Law enforcement has always had a right to get into our files with a court order in due process of law. If a file cabinet is locked law enforcement gets a lock smith.

Today the files are all moving to fully digital. If the file is locked and a court orders unlocking those files Рthe individual has no rights to privacy for evidence being gathered. If they have nothing to hide who cares anyway. They are innocent. IF they are guilty law enforcement convicts  them on their own  file evidence. Protecting victims of crimes and all of us in terror events. Its just a file . Nothing new. Who cares if its digital or a locked file cabinet folks? I mean common damn sense here.

Digital files are not special – nothing more than locked filed cabinet.

Apple Sauce on this item.

Berny Dohrmann – Always advocating privacy except in due process of law.


PS: Stop putting Edward Snowden a traitor to his nation who has caused untold American death’s coat upon future law enforcement trying tirelessly to PROTECT our families from harm.

— March 16, 2016

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