I’m home one day – and out to Philly for 2000 at the faith-based all faiths KINGDOM CHAMBER OF COMMERCE MEETING – in Philly. What an hour – 2000 faith based business leaders.

Look up on google KINGDOM CHAMBER OF COMMERCE and open a CHAPTER in your city – they grow so fast. You’ll thank me. Ask for Angelia the founder and tell her you read about them on my blog.

I’ll keep you up to date even so – just know my schedule is fierce speaking and mentoring CEO business owners every hour into the huge New York Carnegie event I”m speaking at this month before our own CEO SPACE event Dec 13th.

Busy blogger – as I am.

Berny Dohrmann Chairman CEO SPACE

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The Clinton’s and Trump have been close friends ( really ) which we all saw in the Charity event after the last election as they laughed and played together right after the Debate.

After Hillary stating – THIS IS WHO DONALD TRUMP REALLY “IS” – she said when asked to make ONE positive COMMENT – I ( knowing him in his home ) she told 70 million viewers – I admire his role as FATHER AND HUSBAND ….( because she knows that is WHO he really is ). Hillary spoke the real truth at that debate – and it says oceans about the lies she just put forth seconds before that. Don’t you think?

I ADMIRE DONALD TRUMP AS BOTH A HUSBAND AND FATHER AND THE WAY HE HAS RAISED HIS FAMILY….she knows thats the truth of who this Presidential candidate IS.


I’ve played a role in Presidental politics off and on for years.

I’ve never seen 2 billion dollars spent – on all sides – to not elect Hillary but to brand trash and manipulate the identity of one man. As a CEO who is NOT A POLITICIAN, he tends to help in his own bashing without meaning to. However, if he says 99% of the greatest things possible to record rally’s like no candidate has ever seen before the entire media only trashes him.

Media does not report Donald Trump like any candidate in history – the bias is as he says the biggest coordinated PILE UP EVER – and folks – that is the truth. Fact check me.

No one knows Donald Trump from all this media distortion – no one gets the truth and still the vote is SO CLOSE it says a lot about the REAL AMERICA who see’s through all of it.

I know Hillary and Bill.

I know Donald Trump. And his history.

Both are better American’s than the media is showing us. Really. Both will be friends after. Both will HEAL THE NATION after. I promise you THAT because I KNOW THEM both.

Donald Trump is now having a backlash. The public is waking up that HEY this “IS” manipulation. They are LYING TO US. Trump is NOT who they are presenting. His poll numbers are growng again. His rally’s set records – Hillary has 1000 Donald has 30,000 every city every day – standing room only turned away – its uncanny. The media would promote that in unbiased ways for any other election but…not this one. Fact check me.

They are starting to see real policies:

Hillary may cause WORLD WAR III in Syria – that is real policy.

Hillary will raise taxes by more than any time in 200 years.

Trump will lower taxes and reset America competitiveness over any time in 200 years.

That is policy.

Trump will reform America standing.

Hillary will continue where we have declined to and keep OBAMA CARE.

Trump will repeal and REPLACE Obama Care with a plan that economically works.

That is policy.

The voters are waking up. If Trump wins it will be the biggest upset in 200 years of election and reset 2 billion of waste that could be JOBS and ECONOMICS versus a TRASH AND BASH two-year spending to tarnish one man. Why?

Because SUPER MONEY on BOTH SIDES knows – Trump knows their game and their monopoly on real power is OVER if he is elected.

The issue is:

CHANGE for the first time in 100 years.

Or NO CHANGE and policy as usual.

Personally,I think America wins regardless of who wins.

Vote beyond the SPIN for WHAT YOU WANT but really- let go of the false lies and labeling – Trump is a GREAT FATHER AND HUSBAND AND PERSON – so vote with a new set of glasses past the 2 billion spent to cloud your present set of eyeballs.

That’s the truth and it is ALL I am going to say about that – knowing and liking them both more than media hype lets you “SEE” today.

Berny Dohrmann – Hoping the TRUTH is helpful world wide to my readers.

