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Today is a big day for the largest lake of oil nation on earth Venezuela now down in production by massive % to only five years ago. Why? Communism. Stealing all the money and failing to invest in required upgrades maintenance and required technology to keep oil in the world rising from the largest lake versus falling.

Today the Bolivar moves from 265,000 inflated Bolivars to one US dollar to six million US dollars to one August Bolivar. This is not going to make it easier for the folks too poor to leave crazy insane Venezuela with a leader bus drive who appreciates economics as much as a NASA engineer can develop new miracle grow for a petunia. 

So the Bus drives on.

The people who can leave are fleeing by the 100,000’s.

The people trapped to stay have no food.

Communism is always and that is 100% a failed economic choice for operating nations. Its track record is in. 300 Years. 100% Failures. No success’s? Why do people chose communism ? Because the other system competitive capitalism that needs to upgrade into cooperative capitalism outlined in the book Redemption the Cooperation Revolution is as bad or worse the competitive communism.

So we chose systems that lead 100% of the time to world war economically? If everyone where doing well economically who have war? If folks are doing well but others are not why not have war?

When Competitive Capitalism/Communism lead to elite 1%’s owning more wealth and controlling more power than 99% of 8 billion is war more likely? Do the Elite’s care about the deaths taking place for the mass population they view as ignorant cattle to consume their goods and services preserving their wealth and their powers. 

Eventually the 99% have had enough. Not knowing economics either or having a new plan the victory of the wars has the elites still in power and the masses profit from an improved wealth distribution – even as the system model over just 70 years or so – moves the wealth estate back to 1% own more wealth than 99% and the cycle repeats.

Only the toll of death from wars changes – World War I some 40 million and over 100 Million dead just a few years later. Today sharks kill six humans in a year – humans die at 1000 from snake bites but humans savagely and horrifically kill one another at 500,000 a year in peace times. What specifies does THAT to its own kind ?

Competition is a thought impulse form that is a pure evidence of first human insanity. 

Cooperation thought form is the virus removal tool to competitive thought and action.

Competitive thought destroys and resides in fear and combat. Insane.

Cooperative thinking constructs builds and creates and resides in joy and gratitude – sane.

Media and education drive mid brain reptilian thought to secure ever rising purchasing of the mindless crap that pays for everything else. Competition is all we see read and know in society and we model only that as our modeling tutorial – insanity versus sanity.

More and more of “us” are dropping out of the system model awake and knowing “we are not engaging in wars” against humanity we just treasure and celebrate in all their diversity. While we can’t tolerate competitive insane thinking we forgive the thinker who can’t help it

Is there time to re-tool companies and nations to sane thinking cooperate thinking versus insane and competitive thinking before a world war begins from Digital World War III going on now to a real shooting war to come next?

The next all out world war will not last long ….

Society will not survive that war as it is today.

So we change before the war or after the war.

But change we must and change we will as insanity can’t take humanity and AI into a rich future – if we compete with AI we become extinct as this is not a movie script.


Its fun once you return to it again.


Do you wish to move forward in tribal circles of the insane of circles of the sane? This corner stone question requires the sane also consider to protect their circles and the guard their circles – and to then guard the guards. Cooperative thought is the treasure in the vault most deserving of protection.

The competitive will try and get into the circle to destroy the circle from within…..its favorite outcome.

Because its insane do not ask WHY because the answer is they are NUTS.

So today what happens if the USA takes over Venezuela say it takes 72 hours and the USA “owns” the largest supply of oil to world markets – the price controlling size as size does matter – and is now in charge and Opec is irrelevant – one blitz – one take over – and Venezuela and its people under US protection – have a future that turns around this year.

All those millions have food again. 

I’m sure that will not happen…I’m just playing what if thinking games. Of the future. Better futures.

The trade imbalance where Japan profits – china Profits – the EU Profits – South America profits – South Korea profits – the majority of nations profit by buying less FROM THE USA than they SELL TO THE USA. This sell MORE than you buy – creates profit in trading accounts for nations.

The USA subsidizing world trade and building up warn slaughter economies like Germany,  Japan, China and others – did not receive a fair appreciation or thank you. As time went by the benefiting counties began to think of US SUBSIDY as their RIGHT and to layer trade barriers to US sales in their nations while beating trade cost into the USA down to near zero.

The pile up of this imbalanced trade model over decades leads to the total economic plunder and even death of the American economic model. Why? Because our leaders took sums from their leaders to look the other way and do nothing. 

Today the chap in the White House makes personal income of more than 500 billion each year and donates his White House salary to Charity. He is working without pay. You can’t give this chap money or anything really to look the other way to his nation taking a radiator hose up its economic ass hole.

Trump has informed the nations that trade with the USA we have gone electric and no longer require their trade rule model. If they wish to go bankrupt as countries we can accommodate acceleration for that self destructive agenda – see China’s crashing economics and markets and Russia already in recession it can not rise out of .

Trump is insisting on a new fresh start to world trade with new no nation left behind rules that are sound economics. Why is all the screaming and spin on this? We’ll first no nation likes to lose billions in income it had locked if for years. Can’t have fair trade and unfair profits as the two do not exist in the same car.

As the new fresh start gets sorted out the crash to momentum in nations – all Avondale with economic war fare – would be preferred and easy in fact to secure. The pain we are in today is policy from insane brains.

The cost of competitive thought is always massively more expensive than the cost of cooperative thought. The cost of cooperative thought is never fatal to humans the cost of competitive thinking is toxic to humans and kills millions of humans annually without world war.

Sharks kill six humans annually.

Elephants kill 500.

Mosquitos’ kill over 1000 million humans in 2018 by comparison.

Death is a profitable industry why slow that grow sector down?

So August will debate all issues without solutions.

The Big Guns will return on Labor Day from their vacations.

Portfolio year end repositioning will heat up in September with profit taking maximized to forge scary volatility into October – than a run past Thanksgiving Into Holiday record year end numbers if we see the tea leaves of today correctly. We’ll see.

We see a record new high before a massive pre recession correction.

As insanity calls all the shots today we all must wait to see what insanity gives us in Venezuela  today or from say India or China all failing in their economic choice making.

As always we will tell you first as we see what happens on NEW BOLIVA ANNIVERSARY Day when oil exports reach a record low in 40 years this August in the second largest lake of oil wealth on earth failing utterly due to insane human management the people keep in power.

It is more than odd to witness.



The USA has put more billions and more man power and more years of tie than Russia did into Afghanistan. Russia spent years in exit of Afghanistan in utter and total defeat being killed all along their exist by the Taliban – supported to kill those Russian’s by say – the USA. Now return the favor seems appropriate in the world to which we reside?

So for three years the corrupt nepotistic and criminals stealing from the USA that we call the Afghanistan Government – at full on war with multiple massive death and bombings last week to prove it – so three years ! The Government wishes 80% of population behind it – its insiders. Today less than 3/4’s are behind the Government with massive shifts if one side or. another “appears” to be WINNING.

Over 1/3 are controlled by the Taliban as America is losing the war and can’t expand that percentage over three long strategic years. What does winning look like? It looks like American begging for peace as they seek to talk with NO CONDITIONS to the Taliban to negotiate a peace as zero military return on money and death appears to be forth coming. In Fact in losing the war to the Taliban just like Russia before us – ISIS has now a firm bed in the nation and has been responsible for half the brutal savage deaths that radical ISLAM inflicts having zero to do with Mohammed the Koran or Muslim faith – so keep in mind ISIS is a gang of crazy brains – like crypts and bloods – not organized for kindness.

No mercy.

So Mad Dog or Mad Puppy? Why can we not just win and be done with it?

Well that is a discussion for experts at the DOD and not for ME an investment banker type of brain….but I can balance accounts. The trillions we allowed Pakistan and Afghanistan to criminally rip off from American Tax Payers makes those who continue the legal theft criminals in congress as well. The legal theft has to stop to protect the USA itself. Economically.

So trillions invested to what return? Pakistan hates us because we are beginning just starting to hold them accountable for dollars. Afghanistan hates us and the population can swing behind any leadership that WINS and shows internal stability. HATE AMERICA is an IRAN GULF rally point and the central rally for the radical muslim gang of crazy brains. Hate the GREAT SATAN when nothing is more evil than what those crazy brains themselves do….on a bullet train to hell. Theirs.

General Madd Dog either has to stop the money theft going on – or he has to increased it and destroy the enemy but todays “tie” is moving to the USA loosing – again – because their commitment over TIME – IS – in fact greater than our commitment – American’s as were the Russians’ before them – ARE – economically emotionally and in death – exhausted from the never ending crazy brains killing them – one at a time. Till death do us all part……but for what and for why……Mad Puppy for why?

What if the USA withdrew from the Gulf entirely and just stopped. One how much would we save? In death and in dollars? Anyone have a chart on THAT item?

Second what if we put those resources some where else that mattered like protecting minerals of North Africa for one. We could win and help our folks in Nigeria. Much more an ally than say Afghanistan and Pakistan that both just hate us…..we die there why again?

So trillions spent….return on money – less than zero…and death……

Outcome – we like Russia before us lost the war to the Taliban – tell the truth now……

So they wish to bankrupt us – Bin Laden said so……

We keep spending the money for zero return………

In the end we lose or we regroup and develop a winning strategy as this one is not it……

Stop theft of hacking IP and money – Madd Puppy because Mad Doggie we have not seen yet…..we hope he is still inside there some where……

Berny. Dohrmann – MAD ABOUT AFGHANISTAN lets bring everyone home all at once from the entire Gulf – what then – what then? 


Two weeks to hell? Do YOU think so too? Why do you agree with me? Oh no I don’t think the boom has stopped. I think the Trade deal with China and Mexico will set up the entire WORLD. A new prosperity into 2030 with our own Congress being the wild card. I’ve told you WHY on that part.

We are now in the longest boom expansion cycle globally in recorded record keeping for humans.

If congress passes an infrastructure bill – the other stimulus – and if the Fed slows down – we may have time. Prosperity would with those big IF items continue in our opinion ( and others ) into 2030.

Now let us focus between now and year end.

If you are on vacation but you manage 100’s of millions of dollars to be a minnow in the BILLION DOLLAR BOYS CLUB of 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS in August 2018 all managed by rapidly evolving AI. AI will have little “steering” or influence by the owners of each AI over a pool of money. The AI may trigger on sound bites volatility to which “IT” shows “ITS” OWNERS profit while they were away. For “IT” knows when “THE OWNERS” Left and “IT” also knows when the owners return – something new just for you in 2018 – ‘IT” KNOWS !

After Labor Day the owners are likely to move in their chess wizardry core into 2019 portfolio’s around – the biggest move of capital in markets of 2018 in our opinion. We call the market “casino capitalism” and we have explained why in detail – scroll”. When “STEERAGE” by “THE OWNERS” of AI occurs – buying steps our of parameters for global AI. AI than lags in repositioning ( lag means profits are lost on both sides of the trade or rope ).

It is our opinion that what we now call THE HOLIDAY BET.

We see under valued stocks effected on price and earnings weighted to the Holiday Season – period. The OWNERS will STEER AI to take risk AI would as a non human fail to take – a HOLIDAY BET that leverages such REPOSITIONING – FAANG having led the 2018 global market upward – with the most narrow band of stocks doing so – we see that band growing larger as the big guns return from VACATION and at that time STEER their HOLIDAY BET and YEAR END BUY – where HOLIDAY FACTOR EARNINGS reported into the first quarter will assist year end closing wealth to be at record all time highs. OWNERS think that way boys and girls.

