Trump has said today that HEALTH is now “THE” Issue for the next President and he is releasing his current health information this week with his numbers. The issue has become one issue to perhaps THE issue in the USA.

We told you that IF the market goes down no incumbent has won historically. If Trump supporters world wide SELL they assure their candidate wins based on pure historical data. You must suspect millions know this fact.

So the war with the Fed is on. If the Democrat influence is sufficient the Fed will delay interest rate rise until after the election. Still the sell off may be serious for the market into October as we have predicted for the reasons we published here.

Donald Trump said today that the FED is following Obama directions that are political not economic. He said the SUPER BUBBLE in stocks made possible by FED free money – used to borrow to buy speculative bets in the market – will wither when free money is removed from the system and the phony value of stocks and bonds will go in his words….way way down. Those that hate Trump do not believe he is naive in the market economics.

The market is not nervous. The market is in insane mode over the future of Fed policy against the unknown future pressures of:

  1. Expert economist investors selling out of all bonds and stocks.
  2. Politics that if Trump billionaire tribes sell they win their candidate election – why would they not make those profits and JUST DO IT?
  3. North Korea becoming an economy that exports Nukes as a trillion dollar annual business giving the finger to the world.
  4. The result of that directional policy succeeding against all policies to oppose them.
  5. Iran seeking to topple Saudi A and Gulf stability to oil markets over time in a new world model for energy.Arabia

And the absolute assurance the central banks of the world will and soon remove FREE MONEY as a failed policy to grow economies from the market – returning normalization to economies with a huge pain bulge while the market adjusts and speculators loose trillions.

Add in digital weapons to profit from this pain – by enemies of the free world markets now so vulnerable to digital profit taking in global markets – manipulating market prices. Look at just Putin. If he wants TRUMP TO WIN he doesn’t have to hack data bases. All he needs to do is place sovereign nation SIDE BETS with his world tribe to sink market prices – and profit as they fall – assuring his candidate wins. Do you believe I alone have this information? I’m just reporting to YOU what everyone at the tippy top knows and is talking about all over the world.

The market resides in a fear factor the index shows as WORSE than 2008.

I submit we are moving from fear to terror to panic on wealth.

In such a market safe harbor is September 28th at CEO SPACE ( we suggested you come in early and network ) but if you only come Tuesday to Saturday you will change your income – accelerate your prosperity and insulate in SAFE HARBOR missing now from the coming financial storms. You should explore that option for your life style.

Reading this blog is insignificant to taking action – for your self. Chose your appropriate action and act. Your more safe in your actions.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping a truth light on just for you all world wide –