PS: Hold your mind open – these are TWO GREAT AMERICAN’s running in a new election rule book of 2 billion in media all lopsided on BASH TRASH TRUMP – and still the vote is neck and neck. Think about WHY. American’s are NOT STUPID they are NOT.

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The central planners face a problem. Corruption is being used to VET anti-party business owners out. A million have moved to prison. Party officials are LEGALLY stealing their venture wealth – LEGAL THEFT institutionalized by a central communist nation – always the end gasp as in Russia. Economically speaking not politically.

The party has pledged to end the trillion paid to state-run organizations SRO’s – of which there are thousands – many shut down but they still pay employees and loans they are never repaying are held as GOOD ASSETS by the banks – say 100 trillion worth of bad non-performing loans. They are borrowing 300 dollars for every dollar the nation earns every year. They have gone from 25% annual GNP to 5% plus – and that number many experts feel is a lie. The graph is ten years pure down. Again economically not politically a crash of their GNP like Russia from 5.1 trillion to 1.3 trillion in only five years – a CRASH of their economics to the world. Japan is doing so much better folks and we believe is the # 2 economy now not CHINA. Japan is a RULE OF LAW nation. Is why.

Millions have left cities back to rural towns with no jobs. The planners this week are more worried about SOCIAL UNREST with 87% no longer party members than they are the economic short term. The once growing middle class can not support the economy of a crash in manufacturing which is taking place in the bubble. Commodity Bubbles. Real Estate bubbles. Financial market bubbles. How long can you spend 300 to 1 on your income each year? Economically a VERY HARD CRASH is the only outcome folks.

The IMF accepting China currency was a crime and a political move. Terrible for the world. No one is doing anything about that crime.

Watch how this all plays out. And we love the Chinese people and wish them a reform into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM. Their planners do NOT KNOW HOW TO DO THAT. We are going to try and help them to do it.

Meanwhile, their growth plan for decades has come at a social cost no one can spend out of. 80% of rural water in their populated NORTHEAST provinces is UNSAFE FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. But the communist leadership still insists the urban water being supplied is SAFE. IT IS NOT SAFE. It is killing them.

Half the land is contaminated and is not safe to build on or habitat. It will take trillions and 100 years to clean this pollution level up.

The air is so unsafe that it is reducing life expectancy and creating health care costs that lead the entire world. The aging population – highest of all nations – is going to die because they can’t breath fresh healthy air.

All this is going to become increasingly KNOWN to the masses of the population. What will happen when they view their leadership as a failed economic model – and a model that is a leadership of SHAME leading them into the unsustainable environments and health costs that crash the nation for generations financially?

We would not wish this INCONVIENT TRUTH on any people.

Meanwhile, Russia and China do the one thing they can – reach out to other nations to move their models into Africa, South America, and developing nations – as their wealth is now “deal making” with other nations to secure their wealth and populations. They have five women for every male in child age rearing and the hope of their people with the lack of worker replacements – is EXPORTING humans. Economically speaking not politically.

Personally, as an investment banker economist I would remove any bets investments or long-term plays on CHINA. Those who bet on China are risking a revolution and potential financial setbacks. Historically speaking.

We continue to watch for you by telling the truth faster.

Berny Dohrmann – China, as we have said, is TOAST economically

PS: As China leadership and Putin  does not tell the truth – and favors Philippine leadership we suggested were breaking humanitarian laws by just killing 2900 drug dealers without trial or due process – says it all really. No?

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Apple And ME



I said the market is going to SUPER CRASH ( but not now ). When? No one knows. I said predicting danger moments were OCT 2016 – the period of many historic Super Crashes for lots of reasons – I said IF we get by October and no Super Crash – it would be Spring 2017 and I felt before Spring 2018.

With that said Apple carried my highest recommendation because – there is a pent-up demand from the Apple prior generation owners 600 million of them to upgrade to IPHONE 7 and the new second version of IWATCH 2016. Those sales are not in the last quarter earnings.

Also the dip in sales – is because NO ONE BUYS knowing in weeks a NEW VERSION is coming out. Duh. So those dips are ridiculous and fail to report the real culture trends. Period.