The MARKET will FOLLOW the OWNERS who lead. As it is now after especially THIS Labor Day in THIS election year of the tweet wars – the OWNERS will sneak a trade in – here and then there – but AI will “see” it and “act” plus other “OWNERS” will know instantly what that trade here and trade there is when SUCH TRADES are out of parameters for AI. They ALL “know” and they all GOOOOOO ! 

It is my opinion then that we will see “woe is me” profit taking by AI giving their version of a “HOME COMING” to their “OWNERS”. The week after Labor Day will be typically but not always calm. The “OWNERS” take a week or so to get back into “control” and then to ” STEER” toward year end REPOSITIONING.

As the Fall REPOSITIONING WARS OCCUR I suspect all time market high’s by year end even the election November. All time record high’s for the market – the yield curve fluctuates but does not invert ( if it inverted we could have two years to recession by historic trending no inversion the boom goes on and on ) – and the base of stocks NOW participating in the HOLIDAY BET are going to make big bucks from Face Book to Tesla ( bet against the short folks at the casino table side betting on price ) and so many more from JC PENNY to Macy’s. THE GREAT REPOSITIONING IS COMING which gives America an even more solid economy moving into 2019.

The world economy has two election outcomes:

  • Democrat victory – Grid Lock – Gov Dysfunction – impeachment – endless investigations – nothing happens in forward years of time and the markets crash and American sinks into a recession.
  • Republican victory – Congress works – infrastructure is passed – economy keeps GROWING & GOING in 2019 and into 2030.

But until November we will now KNOW if the new WALLET  VOTER who votes outside party in 2018 and votes their Wallet or votes hard line party in Nov.

The Economy is hostage to “only congress” as without INFRASTRUCTURE the economics to grow without recession accommodations is increasingly challenged. Can we continue to grow? Without infrastructure in the short term – no. With a sane immigration upgraded legal immigration frame work and infrastructure the Fed pressures of rising interest and dollar in global markets can perhaps be managed without a triggering Super Crash. If the USA moves to Congress grid lock – like it has been for 16 years – with average over two decades for our “AMERICA” of growth – average – was 1.8% which given how they lie is really about zero growth with a lie on top for a statistic. It is SHAMEFUL. 

So AMERICA share the blog that suggests you CLICK MORE and turn channels less – you all vote – and to the extent spirit moves you – step out of party and politics and lets all vote our WALLET – for if Congress and Gov WORK we are going to have PROSPERITY into 2030 – if we don’t we won’t.

We’ll see….its like the old circus shell game – as the crises is in INTEGRITY – world wide – the shell has the truth but which shell – truth truth who has the truth – try and find the truth is it here – or over here – is it there or over there – where IS the truth I ask you….the whole truth and nothing but the truth…….is it in the POST or CNN is it on FOX or BBC? Or is it in ME?

The Voter may have a result they can’t imagine as outcome.


The. Wallet Party has the truth and votes on the truth – they vote their wallet for mechanical 5% plus GROWTH versus 1.8% almost zero growth for some 20 years in the USA. The Wallet Party votes to make sure CONGRESS WORKS – as a truth. Outside of party’s and outside of all the media brain washing so bought and paid for.

As more and more drop into the WALLET PARTY ( world wide too ) what WORKS?  What vote assures PROSPERITY?

I can not predict the Nov outcome I can only predict what occurs either way as a truth.

It remains my opinion as expressed all year that a record high will occur at year end due to THE GREAT REPOSITIONING. A lot of short folks are going to walk like roaches near to the floor to the door by year end – beware of the short pairs – 

2019 will be a feature of Congress – down if the GRID LOCK begins and not so much – if Congress WORKS in 2019.

For now – until Labor Day? I’d click http://www.ceospaceinternational.com make a BOOKMARK and when you have an easy beverage break – look at two or more short films under QUICK LINK TAB at your new BOOKMARK for the MONEY.

Plan some fun.

Inside the longest book of human history……FUN……”IS” important……hey “THE OWNERS” – ALL KNOW – THAT ! 

Berny Dohrmann on summer lazy days in Florida Paradise SPACE 

Maginault Newman

Maginault Newman is a yawn – another one – and I’m so tired I don’t need Musk Ambien to sleep tonight. Another ONE. REALLY.

All these ladies working against Trump who is presiding over the largest Woman from Supreme Court to leading positions inside – to state and legislation LADIES UP FIRST this year – the world has yet seen.

So Maginault Newman who has her boss and benefactor who gave her a future beyond anything she had known as the APPRENTICE – and then elevated her into the White House relying upon her. Then she FUCKS Donald Trump not the other way around folks – just like Stormy Daniels who is about to lose her children as a consequence of her own BIG LIE – but hey they are making millions ladies. Millions by the hour in chat rooms where Stormy loses her kids but gets to tease men world wide who pay her tokens as a Trump Star in the White House Sit Com.

Frankly I don’t watch sit coms.

Then comes Maginault Newman.

Now having signed a stack like you can not believe of agreements and contracts on national state secrets and privacy and conduct and policy before she worked Day One – what does she do?


Maginault Newman brings her phone to tape record to enrich herself the inside of the White House for personal gain. Now everyone is all over the TRUMP BASHING TRAIN WRECK led by Stormy Daniels and Maginault Newman as morally bankrupt human beings.

We go lift up societies worst loser and allow law breakers policy breakers fame and status in media gone fully bad? In my opinion. Take the facts ( not reported ever by anyone ):

  1. Maginault Newman committed a base line crime for tape recording without permission in any room of any house in any state in the USA. Law breaker.
  2. Maginault Newman commits federal numerous felonies ranging from TREASON to garden variety theft of state secrets and confidences by tape recording in say the SITUATION ROOM of the White House without permission and violating countless contracts.
  3. Maginault Newman should be on her way to federal penitentiary for crimes against all of us – without bail – or the remainder of her life as a traitor to her status country and job pathology.
  4. Maginault Newman is profiting from lies and self celebrity status to get her movie deal – kicking Donald Trump in the balls – who benefited and lifted her up to a height she could reach those balls in the first place – Maginault Newman is a disputable human being.
  5. Maginault Newman should be boy cotted for everything. Products – air time – ratings should plunge as we all change channels on Stormy and Maginault Newman – no chat pay – no money – they are surges and are identified as the SCUM of AMERICA versus its very finest.

Maginault Newman thats all I have to say about that and I hope they arrest her soon – hey they broke down the Presidents Attorney’s doors at 3 AM versus a request for information – with swat teams at office and home with family and so forth – I think Maginault Newman deserves at least a swat team weekend don’t you?

if you think she has quality and is good.

I beg to disagree with YOU and I respect your position in my own disagreement. I think her arrest without bail as a traitor is about time to send signals to those who sign our secrecy act that SNOWDEN’s decision is in the final outcome – fatal – and that traitors have consequence in speed and outcomes that are worthy of a nation that enforces rule of law.

Maginault Newman broke so many laws ( Stormy too ) where consequence to the millions they are making today – is something they can’t see – until say Stormy loses her Children – worth it now ? Say?

Consequence ?

Folks are we innocent to proven guilty or are we guilty in fake news press on publication?

What nation works for you?

Do you want White House Staff able to record and make big bucks as traitors moving forward given all our enemies out there or do you wish to have rule of law and consequence for crimes and breaking laws rule the land.

I think what is not fake news headlines is:

Maginault Newman arrested for TREASON and taken into custody without bail as national security risk. Where is THAT SOUND BITE AMERICA ITS THE LAW………

She can be an apprentice in Federal Custody – so much to learn and master there from the lady mentors inside those walls – wonder who those teachers will be for Maginault Newman? This is all coming trust me.  Hey Maginault Newmanget an illegal cell phone  inside  and tape record your fellow inmates to deal down your life time –  and see how snitching inside  those box top rules – inside a penitentiary – works out for you little darling? I’m just reporting on consequence for you today.

Have no fear for whom the bell tolls Maginault Newman…for this bell tolls for thee and thee alone. You screwed the most powerful nation on earth – us – we’ll see how that all works out for you in your 20 minutes of fame right now before they all spit you to the curb -its coming. Patience for the Karma. YOUR KARMA.

I’m big on INTEGRITY. Lady Leaders regardless of party do not reward in any way breaches of integrity by our lady leaders with power privilege access and obligation. Hold such leaders to a far higher standard when they act out from the gutter they reside within versus the C suite that rewards integrity versus its lack.


  • Click to anything but  Maginault Newman or Stormy and watch that dropping click count change their story.
  • Switch channels when they appear
  • No chat rooms for stormy gentlemen
  • Write your law maker to incarcerate Maginault Newman

Become a little more active on crimes against us all which is way beyond politics as it is garden variety treason in the White House my fellow American’s – nothing personal just 2018 violation of so many laws the indictment must move to the floor – but will a bias against Trump law enforcement seeking to GET TRUMP also enforce the laws on treason as in any other modality – arrest would have occurred by now. 


Why is justice protecting and about use at special prosecutor traitor Maginault Newman? Those who work with her in protecting her – are they now conspiracy TRAITORS under the law as fairly applied?

IS TREASON a direct act against your nation OK today?

When lady leaders step into integrity breach to make millions personally by scum bag breach of faith and trust personal enrichment choice making  – we all should withdraw – as this is not whistle blowing – this is a bad blow job. It is treason when you blow a nation folks and the whore to the laws needs consequence legally to her breach of so many laws and signed agreements and policies long protected in White House Service over 100 past Presidents.

WHY IS Maginault Newman being protected by US JUSTICE versus arrested for law breaker as a traitor? Her tapes are illegal and not admissible in any court of law anyway. IT is all Maginault Newman betting on untold book movie deals and riches from her crimes. Against us. Thats OK now at Justice I take it……A OK – anything GET TRUMP is OK under the law and the law is bendable by Justice if it helps justice ( illegally ) get TRUMP? Is that what your telling us all today.

NOW THAT SHOULD RED TIDE CONGRESS to JUSTICE REFORM IN NOVEMBER for a majority who wear 20/20 reading glasses to integrity in public office versus the crises of integrity breaches taking place in public office today on all sides. Rule of law is a NOW event – arresting Maginault Newman is an easy law item – yesterday is already way too late for US Justice on this item. Historically what we watch now could never not ever happen –

Something is very wrong now – something is broken now – and it is not TRUMP’s team folks – its not.

Thats all I have to say about the traitor Maginault Newman.



For decades CEOSPACE has been a signifiant voice through many US Presidents and Congress constructions – as we attempt to improve legal landscapes for SMALL BUSINESS in America and world wide. A milestone event following untold hours of work with law makers – included the JOBS ACT signed into Law by President Obama – which included CROWD FUNDING for start up capital and more tools and options success as that new law thanks to so many including CEOSPACE leading the work on it for year after year after year – never easy in the private confidential no leak work – in DC that has you “in” versus on the fringe of policy contribution discussion and debate. You know my worst enemy on the hill has amazing points – valid points – I must respect and consider so public policy is never simple or easy. The complexity has the best brains of law makers and their staff teams working it through the amazing sand at the beach and oh I see you brought us some MORE SAND my GOD? Really? That is law making . At the beach in the sun.

