No one more advocates for CIVIL Rights and Black FULL PARTNERSHIP and rights than CEO SPACE. Cooperation theory by definition CELEBRATES all diversity and precludes any punishment in any form of diversity as a thought form. I marched with Martin Luther King and just recently talked to the casting director of the award wining film of SELMA when she asked me  ” did I get it right “. I answered “for the unborn generations you all got it RIGHT”.

With that said, Whites lie. Blacks Lie too. Its a fact. No one fails to sin.  And abuse in Law Enforcement is systemic. When you have a system with 27,000 serving to keep us SAFE truly, in the city of LA alone – risking getting shot with every domestic violence intervention – shot dead – for less than 50,000 dollars a year with benefits – we have to KNOW its an edgy time out there. Folks have automatic better fire power than the police themselves carry They are outgunned out manned and in war zones in our very cities today. Our good police are dying every single week to protect us. Drugs and substance abuse and other factors are creating a new environment society has never experienced before. The RULE of LAW needs to be safe and we need to be safe – er .  The police are facing a generational threat like they and all society  have never before faced including real home grown terror on every traffic stop – where they also get shot dead weekly in cities everywhere in America seldom getting any national press attention.

Inside this a failed antique police self policing is a NEW REFORMED SYSTEM that rewards and elevates WEEDING OUT the abusive players in the 27,000 serving IN LA  and is the SYSTEM REFORM in my opinion we inside  Black Lives need to focus on in making our request for TRUE SYSTEM REFORM NATION WIDE. A system that good police cherish and have high moral in and a system that does not allow public bullies to be public servants.  If the systemic review process is not REVISED NATIONALLY SO THAT WE ALL  TELL THE TRUTH FASTER – we all loose. The goal is not to have more police die. The goal is not to have more police lie. The goal is to make sure Blacks leading the REFORM MOVEMENT never LIE. We must guard against that. Police have also been wrongly accused.

The goal is not to have police second guess threat when faced with life or death. A command to get on the ground and we’ll sort it out later – makes everyone SAFE. A failure to get on the ground causes repercussions and assumptions in the real combat zone our American Streets today. The error police are not making is KILLING THEM and they are innocent and their families are innocent. THE GOOD GUY MAJORITY IS SECOND GUESSING THEIR PROCESS based on the few and it is only a small few – that are the bad apples. Circle the blue wagon around the bad apples is a tired antique ancient system that needs a NEW RULE OF LAW REFORM PROCESS AND MANUAL. Its not hard it is just not EASY.  The police didn’t create the environment of GANG NATIONS they face today – better trained better armed and soldiered up against them. So they face a threat level that fosters abuse. In and of itself. They face a rising and growing war zone every single day in our major cities due to the utter complete failure of the war on drugs – which like Prohibition has created the greatest criminal gang wealth in American history with no end in sight and nothing but rising drug use. Legalizing drugs controlling sales by State and taxing sales to place the black market out of business is the answer to remove the MONEY from the death squads. If we continue this failed insane policy we will never get away from a nation of fear the failed systems have defaulted us into today. Everyone is facing some hard tough real world RE-THINK on money man power and cause. TAKE THE MONEY out of the crime driven by drug prohibition. Drug use would go down – taxes would go up – jails would empty and crime would go down – and states and nations would have resources to WAR FOR PROSPERITY FOR ALL lifting up the poor into full partnership and re-inventing America. Prohibition creates crime and black markets. It never is cost effective society protective it only creates unsolvable problems and massive poverty.

Within making CHANGE OCCUR which is vital for our American RENEWAL we also need to avoid a blank check where Black LIVES matter turning into BLACK LIES MATTER. False labeling of police action is as rampant as right labeling. Caution to assure process and evidence where everyone including those guilty police officers are ASSUMED TO BE INNOCENT until they are proven guilty by RULE OF LAW and DUE PROCESS –  is as important as avoiding false labeling which is itself unfair. Quick action when facts are known is a growing pattern we want which is because BLACK LIES are absent. TELL THE TRUTH FASTER we must avoid any lying in the labeling. Any rush to judgement while we use the process and civil acton to change the process under the law. No looting. No vandalism. Peaceful resistance to the status quo.

Guarding that BLACK LIES are themselves monitored and under influence of review process to elevate BLACK LIVES MATTER so the integrity of the movement can be embraced by the enormous majority of Police who are colored rainbows – in service – doing a honorable job for us and who do not deserve group labels for the few bad apples you will have in a CITY SIZE police force in major cities. BLACK LIVES MATTER needs to LOVE THE POLICE to embrace their support for REFORM while holding the bad apples fully and absolutely accountable. OUR TRUTH WILL SET US FREE.