Finally, Tim said today:

  1. We exceeded earnings from the market guru’s even knowing the DIP before new release would occur.
  2. We ARE making it up with IPHONE 7 sales that will stun ya all by year end.
  3. Our service sector went up by 30% and is soaring on recurring revenues.
  4. We are now a record of 237 billion cash in the bank more than the majority of nations
  5. We added almost 50 billion in new profits last quarter – like give me a break.

So I continue to suggest as media whips the stock into a dip you buy before you get year end numbers and see what happens as portfolio’s adjusting at year end out of Samsung and into Apple by the billions upon billions.

Apple is the ONE I think is worth you’re talking to your licensed experts about.

I said it before and today’s earnings just made me snug and warm all over.

WAY TO GO APPLE TEAM  …yahoo ( and Microsoft at an all time record high has nowhere to go now but DOWN ) keep that one in mind.


Berny Dohrmann – Keeping my opinions on the market data

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It seems to me the world is just a mess. Perhaps only IRAN is telling the truth. Iran’s leader stated this weekend that – America is not moral. He said look at their leaders. Look what they say to one another. Just listen to it.  The nation is not moral. The American people are left with a choice of bad or worse. So that IS the truth and everyone – knows that truth. Our people are better than our leadership.

What a mess.

Opec is lying. There is only one issue. There is a GLUT Of Oil because at a price of 60 or higher shale and related off shore oil flows like rain – more oil than there is demand. And increasingly all that oil is not from OPEC. So they stay Russia will cut back. The head of Russian Oil says “no we will NOT”. Opec says our members will cut back. Iran says NO WE WILL NOT. Iraq says NO we will NOT. Opec trusts Libya will not begin pumping for political reasons same for Venezuela and Nigeria. Big bets we feel are in the wrong direction.

Opec will Venezuela not be able to get real cuts to supply. Meanwhile the PACIFIC OCEAN of North American Oil and Gas – much larger than OPEC Supplies – is coming back on line. Why? This new technology is getting lower and lower cost to get the oil on line. Now they can produce at 45 dollars and 50 is gold. OPEC can no longer dictate terms they just don’t have enough supply. Plus the market is over supplied.

Coal can burn clean now and we have 1000 years of low cost electricity with CLEAN BURNING COAL is we never import any.

The world is moving into electric cars fueled by natural clean burning gas and clean burning coal all nations have plenty of. Why use high risk nuclear power which makes high risk weapons.

Everything is about to change on Nov 8th folks. Be ready for a huge surprise.

Berny Dohrmann

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Donald Trump will lower taxes more than anytime in 200 years and remove oceans of red tape to advance small business hiring ( as they hire 98% of all jobs in the nation ) to stimulate economic circulation and growth investment.

Hillary will raise taxes by the highest total in 100 years and add layers of new regulations onto small business who are not hiring as the nation is at zero growth for five years. Worst recover from recession EVER. As a model to stimulate growth.




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Is written by the founder and Chairman of CEO SPACE. We accelerate business growth for small business in 140 nations. Our next Business Growth Conference is hosted in Disney World Orlando on Dec 13th.

As a top 10 Keynote Speaker for FORBES – I’m also – busy speaking. Today and this weekend at the DIGITAL FOOTPRINT IT CONFERENCE near DISNEYLAND in Anaheim California. The DIGITAL FOOTPRINT CONFERENCE upgrades all business owner IT on line performance.

Digital Footprint is hosted by CEO SPACE FACULTY member, an INC 500 Company, and dear friend Ken and Kerri Courtright.

Through this weekend my Blog Postings may be slower though my research is current so there is a LOT going on out there which we will update you about. We told you IF we missed a SUPER CRASH the next moment of RISK for SUPER CRASH is the Springs of 2017. We will keep you posted as to why and how it is shaping up.