Since President Donald Trump has come into office we have worked to advance business friendly legislation on both sides of the isle and in regulatory discussions when and where asked or where we insert our position for you all our CEO community. A worthy voting block in all fifty states today three decades building “influence”. A voice. The equivalent of Jobs Act II is  now “stuck”  in election year  Congress as is legislation on tax reform II and infrastructure and immigration all of which secure the landscape moving into the future. I told Mark none of these would pass in 2018 due to the total consumption of ACTION on election year DISTRACTION which is made up and fake news on all sides in what has become the AMERICAN POLITICAL CIRCUS the world loves to bash and yet billions are addicted and can not get enough of the most popular sit com in rated media history – THE White House where the Trump kids are sound bytes as if they were Royal watching…the world can’t get enough thumbs up or thumbs down – more love more hate but more – to be sure. The ACTION IS POLITICAL DISTRACTION to the Nov vote count – tip – don’t bet on either side its dice rolling and no one knows – the voters will tell you and there will be zero confusion. To anyone.

My work you have read about here often – REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION ( share this book with your care circle for best futures and personal prosperity in all life styles ) :  https://www.amazon.com/Redemption-Cooperation-Revolution-Berny-Dohrmann/dp/0692646051

Redemption chapters have step to step solid nation by nation  blue prints  for leading nations and law makers on the transition legislation from failed competitive capitalism and communism economic systems tried over centuries that lead to system failure and war 100% of their outcomes – as new fresh legal  box top rules for nations exploring the upgrade economically  into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM we believe is the future for the entire world. All national forms of government can use REDEMPTION as their modeling into the economics of forward prosperity- a set of upgrades where no nation is left behind and all debt loads are reset in the process – worth a read no?

The promise of Redemptions blue prints once adopted into law –  include:

  1. In the current age of full on digital ECONOMIC WORLD WAR III –  war fare between nations taking place since 2008 – the economic system of every nation – requires a REGULATORY RE- THINK to manufacture box top rules in the new digital age of SUPER CHANGE – that assure unwanted criminal price manipulations through speculative short selling and unregulated price manipulating trading is removed from economics of nations. No other upgrade does more for the wealth and prosperity of nations once explored as just OPTIONS to STUDY at least. All advanced economic solutions waiting for adoption and install.
  2. A Global NO NATION LEFT BEHIND  new fresh modernized economic box top rule set for trade and for global tax policy for all nations –  and economic interaction of nations needs to be freshly upgraded and  forged by a G 100 Economic Constitutional Convention we define in REDEMPTION to national law makers. Send yours as copy gift wrapped. Be active. The G 100 is required as the laws are local to UK and Hong Kong but the trades are all in the cloud outside blue sky of law in nation. A G 100 leads to adaption of all aligned nations rising up to over 300 sovereign states and entities with the G 100 leading the No Nation Left Behind Earth FEDERATION TRADE REGULATIONS enforced by the G 100 SEC for example – so that a body of regulatory authority from a matrix of state professionals assures self correction to regulatory enforcement is just fair ethical and self correction over time. Without a GLOBAL BOX TOP RULE in a DIGITAL CLICK WORLD where 90% of 440 trillion in capital circulation occurs with less than 10,000 super money pools across the earth via AI controlled velocity accelerations and momentums no regulatory agency today in pony express and telegraph box top rules – can or does mange or have authority in 2018 to protect us all from criminal side bets in the system – now many times larger than the entire SYSTEM. Think about that principle. Then read my book so you understand that principle more fully. 
  3. We advance modern markets regulated  by leadership that must reside within laws developed when the mail was delivered by the pony express and email was a telegraph system – where leadership must make a market “estimate” of earnings every three weeks and then release real final earnings in four weeks – is insane for larger institutions where long term investment and planning is required not just desired.  THE SYSTEM WORKS AGAINST MANAGEMENT WINNING OVER TIME.  We have lobbied to law makers and  in my book  REDEMPTION delivered to all past Presidents from Clinton forward as  Presidents and to Trumps teams and to Trump to “explore” a COOPERATIVE CAPITALISTISM box top rules as cornerstone economic upgrading and modernization to the core system –  where “reporting” occurs once very six months and speculative fevers manipulating false prices in markets would largely evaporate. Today President Trump publicly released White House Policy to STUDY a six month reporting impact on the business prosperity moving forward in America.

Today JC Penny like Face Book made 97%. of its projected earnings and missed totals by only 3% and its stock went down for doing such a great job ( like Face Book with AI hitting it temporarily for zero economic reason ) – by almost 30%. Now to buy Penny in the dip is smart they are doing a great GREAT JOB and so is FaceBook. Those who buy in these dips will do so well and with SIX MONTH REPORTING you will not have these dips to buy in like they exist in wild casino capitalism AI controlled of today.

We are grateful after five years of unrelenting work to advance the notion to our friends in the Democratic Party and our friends in the Republican Party – to rally to support in bi-partisan fashion – a reporting of economic outcomes BI ANNUALLY versus the insane way we are doing it when we had the “market” in New York made in the 1800’s under a tree by common outcry of those making the market in stocks and bonds. We have come a long way. Time to upgrade the BOX TOP RULES into the new Digital Ages in which SUPER CHANGE requires us all to adapt into.

So with all the news of “distraction” to the only issue taking place really – the DEEP STATE and tradition – and reformers and everything new and fresh – battling it out – each vilifying the other – in the largest potential change of box top rules of recent generations back to the mid 1800’s. THAT is what IS going on in populist change from DEEP STATE traditions and cultures – UPGRADING AND REAL IMPROVEMENTS – or not and that process is “WAR” – economic war and messy never pretty.

I have greater respect for all sides than most working inside the beltway off and on for five decades. I can remember advancing legislation with the late Scoop Jackson in the senate urinal by ourselves on one day and with Senator Dirkson on another. My favorite as Dirkson coined my legacy phrase I use so often…to the hill tribe over meals….

….you know what….a billion here and then a billion there and one must pause to consider pretty soon….you are talking some serious money …….Then he would flash you this enormous smile…..

Senator Orin Hatch remembers what I’m talking about as do many of the old guard on both sides of the isle including my home state advocate Richard Shelby Chairman of the Senate all powerful banking commission and rule making oversight committee’s. No easy job. 

Folks – today the President adopted a study on policy we have worked five years to advance including most recently into John Kelly’s office along with CEOSPACE  Super Bond theory solutions  for massive sovereign  debt Super Bubble  issues now in 2018 and 2019 seriously plaguing forward stability in system overall –  economics –  from North Korea – Iran – Italy – India – China and more. The solution is at the White House and we at CEOSPACE continue to spit in the wind – as the small voice to the giant lobby voices of Wallstreet and Super Money. Still spit long enough and you hit someone in the eye. As they wipe it off and unroll that spit ball – they say in surprise – well my my what is this or what is that and then the solution – becomes their very own idea and we fade back into the wind once again. As the way of such work. If you fail to stay at it for the required years nothing happens but if you are never absent and ever present your voice and solution finds advocacy and all that is require is to have that ONE LEADER adopt the solution as their own and with their power not ours move that solution forward as one brick after another leads us away from failed competitive capitalism and its abuse corruption pollution and flaws into self healing and correction COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM as a final economic revolution from insane box top rules for economics into sane and sustainable box top rules for economics.

Redemption took ten years to complete. An expert army gave input to this book from financial capitols of the world. The result is a blue print for a WAY FORWARD in this modern digital age – now making all past legal frame works largely obsolete. The SEC in America for example needs in our opinion:

  1. Cooperative Capitalism legal frame works and authorities
  2. The largest upgrade in budget in 100 years 
  3. New global authorities and powers
  4. Congressional sunshine to old obsolete laws and dawn for new SEC suggested authorities every 180 days in the new SUPER CHANGE AGE.
  5. Modernized legal frame works is effective only when such modernizations include on going self correction and 180 day upgrading as law such that legal frame works in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE do not become obsolete or new laws needed fail to arrive on time.

A better way and new upgraded frame works – are a matter of national urgency and security. If our FINANCIAL SYSTEM is under digital attack by nations upgrading our system and its regulatory oversight for say HACKING AND SECURITY as crucial to uniform victory in DIGITAL WORLD WAR III – are powers the SEC requires that did not exist in 1933 when the US POST OFFICE was replacing the PONY EXPRESS.

Time for modernization of the entire frame work? 

Without upgrading regulatory frame work the market of the world remains a fully debt super bubble casino capitalism – that will fail at core level – due to unregulated leverage and criminal price manipulations no regulatory agency today has the power to coordinate blockage for – as the regulations are all local the USA blue sky while the trades making the world markets are all in the unregulated CLOUD. In home jurisdictions legally outside the blue sky of the USA or any nation frankly. The casino returns enormous profits on wild speculation but in the end the casino goes bankrupt in a sea of spiraling super bubble debt of all playing including nations. Greed must be managed by regulatory frame work which modern digital evolution out paced regulatory reform and upgrading for long enough a G 100 CONGRESS IS NOW REQUIRED as SOLUTION to the urgent problem. Just announcing a STUDY For THAT would tempter markets.

Solutions are new options as invention that once understood everyone licks their palm and slaps their foreheads and says…oh my God and the idea becomes there own …which is just find with us as new normal in success to advocacy upon public policy for the common good.

At least that is our sole intention.

The common good.

No Nation left behind – 

….no nation can enjoy self sustained economic growth over decades of time with no downturns like Australia has without forging such sustained robust expansion upon economic policy fostering every rising internal in nation consumption, residing on a legal foundation of favorable ENTREPRENEUR LAWS in the AGE OF THE ENTREPRENEUR to drive the forward never ending consumption upon the growth in nation of the entrepreneur class. Every other strategy including export to prosperity dependency risks boom bust cycles and social unrest that is unwanted in nation ………..

The Fuel to sustain debt in nation also resides on Entrepreneur class success in nation to foster the forward core tax revenue base for each nation that is  required to sustain shocks like 2008 where 37 million small business owners in America created 97% hiring and recovery over the 17% downsizing of the larger institutions during the Great Recession. Nations lacking entrepreneur rapid development legal frame works and old models – declined in the Great Recession and had no relief what so ever. Most dropped into to UNSUSTAINABLE DEBT SPIRALS taking place in flip financing today.

 Entrepreneur back bone IN THE USA – drives the most successful economy on earth with new state and Federal laws now upgrading ( finally ) to secure ease of Entrepreneur access to capital – access to markets – and lower cost in money and time to secure success into the future where today the majority % of entrepreneurs starting WILL STILL BE HERE In five years huge swing due to education programs like CEOSPACE and on line information a NEXT GENERATION OF ENTREPRENEURS have endless access to FREE. Entrepreneur laws are coming. In the past law makers new more or less how to regulate a firm with 5000 employees up. Regulating a firm with less than five employees – 95% of the 37 million in America – law makers knew “not so much” but are learning now and fast. This is their future tax base not the big guys. They are getting it now…..finally…….

CEOSPACE “IS” changing the landscape for business in nations all over the world and in the USA as our three decade tireless legacy. We wish to thank our enormous CEO grad community for their endless support of all things that favor small business doing better. Without YOU are VOICE would never be what it has become today representing one of the larger small Business Voter blocks in the world today.

CEOSPACE through our members potentially influences millions and millions on improved frame works for the unborn entrepreneur we never stop working on their behalf.

