In every art of war, keeping the enemy in the dark is the key. So when you see Russia rattle its nuclear billy clubs – that is least appropriate to what they plan to do. While everyone is distracted the following is unfolding.

  1. Kevin Freeman’s great books THE SECRET WEAPON and GAME PLAN define for the DOD how 2008 was a World War III Pearl Harbor – the firing of the first global digital weapon. In the economic war our enemies made trillions and the West almost lost everything for real. It was closer than you think.
  2. Since 2008 in World War III every item of importance has been hacked. Every bank every power grid our nation’s institutions. Every IP and all data on each of us they now have. They can issue all of us new passports. All fully documented in GAME PLAN.
  3. Leave Behinds: In all critical grids – banks – government – power grids – trojans have been left behind in the on going hacks. When activated all electronic’s stop. No cell. No communication. No TV. NO fridge. No cars getting gas. No resupply. No power. It is not coming back on. This digital warfare attack takes one minute. All records are gone. Bank. Ownership. Credit. Gone.
  4. EMP – A well placed EMP attack in space – no deaths. We never see it coming. All power gone. All chips gone. All transportation gone. All manufacturing gone. Your way of life gone. It is never not every coming back. Korea could do it. China can do it now. The digital attack takes three minutes.
  5. We have no plan and no defense nor are we considering creating one for these easy reductions of the EU and America to dust – they win and a new world order arises. No bullet’s fired. Nor will there be any fired. And really what would we DO then? What really could we do?

The antique idea of MADD – mutually assured DESTRUCTION is an incomplete and vulnerable policy in 2016. For the five reasons set forth above.

Keven Freeman and CEO SPACE have been lobbying to the Leadership in Washington that there is an URGENT NEED FOR MARS. Mutually Assured RECONSTRUCTION Systems. It is cheap and easy to protect ourselves and our allies so that we could RECONSTRUCT quickly in the event of these DIGITAL WARFARE attacks. Are we preparing MARS for a victory in the new digital war fare landscape.

The answer is  NO. In fact in Kevin’s work GAME PLAN he reports each of YOU had better have your OWN GAME PLAN as your nation has NO GAME PLAN nor are they even considering a GAME PLAN. They are distracted by the enemy from the real threat which is precisely what Putin and his gang of bandits wish to achieve.

Everyone we talk to at the top knows the danger and knows the danger is real and immediate.

They silo their replies to – it is  not my job – it is not my budget – it is not my marching orders. So it is no one’s orders to protect the nation at core?


How stupid is it to be attacked and then try to rebuild. America without its electronic lifestyle would move 300 million weapons into chaos as soon as LA ran out of toilet paper. Say 72 hours.

Folks MARS is the solution and its cheap and its fast.

So when your thinking of the worst case game plan.

It is our opinion – you just read it.

Now get Kevin’s book’s and get the DATA. If you work for DOD or NSA or CIA – get five copies.

World War III is a digital war folks and we are well into it and we for sure are losing the war.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL


PS: We’ll continue to lobby for MARS on your behalf.