The Gulf States and Japan and China are moving in to SAVE Deutsch bank, by putting billions of capital in – which will suck out into fines – for the criminal stealing the bank under took over years of time. Wells Fargo Bank is now under CRIMINAL investigation from the United States Government and the FBI and the State of California has opened full on CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS and is now taking evidence from victims of the crime in their state. Germany has yet to open any CRIMINAL investigation into VW or to Deutsch bank, not understanding that CONDONING CRIMINALS IN NATION creates a boycott of the nation – all its goods services and products. The longer they wait the worse it becomes as WE THE PEOPLE turn off buying for CRIMINALS …its up to us folks.

SO making CRIME “NOT” PAY is the next step as government policy is not cutting it.

Meanwhile my coaching schedule for CEO’s who own business here at DIGITAL FOOTPRINT is AM to AM no breaks by appointment – so helping others is such a joy.

Helping you and your tribe is also a joy thank you for reading.

Berny Dohrmann – Blog Host

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Equity crowdfunding means you can “be your own venture capitalist,” as our executive publisher Addison Wiggin put it in 2013.

That is, you could invest in a new coffee shop around the block. Or you could invest in that neighbor kid’s garage startup — the kid you always suspected might be the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs.

For decades, that was the exclusive province of the rich — or, in government parlance, “accredited investors” with a net worth of at least $1 million or a family income of at least $300,000. Ordinary peons were shut off from such investments — for your own good, the government said.
But equity crowdfunding got the green light under the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, signed into law in April 2012.

Government being what it is, the SEC took 3½ years to draw up the regulations implementing the law. On the day the SEC approved those regulations, we dared to express hope the rules had “the potential to liberate small business… unleash the American spirit of innovation anew… and maybe even drag the nation out of its eight-year economic funk.”

Yeah, well, forget all that.

In fairness to ourselves, we did say the devil would be in the details. And it turns out Satan’s grubby fingerprints can be found throughout the regulations’ 685 pages.

Sure, in theory, you can invest up to $2,000 or 5% of your annual income or net worth — whichever is greater — in that neighbor kid’s tech venture.

But really — will the neighbor kid be inclined to file a “Form C” with the feds? It runs 20 pages. 

The SEC has helpfully come up with an estimate of the costs to comply with its regulations. A startup looking to raise between $500,000 and $1 million will have to fork over as much as $94,000 upfront for lawyers and accountants… and up to $13,000 each year after.

It’s enough to make your neighbor kid give up his entrepreneurial dreams and go back to chasing girls and playing video games.

Until http://www.sprowtt.com that automates the entire process for that your dreamer. Now a teen can do CROWD FUDNING. Would CEO SPACE Prefer the cost and time barrirs were lower – YES – but two weeks to get an offering for a one million dollar round out the door…

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Competition is a thought form.

This thought form is pure evil.

Distilled evil. In every context.

Sports enthusiast argue with me “no we need healthy competition”. There is this or that competition that is “GOOD”.

Let me explain a truth to you that you all know. Each of you are divine sparks. Each of you is immortal. You were never born. You will never die. You are capturing experience from a viewing room with 360 degree’s of screens in dimensions beyond your capacity of memory right this minute to recall the full wonder of. All the Screens are 20 K and 10 D and you are the projector. God is your light.

In the viewing room are all the spirits that ever crossed your path. Some are projecting on your screen. You project on some of their screens including all those who have left you – they never left you – you are together in the viewing room.

This – reality – as you reside right now inside your own movie – is a PROJECTION an illussion a hologram. Your soul is the projector.

In the viewing room there is unconditional love and cooperation. The thought form of competition is an error a bad item of software code a buggy bit of creative option for free will – one known as INSANITY an absolute potential of pure will.

NO NO I say to the sports folks – lets go back to Greece. Sport is not a competition. Sport is a DEMONSTRATION. Sport is a celebration to demonstrate the highest form of cooperation is always UNDEFINABLE. The winners always celebrated the losers and taught them mentored them how to improve their game. There was no ANNIHILATE the opponent or kill them in sport. I teach cooperation to Super Bowl Athletes and we never loose once they embrace cooperation principles.

So lets look at it in liturgy of faith.


There was only the void…

And all that is and ever will be is OF the VOID for that is all there IS but all that is is not IN the VOID which itself remains an eternal mystery of the God Head…

All that IS has a nature, and its nature is to THINK….only all that is thinks substantively – meaning that it must and always creates – its thought IS and always will be –

All that is forever and never ending held first thought.