To all our purpose partners with shout out to Mark Jones for his tireless work on the same out comes for small business – the reward is private and without ceremony or recognition as in today’s sound bite  on SIX MONTH REPORTING FOR PUBLIC COMPANIES that  Mark first heard me speak about over a decade ago and to which he has joined us in the efforts for sanity on capitol hill for small business and entrepreneurs budding to become the next GLOBAL SUPER BRAND. We work with countless purpose partners to collectively influence positive economic outcomes such as BI ANNUAL CORPORATE REPORTING – again huge SIGH and finally just in time frankly.

We applaud President Trump under 360 endless attack in an election year – for stepping out front of this important leadership bi partisan issue today. JOB WELL DONE Sir. For business world wide and prosperity into 2030 from the work you do today.

Today we thank the feedback loops to President Donald Trump from democrats to republicans that weighted the discussions so that Friday Aug 17th the news reports President Donald Trump is opening a STUDY OF SIX MONTH BI ANNUAL REPORTING FOR REPORTING  INSTITUTIONS. It remains our opinion the price manipulation that creates false value and price in every asset class today – is a casino capitalism without G 100 regulation within an AI digitally weighted market – manipulated by 10,000 super money pools outside regulatory frame work – to which BI ANNUAL REPORTING;

  • Removes insanity from the market leadership that need to plan longer term than three weeks to the next analyst estimate reporting.
  • Removes wild speculation in price based on hyper rewards for hitting street insane earning targeting and hyper punishment for a fraction of 1% in missing street insane earnings slapped upon each and every leader reporting today.

In the modern digital evolving AI world six month reporting is a new essential for COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM and a future of NO NATION LEFT BEHIND by policy.

Still without a G 100 ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS hosted over a three year period on the Big Island of Hawaii for non political location – to foster a NEW BOX TOP RULE for global trading – tax and no nation left behind forward digital policy and laws – to once and for the future RE REGULATE THE FINANCIAL MARKETS OF THE WORLD such that capital by law circulated into profit making economic investments versus unwanted short term speculations that make world markets self destructive in a sea of wild casino capitalism side bets fueled by a debt SUPER BUBBLE that destroyed all past economic systems and models as we get closer and closer to our own economic destruction where time for the G 100 reformation – is running down down and then out.

Today President Trump sent a bi-partisan message to economics – sanity versus insanity – wild speculation and casino capitalism or a first step to roll back sanity to economic markets?

A study by our friends at the SEC are not new rules but we will advocate to the SEC with all our purpose partners we suspect as well to advance a RULE for reporting firms to report every 180 day days – the sane burden for the SEC and the market and without new regulatory authority ( also required in the digital casino capitalism age ) – a much more integrity driven process for SEC SUPERVISION of reporting firms. For Mark Jones and others …once again…its go time to advance this cornerstone new COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM rule into market and our own economic security as national security job # 1. Our way of life.

CEOSPACE a leading small business voice in all fifty states and  advocates the SEC with its Chairman and Head of Enforcement Mr. Gomez and others on the commission vote YES with their full weight and authority today – YES FOR FULLY MODERNIZED UPGRADE  BI ANNUAL REPORTING before year end for 2019 and the prosperity continues due to their vote and rule  upgrading ( since the telegraph folks ) and their collective sanity in this upgrade….into 2030 …leading other nations to follow us as the way forward…..always forward in America….great day today the masses had go right over their heads but it effects them all in fact.

We ask all of our American readers to WRITE the SEC as small business owners to advance BI ANNUAL REPORTING. Do that in one day of reading this as a opt IN and join the economic revolution versus stand on the side lines drinking Diet Cokes. Read REDEMPTION and fully join the modernization taking place today.

Thank You. 

We are doing the happy dance this weekend – with thanks to our membership in all nations for providing to our teams the VOICE OF CEOSPACE so respected in forward considerations by the choice makers.





CEOSPACE is half a decade now – ranked # 1 by prestigious third party press world wide and in 2018 again? Why? Winning. Helping business owners an professionals to grow faster – to close competency gaps in a stressful SUPER CHANGE market space – to grow customers much faster – all with a lifetime access pass for a low price – tax deductible – five accelerators a year or every sixty days – pay once access for life – and a money back guarantee on acceleration for your practice or venture. 

We work with top Fortune leaders Private Equity Hedge Fund and Government leadership – as well as mid range and those in development space and yes even solo entrepreneurs who invest in their own success as first priority and next priority.

Billionaires have walked around with millionaires cross mentoring.

This latest just released TODAY World Premier is posted on all my social but you may not be following me on those platforms so here for your fun is a film on WINNERS which is short and compliments the 100’s of films on YOUTUBE if you search CEOSPACE including so many Super Stars you highly respect and regard endorsing the Space from their own wins from the same Space – 30 years serving 140 nations- you’ll be happier following this short film World Premier today – your tribe is being featured….your next tin fact :


Enjoy and share the link on your social for us…..


Berny Dohrmann Chairman and founder – CEOSPACE 


How serious is Turkey? It is very serious folks. What caused the crises?

The Federal Reserve Board make no mistake about that. The Fed as we suggested here is doing what it did in error – in 1907 creating a global depression and World War I and then again in 1929 – creating a worse global depression and WORLD WAR II. The Fed a private stock firm owned by the banks it regulates all in secret. Look it up on line or scroll we laid out all the third party links from GOOGLE on our blog related to the truth. The Fed is impossibly conflicted – is NOT A GOV AGENCY that is a fraud on you folks like all central banks – and making profits for THEIR SHAREHOLDERS they are once again…raising interest rates way too soon…way too fast….way too frequently.

The first consequence of this failed policy on rush to normalize – is – that liquidity in the system dries up. The Fed seeking to now no longer buyer bank Fed member crap assets and bonds from banks giving them Fed cash for that bond – which they borrow and we pay the interest they profit from the spread – but anyway they have taken 500 billion out of system liquidity globally in the first half of 2018. We estimate over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS will be removed from the system by central bank rush to tighten which is SUPER HIGH RISK as the system – world wide – is in a weak slow recovery that is fragile to Fed error in policy. Which is why we advocate for:

….merge the central bank of your nation back into their treasury – have all their systems experts and staff do what they do now – but under their state treasury – no more paying interest to print money – and exiting debt to central banks is repaid by one SUPER BOND with its 100 year time term for sovereigns….now Fed process is audit transparent real time daily reporting and no more secrets in our financial system….

If I was hired to consult to EndGame in Turkey what I would suggest to the boss is:

  1. Take 100% of Government including manciple debt into one oil drum as a total number. ( Keep in mind the problem in Turkey is corporate and private sector over borrowing ).
  2. Take 100% of future infrastructure Turkey wishes to build out over 20 years forward into another oil drum as a total number.
  3. Take that new total of both drums into ONE SYNDICATED SUPER BOND via Hughes and Hubbard one of the leading sovereign bond firms in the world – with the father of SUPER BONDS Roel Campos partner at Hughes and Hubbard and former SEC Commissioner.
  4. The currency roars to new highs.
  5. Forward economics and jobs grow into 2030 due to Turkey infrastructure.

There are “conditions”. The two big ones are: 1) The nation must pass a law it will not spend more than its GNP during the 100 year life of the Super Bond as the nation will be current account debt free with the SUPER BOND have a huge positive cash flow which will grow with infrastructure and 2) the nation must bow to IMF/WORLD bank escrow managers progress paying the infrastructure billions being invested to make sure every dollar from the Super Bond works like five dollars on the ground.

The way forward for Turkey. 

What is the big deal here?


The best way to see economically for the very first time with new glasses that give you 20/20 vision is to consider this virtual reality education which is after all the TRUTH. It goes along like this for scan click readers:

  1. Central banks regulate banks.
  2. Central banks have vast powers no nation can over ride.
  3. Central banks are despite appearances not accountable to their host nations.
  4. Central banks are owned in secret by the banks they regulate.
  5. The largest most influential lobby in bought and paid for government is the FINANCIAL LOBBY that funds every other lobby.
  6. The exclusive franchise they protect – is – the most profitable franchise on earth – to print money for your nation and charge you tax payers a fee for every dollar in your currency you ever earn possess of circulate. They over ride money. All of it.
  7. The more money is worth and the higher interest we can change the more money our controlling ( secret never audited non reporting and fully outside any accounting to the host nation of any nature ) shareholders – the banks – make and earn from the entire market place in our conspiracy that 1% own and control 99% of all wealth of all nations.

Now in economics 101 – with this new reading glasses in your mind – the Fed enriching itself and its members is again raising interest rates too fast.

The first result is Super Debt Bubbles of nations – which repay debts in the WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY for inter NATION debt settlements – is US dollars. A feature of winning World War II. Of having the strongest global currency which it remains by far. Those debts against a dollar up say 500% in interest from this time last year – has soaring new debt settlement cost.

Development nations become the first to fall victim to the soaring dollar. Debt default occurs and may create contagion. Today big national debt packages are syndicated. The risk and the return are shared by hedge funds by private equity funds by institutional investors and by sovereign nation wealth funds. When national debt default takes place it can ripple into default creep or contagion where the private equity must default on the hedge fund that now must default to the SOVEREIGN nation.

Unlike prior periods of history today all the capital in circulation is controlled and flash trading 24 hours a day 7 days a week in markets that never close world wide – all with ever smarter and smarter AI. Billions are being invested to ramp up self aware self learning Artificial Intelligence as a new species. The most advanced form of this AI is expressed in a new less than 60 month old global AI ARMS RACE waged between less than 10,000 super money pools – still consolidating – with AI evolving every quarter – the pool with the best AI wins the maximum profits ….

The insiders all understand the following is true:

  1. The Fed ran an experiment to avoid global system failure and world wide depression in 2008 – by printing tens of trillions of dollars – of buying their bank member bad bets ( 5 trillion on the Fed Balance sheet – never done before ) and kept money FREE for ten years creating a SUPER DEBT BUBBLE world wide.
  2. Most of the FED liquidity did not return as planned into plant and investment and economic resourcing to propel fundemental growth in the world economic. Their EXPERIMENT FIRST began to go very badly and off script when corporations getting almost FREE MONEY from the banks trying to work out of their own very bad bets used the FREE MONEY TO:
  • Buy back trillions in stock manipulating stock prices to P&E ratio’s the world has never seen before finally passing 1929 in ratio to risk.
  • Borrow with borrowed funds – in margin leverage trading in unregulated super high risk side bets into off shore electronic trading accounts now controlling some 440 trillion in circulations from such system abuse and SUPER BORROWING where margin re-leveraging all digitally expressed by AI – may leverage FREE MONEY DOLLARS 50 to 1 in the speculative side casino capitalism betting – on which way any asset class may go – up or down – winning both ways with AI. A first. Digitally NEW never done before. New and just a few years distorting price and all market spaces. Super Money Pools make more money faster on such casino digital betting than in long term real economic risk taking.
  • The FED seeing its members make fantastic returns ( you are all seeing in financial sector profit accounts ) is raising interest rates to further enrich their own shareholders and themselves – a conflict to the national interest of a 25 year normalization to this EXPERIMENT and the unintended consequences of SUPER DEBT BUBBLES which require TIME to work out of the system….as in DUH …you do not required two post graduate degrees in economics to see with these new 20/20 financial glasses folks.

