If you believe we are already in World War III, that the war started in 2008 with a digital super weapon fired by the Axis of Evil against western markets – and since – every institution in the West has been hacked  – successfully – and our data – all of it – and our secrets – all of them – are now in off shore data bases. Right in the middle of fighting back with STATE SPONSOR DIGITAL TERRORISM the US Traitor Snowden defected to his buddy Putin in Russia – the author of asymmetrical warfare against the West – and distracted our agencies and focus on protecting our grids.

Now if you believe we are in Digital World War III ( read Kevin Freeman’s GAME PLAN if you want proof about this war ) – then you believe we are loosing the way and we may be brought to our financial knee’s. If you believe the digital war leads to SUPER CRASH financial ( as with all prior wars in modern history ) than you DO BELIEVE with so many of us – we are getting closer and closer to SUPR CRASH.

So I go to get finger printed for Global Entry clearance world wide on accelerated pass port clearance. While I’m doing that the Tampa Bay ( I can’t tell you ) law enforcement who knows me – as an investment banker economist and who reads my blog – said – hey let me tell you the best investment. Then he took me into a big room. The room has signs like a store room. The signs are law enforcement:

  • National Guard
  • Reservist all branches
  • Police
  • Sherriff
  • Multiple counties

What the huge room held to the roof – WAS AMMUNITION. Mostly 22 rounds. The universal round for hunting protection and survival. Light powerful. But there were 38’s, 45’s – and 50’s there as well. Law enforcement was not buying gold nor where they buying silver. I was told there are rooms like this waiting for Marshall law in every city in the world not just the USA.

As he gave me the AMMO WEALTH VAULT tour he educated me. He suggested that if the shit does hit the fan and law enforcement thinks it will – moving gold silver art – stocks bonds and cash around is silly. Those who are armed will take it all away from you. It is historic. Trade for foot and you trade a diamond for a loaf of bread. Bad trade. Bad deal. The AMMO VAULT was like well DISNEY LAND FOR AMMO – never seen anything like it  = so many family savings tired up in AMMO in that one room – millions upon millions of dollars in AMMO bought over years of time. IT was impressive to see it.

Trade a handful of shells for a loaf of bread – good deal. Light. Packable. And real money. Everywhere in the world. No one will take your ammo away because your armed too. Ammo will become so short in supply that ammo is how you keep your own hoard ( AMMO WEALTH  ) and how you trade for anything and everything in a world gone nuts.

Law enforcement is betting the farm on AMMO.

Every heard – invest in AMMO while its cheap today?


Not the market.

Not gold.

Not any asset class.

AMMO. You money will never drop in value. Your money will be inflation protected. Your money will grow as time passes. Your money may save your life and protect your life style.


Make sense?

Invest in your OWN BUSINESS FIRST as Safe Harbor.

Invest in diversified insurance investing second.

Invest in AMMO as a diversification as THE HARD ASSET and let the over priced rest go to the idiots.

If you think things will roll along without disruption and that the DEBT BOMB we have reported to you time and time again on this blog roll – will NOT occur NEVER cause a contagion – than invest in stocks and bonds. Your call.

If you believe there is a day of accountability – then we may have helped give you an option for SAFE HARBOR on your wealth that no one else has even considered. Except your giant blue line.

Thank you law enforcement of mentoring ME. Made sense on cost benefit and exit – like the ultimate hard asset – AMMO. Buy low sell high.

Thats the bullseye – don’t you think for your SAFE HARBOR?

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE the Safe Harbor Company


— August 16, 2016

What Do You Think?