First though was of self awareness.

First thought IS first creation. Always and forever.

First thought is the daughter the son the reflection of perfect mirror of self – in harmony and self awareness.

Seeing back and forth the perfection of BEING and BEING KNOWN and BEING SEEN so perfectly created SECOND THOUGHT that was FOREVER AND NEVER ENDING.

The second thought was PURE LOVE or perfected LOVE that always  IS the nature of the God Head and this second thought created and  the HOLY OF ALL SPIRITS OF GOD.

The nature of the HOLY SPIRIT in perfected love is so massive it must be SHARED in eternal creation as LOVE IS EXPRESSED. Creation flows outward in all directions in perfected love as an expression of love perfected – yours mine and God’s.

Within the shout of creation and joy and the illumination of consciousness the never ending creative  light travels out in all directions with resonance on the song of creation where the same light struck by the cord of God’s song on one active is a petunia on one reality  and on another is YOU or is ME. In all the verses still being created beyond imagination of the movie you are inside of and projecting. Always the same God light the same illuminated creation within the resonance differentiation that makes the individual.

As FREE WILL is created for their IS …..SEQUENCE WHEN THERE IS NO TIME ….Free Will is required as first aspect of ITS created nature –  to make first choice.FREE WILL MUST CHOSE – MUST MAKE FIRST CHOICE as its core nature.

First choice is state.

Sane or insane.

Sanity or insanity or STATE is the core NATURE the raw potential of FREE WILL or there would be no free will. Free will is born to chose. Created to chose. State is first choice. We all make this choice over our existence. Staying sane is a choice. A second choice for the influence of the insane is like a flu of the soul that is catching and highly contagious to our appetites which can rob us of our sanity. Knowing this is reality is first awareness and the core to all faith.

Insane is – I am separate in my light from you ( not true ) I am equal in power to source ( not true ) I am able to create my own followers ( not true ) I want equal attention for how perfect I am ( not happening ) and I chose to steal your followers ( insane ).

Upon choosing insanity the vibration state of the soul is such that the being making such free will choice the insane soul  is vibrationally  banished to a space occupied by the frequency of the insane for the insane may not exist in the same space as the sane. Like matter and anti matter.

They may possess a body but it a soul. Sanity may become insane by appetites and choices. Once insanity is fully embraced  there is no way back into sanity. Because of second choice of insanity.

Second choice of insanity is that the INSANE never know or accept responsibility for their first choice. Insanity lacks capacity for personal responsibility of choice another aspect of being insane.  The insane  blame GOD for banishing THEM into the insane asylum and for the pain of separation from the sane – when in truth the insane chose insanity and their own vibration as a CONSEQUENCE OF STATE CHOICE created their own banishment without outside influence of any kind.  They become enraged by the unfair consequence GOD has heaped upon them as they lack capacity to know or accept responsibility for their own choices. They are insane souls. Know any?

God has no involvement at any level in FREE WILL CHOICE. God can influence as Insane beings can influence but only the individual soul can CHOOSE for ITSELF.  God is not sad mad or in any state related to the choice of FREE WILL which is an accommodation by creation of every soul’s core nature. IT MUST be FREE to choose  state or FREE WILL would be preordination and would cease to exist at all.

God is the uncreated and such choice never existed at the perfected God Head. God created FREE WILL which did not exist until it was created.

The CHOICE exists upon the CREATION of FREE WILL in sequence when there is no time.

You – as a creation – a free will – were born to chose – are born to chose.

The name of the first free will choosing insanity is FIRST COMPETITION. Competition with the sane. Competition with God. First Competition with source. COMPETITION is the true name all faith’s use for EVIL. Having lost the name the insane has now dominos wherein COMPETITION is globally across all souls thought to be GOOD and OF GOD itself an insane thought. By loosing the very name of evil we banish toxic symptoms but never the source virus.