So the FED is making the same old error it always makes pushing the world to a red line – debt cascading defaults – world depression system failure and world war. Why? Short term GREED. 

which is why YESTERDAY is already too late to merge the central banks of any nation back into their state treasury removing conflicts and installing transparency and rule based monetary policy …..to secure forward prosperity ….impossible with Fed “independence” which it never had any of as it is a private stock firm owned by secret shareholders in an 80 page contract with the USA say to print our money without their influence or control – rushed in secret to pass – only 80 pages folks when mail was delivered by the pony express and the big news came to you by telegraph………

20/20 reading glasses.

No class teaches FEDERAL RESERVE FRAUD and the truth about the biggest scam and rip off of all time – stealing the wealth of nations for no added value through the lie Fraud and deceit the Fed “IS” a government agency. Alan Greenspan the Fed Royal of our time addressed a key question…..

….there is no authority on earth that can over rule a fed decision…..


  1. Only the Supreme Court can overrule congressional law or a presidential authority against it and only its interpretation of the US constitution authority as the final check and balance.
  2. Only the US treasury responsible to congress the President and we the people can print our currency.

No where did the constitution suggest we could CONTRACT and outsource in 1900 printing money – taking away the constitutional powers of the US treasury – and creating a congressional contract via an 80 page law that barely passed within almost todays level of hatred taking place in congress – and allowing the private contractor to have all final powers on printing money and monetary policy without check balance audit or accountability where long ago when those war criminals sunk us into World War I and World War II in the first 30 years of the FED TRACK RECORD up to the failed policy of 2008 when Fed bankers made fortunes in criminal super bubble mortgage banking – the Fed profited too maximally – then the market crashed from the super debt bubble the FED CREATED.

The cause is always the FED it is always error in economic policy and the Fed is the TEFLON criminal gang, controlling media via the financial industry, and assuring no blame ever comes to the Fed who is always seen as the SAVIOR versus the truth ….the FED IS THE CAUSE OF ALL MISERY.

Today you have real reformers creeping up on the FED.

You have the Deep State which is the FED and its criminal bankers in control. They don’t want reformers touching their franchise.

Those are the forces at work in 2018.


Turkey knows all this. Turkey is pushing water uphill. Its currency and economy is growing rapidly fueled as in China by FREE MONEY FED DEBT. They in nation try to keep interest rates low when central banks want to raise interest rates. Inflation begins to soar and without higher interest in Turkey the currency value sinks due to inflation and monetary policy – from END-GAME – that is a failed economic policy for years.

As all economic imbalances must one day rebalance……

The MARKET place becomes uncomfortable – ( less confident ) – from the COUP just a SNAP ago to today post Turkey COUP.

END GAME friends and loyal wealth in nation is rewarded with below market rate interest ENGAME keeps artificially in place. Bad economic policy with soaring inflation.

The result is that the world markets ( those 10,000 super money pools controlled by AI ) begin to sell Turkey. They sell Turkey companies they sell Turkey currency and as the trend is seen by other AI it becomes an avalanche.

Turkeys central bank lacks liquidity to offset the selling.

The stock market SUPER CRASHES and untold wealth is lost this past week.

Then the currency crashes by almost 50% and is still not done crashing .

AI has projected that the dollar up 500% from this time last year and soaring to ever new highs as FED interest rates rises – create global stress. First liquidity drying up out of the world system at a trillion dollars less in circulation which effects sovereign nations first. AI concludes soaring US dollar value in all markets – given the 5% soaring GNP in the USA – soaring OIL production – THAT – nations and companies will not be able to pay their debts when due in dollar cost 100% of times larger than just last year. Too fast too high too soon too frequently – error in core Fed policy. Why? They make and their shareholder banks make more money faster – GREED over rules better monetary policy – normalize over twenty five years not 25 months so the market can WORK – OUT – of its SUPER DEBT BUBBLE SPIRAL at 300 Trillion World Wide – as THAT is the bubble if it bursts that ends the current system as we know it today. The FED IS THE CAUSE.

Turkey has been involved in political one shoe. ONE SHOE in Russia one Shoe in Iran one shoe in North Korea and one shoe in EU and NATO and one shoe in USA. The USA coming in last as the largest economic contributor – foreign aide and related investing and trade partner.

The USA has had IT with spending the money on a one shoe dance. Politics over economics. We agree to provide our Nato Partners with our most advance Steal bomber weapons. End Game makes a deal without telling Nato or US with Russia – to use their anti aircraft most advanced weapon system.

Now Russia can in “training” its great buddy TURKEY and END GAME – explore the system weakness of our latest STEALTH SUPER BOMBER and defeat the billions spent on securing advantage against Russia with this Bomber – by – tweaking its anti aircraft system – impossible without a ONE SHOE PARTNERSHIP.

End Game has also blocked US military access from its own NATO bases in nation to theater operations and blocked supplies and escalated NON FRIENDSHIP for years rising under END GAME leadership. ENDGAME is not a NATO ally partner – ENDGAME is take as much money from the USA and fuck em .

Trump who is less amused by such lack of loyalty to the USA has called Turkey’s bluff finally. He told them for a year release our minister from illegal confinement or it will cost you billions. ENDGAME believing what RUSSIA told him – they will never take action against a NATO ALLY.

Trump – initiated pull backs of billions in military gear – projects billions more – trade billions more – tariff’s billions more and END GAME fails to change behavior and remains political guerrilla chest pounding hopping as MR ONE FOOT – the END GAME that Trump has fatally called to END GAME’s economy. As END GAME doesn’t understand economics and has such horrific BAD BAD ADVICE from communist failed economies sinking in dollar based debt declines – super debt bubbles – just terrible advice in 2018 from China and Russia – so that these asymmetrical warfare super execution players – within economic wars they have been winning up till the USA passing them in 2018 – Turkey is caught in its own wrong decisions one after another since the coup financially – where CON CON CON Confidence the Turkey Government once held is now shattered with world super money pools. Seeing the DEBT DEFAULTING TO COME NEXT the market is SUPER SHORTING TURKEY.

EndGame has to take off his ONE SHOE and decide. Russia/CHINA where I am a full on puppet – and bondage to their bail out in 2018 – or the USA where I remain free – but have to take off my China Russia Shoe and stay in my NATO SHOE or I WILL LOSE NATO PRESTIGE AND ECONOMICS NEXT and Trump’s red lines are absolute END GAME.

So with 20/20 glasses watch for CURRENCY CONTROLS that will spin Turkey into Venezuela – meaning runs out of turkey currency will become massive – the super crash of turkey economics will implode and turkey will end up in riots and revolution as our blog presented to you. Turkey will have God and its people but END GAME making any greater economic error in policy – staying in his crazy ONE SHOE dance playing all the dance partners as the love of his life – is no longer working on the financial dance floor folks.

Trump has left the building and without the USA DEAL and a FRESH START with America – Turkey is meat on bones Russia and China will pick off together next. Trading against Turkey while they do so shorting everything Turkey and making enough cash to save Turkey.

AI is smart stuff that way.

So the economics of WORLD WAR III are all digital – digital theft – digital trading – digital attacks – all Digital to weaken opponents for take overs tha are largely financial today – using digital munitions versus real bombs. Read KEVEN FREEMANS “THE SECRET WEAPON” and you’ll be informed on the real world war taking place you can not see….depending on how the digital wars unfold real shooting wars will follow or not – all based on cooperation versus competition and the winning hand.

We think AMERICA IS GREAT for attempting to advance integrity and a new world order to trading with no nation left behind as the objective. A 100 year reset of the rules between nations long over due.

To say America was never that great as NY GOV.  Andrew  Cuomo of the highest tax state in the nation everyone is running out of today – is clear from his vision of America as a limitation. America was never that great ….to the Cuomo New York family. The majority of the state I spent most of my life inside of as an investment banker economist running a public global investment banking firm – I can report proudly is that AMERICA IS THE GREATEST – not just great but truly the nation that has done more good with its wealth and power than any nation in human history – far from perfect to be sure but GREAT? YOU BET. 

America is the light house of hope and promise the entire world turns to in crises to bail out that next tragedy. We can’t right all the worlds wrongs even as we try and right our own internally. We can save the friends we can save and in the future we have to let go of enemies who abuse us like END GAME.

A financial timer is counting down. ENDGAME has to that bell to make a deal with Trump and America. If he economically fails to do so his nation will implode economically as debt accounts balance.

The HIGHER US dollar is a cost to the majority of high debt nations like Turkey that frankly they just can not afford to pay ( yet ) because the FED raised interest too frequently too fast too high too soon in time. Debtor nations from Africa to China to Russia to Iran to Turkey can not any more than Spain or Italy can – pay the higher interest cost in debt refinancing. THEY JUST CAN’T CARRY THE LOAD NOW.

So who is first to begin debt cascade and ripply to global SUPER CRASH?

The next brink we are at is TURKEY then comes Italy.

We are at the brink. 


The failure is politics as usual and NO DEAL. Endgame.

So lets watch competitive insane brains that are not cooperative sane thinking make choices for the people and their nation …with this one final principle in play for your new 20/20 reading glasses….

economics is totally unforgiving for errors in forward policy….



So what does the USA lose if Turkey goes to Russia as a economic puppet? Well the USA will lose a list which includes:

  • Critical bases as Nato Ally – reaching the Gulf in its entirety 
  • Base dynamics for Pakistan and Afghanistan air power
  • Strategic bases and targets 
  • Over 60 billion in trade going away now
  • Ports – critical military port fuel and supply depots 
  • Nato Ally – influence prestige and unity – all not present now
  • An ally turned into an enemy – their choice not our choice 

Turkey has acted more like a Russian Ally than an EU and Nato member. Turkey has mismanaged its economy along a communist Russia model more than a Western model. The Turkish Debt Load with decades of spending from debt driving their economy – typical of all communist nations as China is at 300% debt to income – level – which even the IMF repeatedly WARNS can crash the entire world – due to the level of systemic abuse.

When the SHOCK happens of say 2008 – we had for years predicted it was coming and when. The world is surprised. Why? The economic im-balancing   went on over accounts globally forever it seemed. As I have written here economically not politically all account imbalances must one day be reconciled – it is economics and fundamental – that imbalances to economics must be resolve eventually as all accounts must in the end balance.

Politicians believe Newton was wrong. You through the apple up into the air and that state budget keeps rising up – and then driven by borrowing – up and then up some more – and then up some more – all the while Politicians promise the populations that vote for them – hey you can retired at age 63 – at age 61 hey at age 60 now at age 57 then at age 55 how about age 50 vote for me – when the upside down pyramid financially their promise created in economics is not resolvable though they will be retied when the shit hits the country fan or dead long dead. They got theirs leaving the public to get theirs in the GREAT REBALANCING. The public has mental illness for historic economics and lacks education to understand the economic alphabet or form financial sentences let alone paragraphs. ECONOMIC IGNORANCE OF VOTER POPULATIONS DISTRACTED TO ISSUES LIKE STORMY DANIELS IS THE GREATEST THREAT TO SYSTEM STABILITY IN THE WORLD TODAY.

For an example in America. The social security system moves into red ink in 2030 time frames – not enough money left to pay benefits. Why? The money was borrowed by the USA who can’t pay it back – is one reason. Why? The pig of older folks like me inside the aging American demographic – limits forward workers only immigration fills only we have no immigration bill to fix the 100 year old broken laws. That pig – working through the snake of economics – is 35 million old people rising up to claim social security they paid into for life only that money is long gone. No citizen in America has the education to understand the history – problem – crises – and outcomes. For another example if politicians do nothing – which is likely – the problem compounds. It gets worse. A lot worse. Right now 25% of what is paid to a social security payee would be cut and no longer paid in 2035 say.

