BOYCOTT CRIMINALS – Samsung, Deutsch Bank, Wells, VW



  1. Run on Duetsch bank – take your loan business and refinance it – move your deposit business out of the bank world wide. They fixed SUB PRIME and for profits almost sank the world system entirely for greed. A criminal bank.
  2. Run on Wells Fargo Bank – take all your business OUT of WELLS FARGO bank – they are a CRIMINAL BANK and they cheated millions of clients with millions of criminal phony accounts. RUN on their bank. Don’t be last one out the door.
  3. Run on Samsung they stole American Intellectual property as courts ruled with juries – they made cheap batteries to save money putting millions in danger of injury and death. Criminals. Run out of all SAMSUNG brand products if it has their name buy elsewhere.
  4. Run out of VW Audi and their brand products – they are run by CRIMINAL MANAGEMENT that conspired to cheat nations and their people – none of these criminals are charged or go to jail. WE THE PEOPLE WILL BANKRUPT THEM by the Global BOYCOTT.
  5. Royal Bank of Scottland paying 1.2 billion dollar fine for ripping of retirement and pension funds and credit unions with crap SUB PRIME they as CRIMINALS said was a guaranteed safe investment. DO NOT BANK WITH CRIMINALS folks – wake up and stop letting too big to JAIL out without BAIL. VOTE WITH YOUR BOYCOTT WALLET UK.

It is up to us to stop the crimes our nation accepts huge fines for and looks the other way. This would not happen if one of us stole some bread to feed our families. We would go to prison. They do not. BOYCOTT THESE CRIMINALS and judge them in the court of last resort…




Spread the word on your boards walls and blogs. Its up to us you see.

Berny Dohrmann – Fanning the flames of justice in the PEOPLE’s COURT

— September 28, 2016

What Do You Think?

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