Your NEW Social Security law was passed in the dead of night – no public hearings – let alone any Congressional debate as a rider to the main budget legislation – the first huge change smashing benefits for the most poor American’ in the largest demographic of aging hitting their Social Security – now with a fully broken promise.

Your retirement plan is now upended. You will be forced to take earlier retirement smashing 75% of benefits if you retired later – which you won’t be able to do – your spouse benefit just got snatched – so they have to file early to and your spousal benefit will be ENDED as your spouse retires – it is the largest CLAW BACK of the social security PROMISE effecting millions of house holds.

Does THIS make any news?

Any free press representing our PEOPLE?

Yep Democrats voted overwhelming for it – President signed the LEGAL THEFT into law. Did any one oppose this shadow law making ?

No SHADOW LAW MAKING is now the new normal ┬ápart of the world we call RIGGED. The Congress is rigged folks. It no longer represents the majority. Not any more. You don’t have a democracy. Not any more. TRUMP IS RIGHT.

The news continues to be sound bites like… how CRUZ STOLE COLORADO and bypassed the voters. Yep Canadian two step. No news focused on the biggest story of our time – Congressional LEGAL THEFT with violation of YOUR DUE PROCESS AND RULE OF LAW – this is rule of criminals and bandits who are cheating America. Check it out folks check it out.

Hillary had some sound bites too – she knew what just went down – did she say a word about it in the debate with Trump. No sir reeeee BOB. Not a word.

The Social Security rider to the 2015 “BI-PARTISAN BUDGET BILL” — REALLY – are you KIDDING ME. Congress SHAME ON YOU – just SHAME ON EACH ONE OF YOU.

You get your reading about all the first right here are you not? Was this headlines all across America? Nope. Only CNBC as far as I could tell had the balls to write about it and even they didn’t make it FRONT PAGE NEWS – more like an obscure on line by line.
FOLKS – they just STOLE untold billions from old poor people – after they paid in for a lifetime. They didn’t event debate it in public. This is NOT THE AMERICAN WAY. Should this be an issue for Trump and the Presidential Election.


I think so – I really think so. We’ll see maybe we can fire them up.


Meanwhile – we’ll keep a light on for them. When you have crooks at work in the night – ILLUMINATE THEM. You might get mad and share this blog with AARP where were they when they stole all that money. Are they going to WRITE ABOUT THEM. My note the AARP running the largest small business lobby in America – SHAME ON YOU BOYS AND GIRLS – just SHAME ON YOU.

Berny Dohrmann – Proud Senior on Social Security ( I am not effected I filed before the rule effects ME its the millions of others I am worried about – my GOD what a bad bad congress. Int elect one of the incumbents folks – not one.

— May 3, 2016

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