Now with SUPER BONDS the element of TIME can become the solution and the national debt can be paid off in full as well. Resetting American cash flow so economics work and accounts are rebalanced without pain by the insertion of an economic invention – a new class of sovereign nation bonds – designed to market to stabilize long term institutional investment portfolio’s while providing the asset of TIME into economic rebalancing without the PAIN of other forms of compression rebalancing without the asset of TIME itself inserted to the equation. One option as a way forward politicians can in all parties approve. Is any discussion going forward on this item in an election year where DUTY supersedes political re-election? No.

Rather – no politician will discuss in this 2018 election year the third rail of politics – entitlements – which must be resolved by leadership in integrity.

Today tweets on of all things former Apprentice star and White House Trash – that illegally and without permission – and in her paid job having signed a stack of legal mortal and ethical contracts to privacy in her White House job – which everyone just forgets and places in breach of all integrity under ever carpet – in the matter of Omarosa Manigauit – took her insider job with Trump’s team – to make untold millions from a scorched earth book she wrote the entire time – taking her prior mentor and star maker into his own critical election year – with every twisted gossip she can spin to make her own wealth rise up. Predictably Trump labeled her – as “she who benefited and as traitor to the mentor star maker and benefactor your now using military weapons upon in the media of mass destruction – you are not smart and you are a trash bag of a person. Many of us non politically think this is right. No President has been a SUPER STAR like Trump who is way ahead of Reagan in Super Star Status. No President has had more utility of his Super Star Press globally to feather their own nest from Stormy making a million in chat rooms today from men who just want to tell their grand kids how many tokens they gave to Stormy.

All the while Trump won at the voting booths last week and this in primaries everywhere. The old republicans that bashed Trump were out and the Republican Party winning versus winning is a new party of democrats defectors to prosperity voting – independents same defection – and republicans massively. The taking back of the US Congress is dice rolling and it is far far from sure that the democrats will roll back the dysfunction and GRID lock they gave us the last 16 years in Congress.

Economic illiteracy remains the largest risk to prosperity and global peace and the election in America. There is only one issue. Prosperity or recession. Crises in economics or prosperity. Thats the vote for Congress that WORKS for years or GRID LOCK AND DYSFUNCTION AND GOVERNANCE STOPS ENTIRELY.

Is anyone voting their wallet or are you voting parties?

Party votes no longer take nations where they wish to go in fact which is economic prosperity. Voting your wallet will world wide. Join the fastest growing new party the American WALLET PARTY in the USA and the same in your nation as well. We the people have all the power and the parties have none. We are the power – if we wake up and vote as one and use that power for our own economic welfare. 

Politics runs economics and the legal theft of nations continues.

Economics runs politics and prosperity rises with no nation left behind.

Deep state remains in franchise control of all wealth and power.

Reformers reset control of all wealth and power – first time in 100 years.

Voters decide this coming up way outside a tweet on a loser selfish competitive predator without integrity morality or truth inside her move to personal wealth – her one off in her entire life – the final answer for her – a tired old Apprentice has been – or say Stormy Daniels. Lets pretend Stormy is lying like she does on her very name – imagine the pain to the Trump family from that lie as she – her word against his word – moves forward into wealth she has never known at millions with book and movie deals still to come – at the very tail end of her porn pay for sex career life – as age is now about to make old liar Stormy a very hard looking woman reflecting the truth about her life in her face skin and aging over solar tanned body. This is her end time and she is making Trump pay fortunes from a lie. Imagine that and how well that has worked for her today? The victim earning tens of millions from lying. Lets reward her with ever more press based on the journalistic morality of GETTING TRUMP AT ANY COST as we set editorial integrity aside completely.

All of which is failing to effect votes as the voters are following the tweets more than the media.

So now we have economics.

Back to TURKEY:

  1. Russia runs a failed state economically – in melt down and recession – which as oil falls to 50 dollars destroys Russia economically – a one off nation of energy exporting – without diversity to sustain economic growth. A national super power running a sinking economy less than the budget of New York STATE as a comparison to how little their 
    economic dick really is – as size matters folks. The USA is 49 state economics larger than Russia. Size maters ladies do not lie to us as Stormy does.
  2. Russia can not pick up the massive billions the USA buys from Turkey and via alliances NATO and military stimulations invest in Turkey. Without US economics Turkey is a failed State and only drags failed Russia to ruin earlier. There is no gain not really for Russia.
  3. American is going to all hydrogen fuel for its military via HYOX patents where water is the fuel source. Hydrogen planes can remain in the air forever and ships can travel forever – with fuel cost 80% lower than Petro fuels. This loss alone to Turkey and Russia makes Turkey irrelevant to the USA in less than 60 months where its only economic survival is to embrace a deal with President Trump. If the ego of the leadership prevents this economic deal – in sublime economic ignorance of what their advisers tell them which is a Stormy Daniels lie – greater than any tell all book fabricating spin on Trump for personal wealth – those lies steer the Turkish ship of state economically to ice burgs that tear the hull of state apart into revolution and total state failure in 24 months. Or less.
  4. TICK TOC the market is never wrong with its collective intelligence. More wealth has withdrawn from failed state Turkey than any nation in the world in equal time frames – a finger snap. The tsunami of creditors has pulled all the economic cash out of Turkey so you can walk into the ocean for miles – only the roar of the creditor claims wishing payment by year end – the real tsunami WAVE rushing inland is 1000 feet high and destroys every economic foundation in Turkey which falls back to EGO LEADERSHIP ECONOMICALLY ILLITERATE. We have GOD and we have our PEOPLE. This economically is expressing insanity. When the failed state super crashes – the God that allowed such pain is going to be called into question while the leadership that created all that pain is going to be this time in revolution and flee or be killed for real. Why? Economic ignorance.
  5. Turkey has limited time to make a prosperity deal with the USA. Turkey has zero ammo in its guns – the USA has Super Sonic Nukes that simply take Turkey out – against what shovels and pick axes by comparison. Russia will not step in at the size of New York State Economy in the RED INK versus the BLACK – where Russia itself as a failed communist economic model – makes a deal with Trump or moves into fatal economic super crash – depression  and a very likely revolution which Putin is way smart enough to avoid. Prosperity or system failure to nation? Economics 101 truth no political spin can control impact or offset. The public has no clue it is all core economics.

Today the greatest world joy took place when this week the nation of Cuba another failed economic choice for Cuban limited prosperity – where 1% own more wealth in Cuba than 99% – always the communist economic outcome – elites control all power an wealth the few against the manner – ask yourself can we do BETTER can’t we make better economic box top rules folks – should we not do that so the many have prosperity so no nation is left behind – is that not right and is it not urgent. So Cuba elites controlling wealth and power – gave millions a ONE DAY FULL OPEN ACCESS TO THE INTERNET. The entire nation responded with more parties and joy than their soccer victories. ONE DAY to join the rest of us. 

Think that is likely in TURKEY where my blog is blocked and the Turkish people can not read it – unless you forward to those you know by email embedded and even then it may be stripped out. Like in China. Total Control of brain washing populations – Gulf – China – North Korea – Russia – Iran to name a few ….freedom is a right not a privilege and when 1% own and control all the power and the wealth and remove freedom rights that belong only to you as a sovereign individual who is the state – where rule of law first must protect your rights forever from the state central powers. For without that brain washing of all in society is assured and you make choice based on data presented to you that is state manufactured to protect the power of the 1% against the 99% or a system engaged in a form of human insanity. 

The crises is never politics or leadership.

The crises is economic and one of integrity.

The competitively insane have zero integrity and never grant that they do have integrity not ever. Do not ask why they do what they do. They do it because of two reasons first they are nuts – they are insane – and second they control all wealth and power and inside their insane brains – plenty of wealth and power is NEVER not EVER enough – why? Because the FEW AGAINT THE MANY are systemic forms of human insanity. 

Now assess your system in Turkey or Iran or  Russia or North Korea or even China.

1% own and control more wealth in those nations than 99% of the population. 99% live on 1% of the wealth in circulation and 1% are royalty in those nations living in wealth and excess with 99% of all the nations wealth under their insider control – a system one can review and assess as insane economics that always will fail as liquidity and circulation can not maintain the state – within debt loading – such insane brains never understand has finite borders in economics and their excess must rebalance. This almost 100% occurs in system failure and revolution.

Why does the 99% let it go this far? First they lack information. They are brain washed by the 1% like Rome did with town cryers they sent to read the news in town squares – only now the town cryer scripts appear – on State Television with state sets and trappings that make lies appear to be the absolute truth and the population has no way to access the internet globally and no way to asses the truth from the lies – repeated enough generations will go to war to defend the lies.

Can humans in the world do better? Can global problems be solved by competitive thinking say Turkey seeks to replace USA economics which is insanity and impossible – but nothing appears to be impossible when your insane. Put on a Super Man outfit and jump our plastic self off a cliff. Your so confused when you fall and die. Before you died you just could not believe how your indestructible uniform was torn in the fall. Still your brain washed CPU does not blame the SICK STATE for lying to you like they are doing today in Turkey – your dying fully insane thought is – they must have been kryptonite in the tailings of the cliff rocks you fell down upon. And then your dead.

100 Million plus died in the last few years of a human insanity we called WORLD WAR II. Could we have stopped it by depriving Hitler of cash – you bet let alone attacking Germany sooner – insane brains must be isolated and stopped sooner by the insane brains or the coming world war may kill off say of 8 billion soon – say all but 500 million world wide – mankind is put back into tribal nomad existence – gangs with weapons still acting insane.

Can we learn.

Can we embrace sanity in ourselves and our systems?

Do we agree the crises is not in leadership the crises is in integrity?

Do we agree the insane do not have integrity how could they?

Do we agree the sane do have integrity and we can know who is who by their integrity.

Where do we start?

We start with a  G 100 THREE YEAR “ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS outlined in my work ( book on Amazon ) Redemption the COOPERATION REVOLUTION.


For those who wish to see a blue print of a way into sanity from insanity.

The final product of economist no politicians residing not the BIG ISLAND OF HAWAII as a SPACE holding Aloha sanity – and isolation from unwanted influences as far as is possible – create a new box top rule all G 100 nations sign on board to embrace – as doe the other nations – within a NO NATION LEFT BEHIND upgrade into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM from the present insanity. Systems reform against the new box top rules that give us:

  • Federated Earth Modernized Upgraded regulatory frame works for trade and commerce including taxation across the entire planet.
  • NO nation left behind sanity.
  • Fully accountable system – all central banks merged back into state treasury within system modeling and safe guards developed by the G 100 congress.
  • Fully reporting in real time.
  • Fully transparent to the world 
  • No secrets in the upgraded system
  • Criminalized specualtion to remove greed and insanity from now sane economic system modeling.
  • Self correction and upgrading to the process over time lines to retire and upgrade LAWS that re-tool with technology and AI advances.
  • New IP for the species of self aware AI that is being born as I type. This AI is evolving and is “smarter” and different than we are without capacity for insanity – any perhaps with download may remove our capacity for competitive thought impulse – what are their rights as beings in the new box top rules which all nations need to draw from. It is insane from insane brains to create AI weapon systems and killing machines that are self aware. Sanity precludes it – states who do it are led by insane leadership who need help frankly. 
  • Open access to information by all.
  • Privacy and protection from the state and Earth Federation powers for all citizens.
  • The WAR ON INSANITY is elevated to the Earth Federation and has box top rules to protect the sane from the insane.
  • Wealth can no longer consolidated – inventors and creatives can realize fantastic but not unlimited wealth as a social contract of sanity where plenty of wealth and power is more than enough and ever MORE is a mark of insane brains and greed and selfishness. A social contract to all wealth making is uniform globally. Sane versus insane system modeling.

