How does that effect your dinner tonight? Not at all?

How does that effect your ball game with your kid? Not at all?

How does that effect picking up some fruit and groceries – not at all?

How does that effect how you rent a movie tonight? Not at all?

Take every non income non positive event and put it in a Friday box 9 to Noon.

Bone up on news – not daily – turn it off – it has no effect on any of the important routines of your life – including your business – not at all. Bone up on Friday 9 to 12 – its all so negative anyway. Stop being addicted to outside MANIPULATION OF INFORMATION.

You control your information.

You control your mood and mind set.

You control your time.

Scan my blog 9 to 12 on Friday – thats all.

Stay in productivity – positive work – building – growing – creating – being the entrepreneur you were born to be. Entrepreneurs don’t lack job security because they are self reliant and create job security. For themselves and for others.

Own your week. Isolate all non income non productive and all negative incoming – mail – phone – email to the FRIDAY BOX and handle it all in a consideration on Friday. News for the week on Friday.

Do this one step and you will be FREE and you’ll prosper irrespective of what the market throws your way.

This tool works for everyone – set up your Friday box digitally – and physically for mails – legal and related – bills – everything non income and joy filled.

Own your time.

Own your week.

Keep your mind FREE.

And you WIN.

Berny Dohrmann

Proud founder CEO SPACE

— October 8, 2015

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