There is only ONE VIRUS on the human collective mind – it is COMPETITION ITSELF. Competitive thought. Once known for its nature removing your virus is an act of free will.

Competition with God. Is evil.

Competition is always in all forms  pure evil. As a thought form competition is INSANE in all its forms and attributes.

How in this projection do YOU KNOW Competition infected brains who have bad software? Easy.

First competition punishes all diversity of God’s creation in every form, race, faith, culture, size, appearance, superficial things, actions, interests, everything. By thousands of body cue’s before words. Diversity is belittled and criticized you shall know the insane by their works. Now look forward with those new eyes.

Cooperationist ( competition free brains – virus free souls ) CELEBRATE all God’s diversity in all forms. Every soul is doing the best it knows how including the insane.

Second – competitionalist THINK about the last few months of MEMORY and dwell on the past primarily on people places and events where they have been taken advantage of, judging and blaming others, where they are the endless victim ( ultimately of God ) and their attention – the made in the image and likeness of God – is held and focused from insanity on endless elevation of their own self loathing by the only tool the insane posses – blame and judgement of others.  They are always past dwellings in their divine attention and focus of thought. The sane find this crowd – increasingly boring and painful to invest TIME with as they wake up fully.

The virus free spirits CELEBRATE all God’s diversity. These souls never judge or blame another spirit as even the insane are doing the best they know how. They reside in gratitude and uplift everyone in their presence. They are SANE.

They focus their divine attention upon the future in groups conversation and focus always upon what they are dreaming, building, co creating with God, from raising their family, marriage and partnerships to the physical and fiscal worlds. The sane are future dwellers of thinking. 

Competition is attached to material aspects of life and value is established based upon material measurement.

Competition is attached to values as wealth where such items as money is only an aspect of survival and when surplus living occurs they increase their tithing back unto others. There is no focus on self and if  wealth when accumulated is a responsibility to contribution at higher state levels. The sane are always wealthy in the values of their gratitude and relationships as they create from the viewing room. They appreciate this life is a projection they create and take full responsibility for.


If the idea of heaven is a SANE STATE SPACE of unconditional love and cooperation between divine immortal souls in gratitude – why in our projection upon the earth in this time and space  would we create a reality that is competitive, that is  dog eat dog, brutal, harsh, violent, personally cruel, competition is our higher value, and any thought to be sane and of God is made to be mad or weak? Why are we not creating the values we cherish ( cooperative thought )  versus the never ending struggle we loath (competitive thought and its consequences ) ? That itself  is insane. We are creating insanity. So wake up my readers – wake up – and spread this word around the world.

Insanity is catching like Ebola for the soul. Using Porn, Money, Addictions from good to power to capture attention into INSANITY. Buggy bad software of the mind. Souls can chose insanity or sanity. You CAN  simply KNOW the difference. Once you do its easy to live in sanity – the highest state of existence.

Your core nature is to chose to be sane. The insane influence you to join them. Resisting this influence makes you insane. Blessing and forgiving them robs them of their power and elevates your sanity which has all the power. Relax into your sanity and true nature. Teach your children. For this is core to ALL RELIGIONS – those who celebrate diversity of faith are sane and are of God. Those who embrace COMPETITION in FAITH are inane and are of the insane.

God is laughing by our celebration of what is the same about all of our paths.

God is yawning and taking a nap when we allow insane attributes to guide our attention wondering. Whenever we punish diversity in any word thought or action. God has no sequence for insanity which acts out on its own as a nature of FREE DIVINE IMMORTAL WILL. A creative aspect of self. Religions are sane if they celebrate one another. Religions that compete with one another are INSANE and they are NOT OF GOD. All faiths are wonderful if they are expressed in cooperation. All core faith precepts are cooperative. Competition is insane cooperation is sane and now you truly can measure your own circles.

CEO SPACE is a thirty year revolution of thinking and attention. First for organizations of people ( spirits ) we call CORPORATIONS or Institutions – the last battle ground of the insane. For over 30 year’s CEO SPACE has brought COOPERATIVE organization theory and methods into the largest and smallest corporations ( organizations of souls ) in 140 nations. The results based on creative performance of spirits has been so dramatic the REVOLUTION is now adopted by corporate teaching institutions world wide.