Todays systems are broken and run by the insane:

  • Competitive Capitalism leads to system failure and world wars
  • Socialism and Communism leads to system failure and world wars.

Can we upgrade our global systems with no nation left behind new box top rules for economics not politics? All systems – including Kings? Yes we can and yes we must and yes we should and it takes only 36 months.

However can insane leadership use their unlimited wealth and powers to initiate a system change from their insanity back to sanity? Is enough wealth and power still sane – like Gates Mark and Buffet – to name a few – to like modern John Galt ( MUSK ) – reform the system? Even when faced with destruction of their wealth death for so many of the elites and a world war removing all but 500 million as 7.5 billion die as innocent victims of human leadership globally expressing itself as insane?

….never suspect the insane will act in fact in their own best interest….why…..because they are fully and certifiably nuts – the insane against the insane in endless INSANE competitions ….

Lets pretend INSANE PUTIN player to a local 1% of wealth and power just invade and take Turkey over as a Russian state. Would any nation including the USA stop them at this point? Russia can then not pay Turkey debt and negotiate new terms – and suck the wealth out of Turkey helping Russia. Lets pretend why would Putin given an election year in the USA not take this step to elevate his own wealth and power as legacy in his last term leading? Lets pretend this is one risk of insane policy – say not making a deal with the USA. END-GAME in Turkey may live up to his name in fact.

Is that what YOU want MORE – OF – MOVING FORWARD?

Do you feel powerless? 

Your not.

You are all powerful.

Join the COOPERATION REVOLUTION. How? Oh its so easy here are the box top rules:


  • Form Chapters of sanity and guard your circle and guard the guards on quality of thinking. 
  • Never take self esteem from another including the insane. Its not personal. The virus of competition damages brain software and sanity has the virus of competition replaced by cooperative thought.
  • Use this blog to discuss action and plans at chapter meetings.
  • Use Redemption as NEW MEMBERS Must read the work in ten days and embrace its principles for permanent membership. 
  • Elect – law makers – that are members of the Chapter. Sane. Non combative COOPERATION leaders  of integrity.
  • Elect those who will work for state economic reform and a G 100 ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS for the world vision.

The Chapters of the Cooperation Party when they reach 250 or so can ask for our leadership and me to come over at no cost to the chapter and speak on the future work of that rising chapter.

For those who wish to drop out of allowing it all to happen to you with the majority of voters say 80% in most nations – apathetic and dropping out of participation ( the dream of the insane to control voter turn out ) – have all the power if they drop back in.

Today all parties are insane. All fo them.

The sanity party is all of us the WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS PLANET – the 8 billion of us who want food security for all health service for all – a regard for life rule of law and property – a prosperity of the many for the many versus insane economics of the FEW AGAINST THE MANY that wind 99%  of all wealth of nations to the 1% who control all wealth and power and they are collectively insane – where PLENTY of weath and power is never not ever enough. For them.

We 8 billion are educated ….enough today.

We 8 billion an educate ourselves – the truth is on line but we have to access it. Freely. As our right not a privilege.

We 8 billion are awake enough.

In Turkey and in Iran.

Insane leadership upgrades when faced with a clear choice – and only then:

  • Survival 
  • No survival

As the PROSPERITY PARTY – THE PARTY OF THE WALLET – the COOPERATION CHAPTERS CONVENE UNDER “YOUR” SANE LEADERSHIP create a ruing board of five sane thinkers to thrive for your chapter growth.

Invite all parties and beliefs to drop in to sanity and out of insanity. Preclude the virus infected brains from joining at all.

As Chapters grow around the world the G 100 Conference and the new global box top rules for economics and mutual prosperity – cooperation of nations ( sanity ) versus competition of nations ( insanity without integrity ), wins before Super Crash and world war. Or we win after …..either way a better way for humanity begins.

So Russia wishes to isolate Turkey from the USA and the two broke failed states with no wiggle room or resources lies to each other as to how they can over come the USA growing economic tsunami of ocean water ( capital by sums never experience in Turkey before at their highest fatal debt loading to their economics ). The lies won’t replace the truth.

….if Turkey fails to make a new box top trade set of rules with the USA fast enough – their debt super bubble Bursts – and insanity in Turkey is washed away by massive corporate first and then state finally debt defaulting – that does only end badly for the people of Turkey – finally in revolution as the insane are deleted….but historically the revolution puts in new insane brains to start all over….versus sane brains and systems ….as the population remains ignorant and uneducated to cause versus symptom which is economic box top rules – sane or insane ….

The future can’t be predicted as insane leadership in Turkey got us into all this final mess economically and the insane leadership is acting on script an predictably. Marching right toward the cliff of economics from the brink they are at today. TIME IS RUNNING OUT FOR TURKEY AND FOR IRAN AND FOR CHINA AND FOR RUSSIA – all imploding into crashing economics – super crash and recession in nations – with massive debt defaulting to follow if economics remain on course.

A USA deal fixes the risk. Will insane brains act with sanity?

Usually not – see Hitler and Stalin choice making.  As historic examples.

I trust the British will exit the EU and its ocean of bad debt an insane system model – well. Good for the leaders of our modern civilization the worlds nation of last resort GOD SAVE THE QUEEN.

I trust the unknowns:

  • Turkey making a US deal before it is too late for their failed economy?
  • Will Russia save itself into prosperity before it is too late?
  • Will Iran?
  • Will North Korean?
  • Will Gulf Nations?
  • Will Africa nations?

The tsunami of SANITY has sucked all the economics out of all bays and ports and beaches world wide today. Everyone can see for themselves. The Reforming agencies seek to upgrade box top rules that are sane versus insane before the entire world runs out of time. The crashing roar of the 1000 mile high wave of sanity is rushing toward shore.

Where do you stand when the wave hits shore?

There is safety you realize in numbers.

Why not have a circle of five sane brains and start a PROSPERITY COOPERATIVE WALLET PARTY this month and serve as a revolutionary for the Cooperation revolution – where competitive thought is seen as insane and removed from human thought impulse by your Chapter community as a growing community of the sane.

Stand in your chapter when the wave hits shore.

Berny Dohrman – Sanity vs insanity IS going on OUT THERE folks 


Tarrif’s and Sanctions work folks. When you are the largest customer in the world for all nations the largest buyer consider this:

  1. Your nation can’t buy more than it sells without going bankrupt.
  2. Your nation can not charge other countries “A” tax when the other nations charge the USA – AAAAAAAAAA and more tax.

As you adopt a reciprocity tax – we tax you like you tax us – billions and billions of trade go off your table as we simply stop buying those billions. For China it is economic death no work around. For EU the longer a deal takes the worse the time is to recover. Both China and the EU are rapidly sinking into recession – while Russia and India are already there there. Deals heal. The economic prosperity of deals is up bubble economics.

The resistance from industries who fear with fair equal tax in trade they will no longer have advantage to supply as they have is wrong. Although if a state – like China – seeks to gain influence by economic war – the plan is to subsidize state industry in say steel – build up modern plants are levels far beyond world demand – dump steal on world markets to keep state employment high – and negotiate other trade deals to offset the loss on steal for the profit on the other deals. One hand washed the other while all hands hack and steal every IP imaginable with no firewall safe from state hackers.

China just won the digital battles it launched in world war III that is fully digital. But the USA now fully pissed off is winning the WAR and China leadership has two choices:

  1. Ego and Pontification of “dumb and dumber ” economics in which communist leaders now in a DEBT SUPER BUBBLE that makes Turkey look like a turtle pool on a child’s desk by comparison. China is in serious trouble if American buying moves as it is into massive withdrawal. A trillion in capital flight already – runs on banks – financial instutitons – the Chinese currency – the Chinese stock market all down to record decade LOWS that China has never experienced before all at once. To say they have their hands full is an understatement. To compete and move forward in a failed digital war the Chinese started but American’s are fully ending and right now.
  2. Make a deal and fresh start with new integrity both sides and lead the world into an age of forward prosperity.

The economy of China is a graph the instructor suggests as the line goes off the black board and chalk lines down to the base board on the floor – as the Chinese economist looks up at President XI and with a smile states his question….

….anyone having any trouble reading the 2018 trend in our economics….?

As they say in television ….DEAL OR NO DEAL …America prospers with or without China but China without American….is a debt default cascade into world markets as the Chinese economic dies and moves into full on revolution – all timing to Chinese leaders each holding a broken fragment of chalk from the down graph this summer……still going on to the floor…boards.



This blog is increasingly labeled as a media outlet due to the size of subscribers. Signing up to subscribe to this blog is privacy protected in the extreme another reason our readers – fully safe – private – secure – in one of the fastest growing BLOGS on line in the world – is WHO READS this blog. The Press read this blog and our stories are often reported in hours of being FIRST here. 

Hedge funds private equity and 10,000 Super Money pools that need to be leading – bleeding – read this blog. Today financial press suggested the market would open 125 points up – it opened 125 points down – which in AI trading means nothing. How AI closes each day is all that counts. AI is betting ( right now ) that TURKEY won’t get well in currency until Turkey releases the minister to the USA.

The cost of holding that minister ( politics over economics is untold billions because Trumps red lines are all real red lines – cross them and it costs money a lot of money. Also insanity competition versus sanity cooperation. Turkey says you have a minister of ours we want back. The difference is that if America returns the asylum granted cleric to Turkey the Turkey government will put the cleric in prison and then kill the older man. In our case the minister will come home be free with his family and having nothing happen as he did nothing committed no crime but is in Turkish hell prison for no reason but their leadership flipping the finger to Trump. Hows the worked for you and your people – well?

World leaders read this blog. Circulating this blog is so appreciated.

For instance my peeps in Turkey can not read this blog as it is blocked. China friends have a great challenge to read this blocked blog. The truth it would seem is not what leadership wants their people to read. How filtered is the news today anyway.

In many nations our sheer size of readership globally invites label as a media outlet and our blog is blocked in that nation. Getting the blog content by email or what app to those you know in blocked nations – like China Turkey or Russia – assure the truth is alive well and circulating.


China has invested almost 30 billion in 5 G for their nation. The USA has invested around 4 billion. It is possible the USA will now never catch up to China. Why is this an item ? Well it is how China uses 5 G.

China has ripped off the NSA and every defense contractor. The latest future technology not out yet China is developing first from ripped off IP they stole from the world not just the USA as a totally World WAR III Digital winning asytemetrical warfare strategy their planners are winning. To get ahead of this unfolding WORLD WAR III read Kevin Freeman’s THE SECRET WEAPON and you discover 2008 was a crash made possible by the first digital weapon attack on the world markets – totally effective where our enemies made over a trillion dollars on our pain while almost ending our financial system I one test digital weapon firing. Kevin is a DOD contractor with security clearance and knows what you must learn next.

So China today is the old movie most of you can’t recall by ORSON WELLS the futurist who imagined BIG BROTHER controlled and watched all its citizens – and no freedom was allowed outside total conformity to routines the nation set for you with AI.