NEW SYSTEMS to quality control police conduct within rules of engagement that also protect our police from unfair attacks must be part of the solution. As much as WHITE LIES matter so do BLACK LIES and the system unfolding must assure that the lies are stopped on both sides and the processes put in place are balanced and fair. The System Reform in a digital cell photo body cam era – needs to BE FASTER – COVER UP FREE – AND FULLY ENGAGED WHEN A LIFE IS WRONGLY TAKEN BY ANY POLICE OFFICER AND ALL POLICE OFFICERS NEED TO CREATE A CULTURE WHERE THOSE TARNISHING THIER GREAT JOBS EVERY DAY ARE SHUNNED AND REMOVED FROM THE TRIBE AS EVIDENCE IS KNOWN. PERIOD. System reform is the answer impossible if we are every found to be lying. EVER. We have to be above reproach. LIBERTY TO LIE must never be part of Black Lives rage or outrage because we work for the unborn generations who follow us – in truth and only the truth.

We all owe respect and regard for our great majority of law enforcement in todays crime rising murder infested gang nation rising environments. Add now all the  terror on top of that and threat levels that  enforcement was never trained for or knew or understood in any past generation was going to be a daily warfare on our very streets at home. We are in a new frontier . A day to day battle zone inside our own cities our schools our offices our eating places as we see in the news as police rush in to keep us safe even under all this without balance or offset the MAJORITY are wonderful and minority are needing SYSTEM REFORM to exit. The system is the problem as it circles the guilty. THAT IS WHAT MUST REFORM.

This is not the police problem. This is AMERICA’s. Problem. We need to take the tens of billions on the failed war on drugs and decriminalize drugs, making them legally available like successful nations such as Holland have done for decades. Resources are spent on prosperity programs, and rehabilitation of drug addicted no longer criminals just ill. Drug use falls in every nation legalizing to levels unseen in America since prohibition began. We are squandering dollars on the war on drug – a failed war – a mismanagement process – that itself needs REFORM and until it is reformed we live in a national war zone fueled by a trillion dollars of a nation of drug czars and organized drug criminals. Only removing the profit will stop the “doing what does not work by tens of billions that gives us pain no gain”. The long road down prohibition has created a land of the less free and a fortress America for our children.

We can and we must learn and do better.

We need to renew our WAR ON POVERTY and open OUR WAR FOR PROSPERITY IN AMERICA and truly  take care of our homeless our mentally ill and remove pot smokers from the cost of prisons, and drug users who need programs not prison –  and with opportunity replacing hopelessness America can make its cities a RENEWAL of the American experience. We have the resources  but we still  lack the will.

Poverty and lack of options are THE PROBLEM and their ARE solutions. We need to assure the long term change movement of BLACK LIVES MATTER is never challenged by the natural tendency to also insert TOO MUCH emotion where Black Lies belay the truth of the mission. This integrity needs to be guarded in my opinion by the leadership and we need to guard the guards. The system to guard our truth and guard the guard lacks process today and peer review and we need to PUT IN THIS PROCESS so Black Lives matter permanently and Black lies never dilute the mission. Looking hard at this equation takes courage of leadership. I call for it.

This is in in no way  a critique but a call for reflection that bigots may  blow back on us  labels upon the movement should we fall on any level of INTEGRITY which we must HOLD OUR TRUTH high and with pride never wavering- balance our regard for LAW ENFORCEMENT requesting THEY  REFORM A SYSTEM THAT PROTECTS THE GUILTY INTO A SYSTEM THAT PROTECTS THE INNOCENTS. This folks where BLACK TRUTH MATTERS will win. I call for a debate on this aspect of the civil rights movement – with so much work to do – with my intention NO DILUTION occurs to the worthy movement now under way and which I am actively partnered into.

I’m for winning in this reflection to put in the GUARDS – and GUARD the GUARDS so the movement by elevated controls and process  – survives on Grace in Our Space. Taking a look inside and under our own  hood to ask the hard questions to avoid unwanted derailing – is in my view worth a – rethink. Begin the discussion for the process of TELL THE TRUTH FASTER as our motto.

Berny Dohrmann – Black LIVES MATTER to CEO SPACE
PS: Law Enforcement Lives matter as well…….balance in all movements…..we need to recruit the police reform not alienate police reform. WE can’t do both and we can do better and we will. In my humble opinion as the WORLD IS WATCHING on our guard towers for real freedom.