Mentors make millions. Coaches do not.

Coaches are paid to perform a specific task, as an expert, in a specific time line.

Mentors associate with business owners to transfer skills methods and processes to the business owner so they become more SKILL FULL. Mentorship can save years of time and oceans of cost. Mentors provide new options and opportunities to the mentee.

Coaches are generally striving to get your payment, to make their lifestyle payments.

Mentors never NEED your business in any way.

Most mentors will help you for FREE long before they help you for FEE !

Business owners who hire a coach, or a mentor, often fail to reach satisfaction, because of per term development to contract on the way in. The SET UP of a third party expert relationship- including legal, accounting, and any expert you engage from Web sites -to on line marketing to branding – to anything – requires DETAIL. The World Event that all FIVE BUSINESS GROWTH CONFERENCES produced by CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL every 12 months ( the next being Orlando Wyndham Resort Disney World Florida September 26th to accelerate final quarter profits ) – instructs on HOW TO CONTRACT with third parties. All those precious details. Most important for my readers is to assure every time you pay money for anything you have in a written clear agreement:


  1. What precisely is being delivered and on what time line the deliverables will arrive over progress development phases and stages.
  2. When final completed work is required for a flat fee no open ended hourly fee.
  3. How the client is kept informed.
  4. Total flat fee is agreed to paid in stages – one third at start – one third as work is provided in draft – and one third for completed work.
  5. If the expert is LATE than a 10% per week fee reduction unfolds every week – week after week by contract.
  6. If the expert does not complete late work in four weeks maximum they forfeit right to final payment and all work in process must be returned in word editable files or IT in uncompiled code annotated in 72 hours or less – or stipulated damage fee’s of $ 5000 a day occur for every further day late plus all legal and court collection costs.
  7. The expert is a work for hire contractor – may not disclosure your trade secrets to any third party – signs by contract a trade secret non disclosure non compete clause – and may not in any way damage your brand good will for three years following termination of services without $ 1000 a day stipulated damage fee including per occurrence and collection costs without limitations.

7 Clauses and your in Heaven. Without them you may be in agreement hell due to deficiencies with coaches and experts.

All long term clauses should be based on progressive reviews every 90 days in which you may cancel if value is not as stipulated in precise contract time line deliverables that are exact and detailed.

Stock and ownership ( wealth ) should not be given to third parties unless the amount of stock is sufficiently low so that on exit the owner did not over pay for the services by enormous ratio’s. Also stock and board positions should be given based on contributions over time to grow share value and without those contributions occurring all stock reserved may be canceled due to failure of the expert to perform. Giving Wealth to experts at HELLO when you have no clue how they will contribute, add value, complete tasks on time lines – and reduce values if they are late and forfeit value if they fail to deliver which is all in the agreement.

Mentors develop the CEO and skills inside that person being mentored. Mentors may be expert in Administration, Systems, Marketing, Distribution channels, Branding, IT, IP, human capital, fiscal, and capital formations plus others. Mentors who have these expertise areas may NOT BE EXPERT in the area of their highest talent in YOUR INDUSTRY. Who cares if the expert knows toy branding and you in nano technology. The expertise DOES NOT TRANSLATE. Development MENTORS in the INDUSTRY SECTOR you are engaged in.

Get the most successful firms researched.

Go to the title and expert talent with the most important words in the English language: ( any language really ):

…will you mentor me…..?

Ask for a ten day window to have a LUNCH together – you’ll buy – anywhere they say.

Make up questions you wish addressed and hand them the over view and questions. Have a one page document that looks as follows:

  1. Your photo on left side with all contact detail
  2. Your brand and slogan to the right of your photo looking at the page
  4. Write down bullet points of your challenge list
  5. Focus on tape recording and writing down the answers to your challenge list asking if you tape record their mentor guidance.

At the end give them a gift wrapped item from Best BUY or TJ MACKS if a lady. With thank you card asking them to review that later – thanking them. You will leave a fantastic impression for your brand. Don’t spend a lot of time on story. Mentors want to read your one page and focus on your challenge list. Answer questions in brief no long answers. Again NO LONG ANSWERS. Mentors talking gives you value you talking takes away value. Keep THAT corner stone notion in your mind when receiving mentorship.

Coaches are task experts. You hire coaches to do something – on time – in areas you lack expertise to deliver. You get three quotes always. You check references always. Then you chose. The cheapest is not always the best answer. Check complaints on line and historic issues – if some one has been unhappy with your expert – then some one on line knows. If you want to DUE DILIGENCE and check some one out for a few hundred dollars check with ANY CEO SPACE office for Tonya Recela – counter terror intel officer’s – who check out the bone marrow of those experts you wish to pay and trust first . Always a wise step.

Mentors are skill transfer authorities – the transform human capital ( you ) and they share PLATINUM CIRCLES you can’t get anywhere outside real mentorship.

We are so devoted to this philosophy for our membership of business owners and professionals world wide, CEO SPACE seeks out the MENTORS who advise the largest percentage of the Fortune 10,000 leading companies of the world. The CEO SPACE mentor college is the largest mentor pool, donating their time without fee – for a week Tuesday to Saturday – five times every 12 months – to work one one one with our CEO MEMBERS to solve their challenge lists as quarters pass. Our mentor circle is highly LEVERAGED because they work as MENTOR TEAMS – cross circle the CEO with contacts and solutions – that would take years and cost six figures.

There is no mentor support like CEO SPACE in the world today – which is why Forbes ranked CEO SPACE the # 1 Business Confernce CEO business owners CAN NOT AFFORD TO MISS in 2016 – you can’t not afford to miss CEO SPACE. The mentorship is that uncommon, that extraordinary, that amazing. If you want to grow yourself ten years in a week – push ¬†your envelope to register into the September 26th CEO SPACE – in Orlando – the last one of 2016 to impact your profit and income acceleration guaranteed – or your money back – IN 2016 not some later time frame.

Mentorship makes fortunes and nothing else comes close.

Better mentor’s better futures. Faster more accelerated outcomes.

Work harder. Work smarter.

The best coaches in the world come to CEO SPACE to upgrade to mentor status. The best mentors attend CEO SPACE to keep their own game razor sharp.

CEO’s from solo entrepreneurs to billionaires attend to bring their leadership at the top level current inside a SUPER CHANGE MARKET and to get new customers and markets faster. CEO SPACE delivers or we refund the PAY ONCE come for life five times a year for free once your a member – value package – refunding the business asset you acquired for a tax repurposed one time cost – before you depart the hotel. Thats right. If we don’t over deliver we refund your lifetime membership. Zero risk to our entrepreneur membership. ZERO.

If you want the mentors you can NOT AFFORD then you can not afford to miss CEO SPACE this September which is what Forbes told you in WRITING which appears on our web site to confirm it to your satisfaction.

If you want to accelerate income – CEO SPACE is the investment that pays the highest returns in the world.

If accelerating your growth is the next priority we’ll secure the mentors of a lifetime for you on site in Orlando this September – six weeks off from today.

I’d just DO IT.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman Founder CEO SPACE – Keeping a light on just for you.



— August 16, 2016

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