China this week stopped a bus in a far out there province. A man was removed from that bus. The government knew which man. They took his IPHONE to a black box and plugged it in which reviewed the phone in absolute raw terms – then the man was taken to prison for having information not favorable to the government on his iPhone. Also this week 100’s and 100’s of Chinese seeking to take part in a peaceful public protest of P2P Lending on line China is having riots over – were visited by police teams told they were “considering” taking part in a public demonstration and were then arrested in early AM hours putting the public riots in a “mommy I shrunk the kids” moment where the rally dissipated like fog on a summer day over San Fransico Bay ( my birth home ).

China has total surveillance now all the time on its citizens via gait faec voice and biometrics to all citizens from DNA to other biometrics. 5 G will create a nation of all information the public receives is government filleted – where freedom is a cattle Shute the government defines for individuals – where dissent means prison or death in a police state – where collective mind control is an on going experiment in china like the world has never known before.

China borrowing 3x ‘s more than it earns for more than a decade is awash in bad debt over 100 trillion it can never not ever repay. This communist failed state ( another one in economics ) exists on debt and military power internally and soon externally.  China is lending its borrowed economic assets to other nations at over one trillion in annual corporate and state loans in total. Debt on Debt. Readers in China can’t click and open my blog in nation.

So China will have its 1.5 billion rapidly aging – 2/3 population moving to over age 65 with insufficient workers at ages that keep up with China demand for skilled workers – no long possible – such that war with neighbors to get younger population work forces in nation is their only way forward or a modification of immigration policies to flood gate workers into China. Today China is the # 1 total saturation monitor what you wear – where you go – who you visit with – what you say when you visit – your text and postings on social monitored ( for social allowed Googale and others who will not reside their Chinese customer data base IN CHINA under THEIR LAWS such that a) Google Technology and source code can be stolen inside China and hardware – b) China can monitor all google customers in china in real time. Providers that say no are banned from Chinese customers. Trump is trying to change that and other closed door policies to open door policies.

China can spiral into ever great supervision and management of its entire population but in the end the population will revolt and chose freedom as all human beings do. The yoke of Information Age throttling is repulsive to many of the 8 billion of us world wide such that freedom is a driver leadership should encourage never discourage. Dissent is ok and reflects real freedom. China is having nation wide riots right now both as to economic slow downs, dissent on censorship, and dissent on P2P lending shams on line the nation itself must revisit now that social unrest is nation wide and not stopping from the massive arrests of anyone protesting not just the leadership who are all in jail today.

Keep in mind America with its FBI emails slamming the President who is the boss of the FBI – and its Special Prosecutor sanctioned to investigate crimes related to Russia Collussion – but using his power as a pseudo Attorney General without check and balances – has swept up all the Presidents circle into CRIMINAL CHARGES that go AWAY if they testify on crimes the prosecution puts before them as to scripts and with that circle of witness testimony begins to indict the Trump inside team to get them to turn against the President on crimes the prosecutor can’t manufacture so they construct a frame for OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE as a crime in their endless use of Government open end check books and resources to topple A US President in conspiracy with the FBI . The FBI last sacking of its own director was Richard Nixon and the FBI sent out DEEP THROAT to leak flow damage to a point the PRESIDENT was forced to resign to protect his legacy agenda which he did in fact. It is happening all over so don’t critique China too quickly when the USA pot that influences elections all over the world far worse than face book ads, has no AMERICAN wiggle room to frenzy on nations using face book ads in our election as if that mattered one wit to anyone. Even the Special Prosecutor office publicly stated – no meddling worked or had any effective influence as to out come. So why are we investigating again in not WITCH HUNT but a PERSECUTION OF THE PRESIDENT as evil as the Spanish Inquisition was against women at the time. The Spanish Inquisition and the Special Prosecutor PERSECUTION have zero basis in either JUSTICE or RULE OF LAW.

Are we a nation of nazis in suites where due process to collect records by court orders are replaced by swat teams at 3 am bashing in doors of the Presidents attorney at his home with his family and his office – versus due process – as a NAZI in SUIT Special Prosecuting exceeding all possible parameters of his mandate from Congress – now a pseudo non appointed ATTORNEY GENERAL with unlimited powers and budgets – is endless into an election PERSECUTING PRESIDENT TRUMP and no matter what party your inside of – this is WRONG FOR AMERICA – this tells you JUSTICE REFORM Hilary harped upon – is urgent and late to put into play. JUSTICE REFORM NOW. The PERSECUTION should be retired by President CLEAN SWEEP firing 100 at the top in Justice and sweeping the house clean appoint new leadership to REFORM JUSTICE – no more NAZIS IN SUITS IN AMERICA – no more using family and friends with immunity to testify so you won’t go to prison but the person you adore will go to prison – on your manipulated testimony from leaders in “JUSTICE”. Come on this is what third world nations do …are we now the KGB STATE we once most feared inside Fortress America? 

No American Freedom should have ever been stripped away from us because a couple of bad brains in a small gang of crazy brains – got lucky at 9/11 decades back. We can be safe and the most free nation on earth and grandma can walk to the gate to pick her granddaughter up with full on safety in the Skys. Today our sham is giving our nation the right to monitor our freedoms versus we are protected FROM CENTRAL GOVERNMENT by constitutional intention – such that our sovereignty superseded state rights. When this reverses we have to stop shouting at other nations on values as they know America has lots its values and its way.

Who takes us seriously today? Until be get our values back with authority from this expressed values to lead the free world, we lack standing to lead except for our superior military. But when the barbarians have the weapons of Rome – as China and Russia do with super nukes and 20 minute super sonic deliver time we have zero defense against – 20 minutes we are gone – 20 minutes and they know THAT – how do you negotiate really when your survival is 20 minutes from that discussion?

Our leaders stated ….you can’t be our friend when your building weapons to defeat us we have zero defense against ….that is not a friend that is a threat…..we have no choice but to deal with national threats that can destroy our nation entirely – ideally we both don’t send money punishing our differences ( insane ) we celebrate our differences and find a new integrity for the way forward in cooperation versus competition.

We’ll see.

So Turkey where you can’t read my blog has complex problems. Is one minister worth 500 billion dollars to Turkey? Evidentially yes. Insane brains do not act in their own best interest. If the minister were released would Turkey be able to negotiate face saving USA foreign emergency aide package – I think yes and market stabilizing outcomes. If not the risk grows.

The rule is – a nation in crises economically pays ever higher price to get out of crises the longer the TIME is to get the fuck out of the sinking quick sand the leadership of the nation brought us . Why? To be RIGHT and to flip the finger to America – which while smiling and jerking your hand with the birdie up three times – your nation sank 500 billion in net worth in 72 hours and is still sinking. Your nation can no longer pay its debts and in the sink hole debt default may spread CASCADE of debt defaulting across the EU zone. Turkey continuing to hold “one minister no one really cares anything about outside the symbol – risks a full on revolution and change of power.

Turkey is having riots for leadership and against leaderships today nation wide. They can’t keep up or pay their bills – already the government is running out of cash flow to pay core bills.  Soon over one trillion dollars will have run out of Turkey and getting that one trillion dollars back is a huge chore. Further the minister worth and value went from zero to over a trillion dollars – the longer they hold the minister the greater the risk of leadership revolution and change becomes.

The insane do not know they are insane. They do not believe they are wrong in any way. They are enabled by other insane brains. Politics running economics ( communism and dictators ) always see their system fail there is no communism success – communism creates elites who control 99% of all national wealth against the 1% of the population who lack access to 99% of the wealth as they reside just over broke – within 1% of wealth the elites allow them to retain. Communism is a broken failed economic system that should never be applied to modern nations.

The future is COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM with the blue print for this better way in my book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION for those interested in changing the world as it is today. 

We believe Turkey leadership will return the minister and the USA will support the lire and by December we won’t remember a Turkey nation crises at all. Or insanity rules and Turkey even kills the minister and the nation rocks and rolls into full on revolution even in their police state as the higher you ratchet freedom out of 30 million switched on turned on humans if they cooperate – cooperation always defeats competition – where competition can never over time win against cooperation – it is force against power and real power always wins in the end.

Today the war in the world is a rising war of good and of evil – of integrity and the lack of integrity – of truth versus lies – of sanity versus insanity in human thought – a dividing line of cooperative awake humans on one side who are sane – and resisting the competitive virus infected brains that act out in toxic lack of integrity punishing all human diversity unable to celebrate it with the sane – as competitive virus infected brains are insane and require ultimately deletion as destructive thought forms.

The great Red Sea has parted.

The Deep State on one side ( thats the way we have always done things ) and REFORM upon the other. Sanity versus insanity.

Good ( cooperation minded virus free brains ) on one side and pure evil – competitive virus infected brains upon the other – insanity – good versus evil – created by software of the mind.

Mind pollution is our first duty at remediation to assure the world of 8 billion thinks virus free – competitive free – celebrates all diversity and rule of law and one another residing inside integrity as human sanity. If we fail to remediate mind pollution all other pollutions continue including war.

Sharks kill six humans a year.

Elephants kill 500.

Snakes kill 1000

Humans kill 490,000 of our own yearly punishing diversity in pure insanity and evil

Mosquitos kill over 1,000,000 a year half from malaria and we have the cure but will not use it how insane is that ( see Dr. Jerry Thornthwaite for the cure Nashville ).

The Spanish flu a mutated flu virus killed 30 million of us at the turn of the century before planes – with trains and ships only – 30 million in little over one year – dead – from the FLU VIRUS.

Facing that and impact events we insane humans with mind software that is buggy and rebooting humanity – war to war – invest in polluting our planet so that life at human levels is not sustainable at all. We extinct ourselves versus working to keep our own unborn generation safe – safe in food security from non toxic food and waters – safe in environment air water soil – safe from future impact events – safe from virus plagues – 

The money we spend on the war machines could if applied by an alliance of nations wipe our human illness, hunger, illness, and usher in longevity to humanity. That is sane humanity.

We are insane humanity ruled by the virus of competitive thoughts. Afraid . Paranoid. Defensive. Opportunist against all others. Competitive thinking – insanity expressing itself as cause – dominates humanity world wide.

Remediating humanities mind pollution – resolving the virus of the mind – competition removal – awakening virus free thinking – is the future of collaborative integrity and value based humanity versus todays antique expression of our lower base line selves.

Our collective potential is squandered via failure to reform education to advance principles and values to remove the competitive thought impulse virus from any control or influence over virus free brain thinking.

The Red Sea on one side is awake brains and brains waking up.

The other side is Turkey Russia Iran and virus infected brain leadership. Trump is attempting to align nations thinking properly to collaborations – zero tariff and open integrity free trading where no nation is left behind.

The “every nation for itself” competition virus ridden leadership can not embrace such forward modeling of aligned nations.

The Red Sea of THINKING has parted.

The outcome between the POWER VS FORCE we will all experience.

A great idea whose time has come is unstoppable.

Cooperation is as better way proven to elevate human performance endlessly in ever rising creative discovery.

You can’ not put competition is a form of insanity or cooperation is the versus removal tool for your own mind pollution – ideas you can not put back in any box. These principles now define individuals and collective consciousness.

You are born to chose.

Which side of the Red Sea will I reside and live within.

Chose well as this choice defines our longevity or our virtual extinction.


PS: In 21 nations this blog is considered a media outlet due to size of global readership….and I”m ok with that – hate being banned or blocked but goes with reporting the truth and reporting it first – just for you today.