America had a REAL Presidential debate. The debate was on the REAL ISSUES the important issues. When I heard Hillary say over and over – Frank Dodd does not go far enough and she said:


  1. We have to go after the rampant speculation
  2. We have to go after SHADOW BANKING and more than once
  3. We have to execute Justice Reform really
  4. Sanders saying we have to have the GUTS to take Pot off the Federal register and let those folks out of jail – 80 billion to lock folks up a year for non violent minor offenses – really?
  5. Hillary said we have to put in A SPECULATION TAX – yes indeed

These are BIG ISSUES Of the DAY and to hear a Debate that is not an eight grade spit ball fest was refreshing. IT was like AMERICA folks. I have to say I was refreshed and surprised at the journalism – the data and replies – and the very hard issues debated. I thought WE AS A COUNTRY DID well and our process was shinning last night.

I haven’t seen this quality of what the PUBLIC NEEDS TO UNDERSTAND clearly, so well presented and issue concentric the entire election – not like this.

HATS off to CNN – job well done. For the nation.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman

PS: The systemic risk from the unregulated speculation markets of the financial market space – and as HILLARY suggested Private Equity – Dark Pools – Shadow Banking and Private Equity are included. Blackjack as almost half its profits and assets in the volatility of ETF markets that the IMF said last week is a danger to the entire system. Is any one following the bouncing ball?