion event ( some big one can not pay their bills ) and the dominoes of debt abuse come home finally – SUPER CRASH and depression will wash all over the world. It will all take less than a month and be over faster than it started. The aftermath will take 100 years to repair.

World war will rebalance and reset populations assets and the world order.

Today China and Russia grow based upon debt that can never be repaid.

The Casino is a wonderful place to make money – spend money – buy some drinks – get drunk – do drugs and party until the party is over and casino is shut down. I’d play along as you wish until the dooms day begins. I’ll tell you all about that as it unfolds

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE with my own opinion of the casino

— October 17, 2016

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