My father in law graduated last Friday night. He had a fall and not realizing how injured he actually was – he sat in his car resting to never awake. He had hit his head and was unknowing of the scope. It was peaceful and an accident.

We flew home from CEO SPACE leaving John Gray and other celebrities to man the fort for us which they are doing to standing room only on site CEO’s having the progress of their 2016. We are with the children.

Dr. Bob as everyone knew him was an elf at CEO SPACE. Always present for warmth and encouragement. A hot infectious smile for everyone who saw his face. If some one was ill it was Bob who would stay with them till 4 AM and get them well. Every time. He was so generous and kind.

He raised our boys since they were infants. They were his treasures. He was a father who loved his only daughter more than sunshine and her boys as his own. For Preston 14 and Daniel 17 they lost their father. Their dad. They are healing in our arms.

We dedicated this CEO SPACE to his memory and anyone at that ribbon cutting has a memory the will last their entire lifetime.

Sometimes there are no words.

This is one of those times.

Berny Dohrmann
For Dr. Robert Minzak Father Husband Brother and friend