Reforming cultures from the FAILED MODEL of competition – an organization pyramid model  of FEAR PUNISHMENT AND EXPLOITATION ( insanity ) and a trap of absolute ceilings for ever rising  performance output – into COOPERATION HUB MANAGEMENT ( culture reform in corporations )  within a wheel management theory of Recognition  Reward, Participation and Celebration creates unlimited potentials for performance gains from divine spirits organized together ( SANE ). This is true for a family ( competitive to cooperative ) for a small Dentist office or venture – or an institution.

The Cooperative leaders include 3 M – Zappos – Google – Apple – Pinterest – Amazon – Facebook – the Competitive Failures include Wells Fargo Bank, Samsung, Deutsch Bank, all our central banks, and most of our political leadership – massively competitive and insane. The result of insanity is world war itself insane. The FEW AGAINST THE MANY.

To remove a virus of the mind one must KNOW you have a virus and your symptomatic problems are caused by the virus itself. Otherwise you deal with the symptoms the virus sends forth as toxin’s and you never deal with the virus ( competitive thought ) as the CAUSE.

If these values where instructed in education culture would evolve with cue language where competition was not acceptable and was clearly known and seen as insane. Sanity would be the valued culture celebrated in the market of  the child souls first who learn so easily when taught THE TRUTH. By keeping the children ignorant we assure the adults are virus infected and blind to the virus which often feels good to them such as a wife abuser loving his power from violence ( insanity ) .

Begin to create a new life  circle. Make that higher state life  circle all who value cooperation without judge or blame for insanity which just is.  The circle talk about cooperation and cooperative solutions versus competitive words. Guard the words. Guard your circle of cooperation thinkers who display solutions as a focus to attention and avoid virus displays of focus of attention upon problems – a competition infected brain focuses attention on problems a sane brain focuses attention on creative solutions always grateful for tomorrow. Competition thinkers are always bitter about yesterday.

Your circle should be blame free thinkers who see each soul as a spirit of God to love just as they are this instant fully and completely. Then guard the guards. For the light of this circle will attract the darkness as influence –  that shall have no powers upon such a circle of souls. It is your choice in this life. If you must eject one from your circle do it in love without blame or judgement for insane souls can never accept responsibility for their own thinking – they are after all virus infected and insane.

Now you know.

For more on this subject the BIG BOOK the COOPERATION BIBLE is REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. Buy ten at Amazon and give them this Holiday to the SPIRITS you want to reside in a virus free state – for this one book – reads the reader as the reader – reads this personal transformation. For a Shorter Version of the TRUTH read the short stories of PERFECTION CAN BE HAD – the only publication tested at 1000 on the energy scale of fully awake words ever tested.

Competition is a thought form.

Competition is pure distilled evil.

Competition is insane.

Cooperation is awake virus free spirits in harmony with creation and God – sane.

Cooperation is virus free existing – sanity IS cooperation with the absence of all competitive thought. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping the Light of Cooperation all over you like a shower

PS: The crises of leadership can be seen as the few – the insane – leading the sane – the many. WE all have to change that aspect of reality together. Now you have new eyes. Share the highest truth upon reality. I’d print this – frame it – and hang it where you can see it often. You were born to choose. Cooperation changes the world – for one girl from the inner city in WATTS who borrowed the money to become a CEO SPACE member and rose to influence millions world wide – and become effortlessly abundance – if you have time to watch what COOPERATION can DO when you become a teacher and spread the word: https://vimeo.com/133293907

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Right Apple was a sunk stock, 72 hours after the critics panned the Apple IPHONE 7 and the new updated IWATCH and all those new applications – I said buy. If you did you already made a LOT OF MONEY.

The 600,000 IPHONE 4 users who have yet to upgrade are looking at what? Christmas that is what. I told my family I want the NEW IWATCH this Holiday. How many millions upon millions of me are out there?

This all following the largest success of any Apple launch in history. When the numbers finally hit the market they are going to inside a BLEAK MARKET SPACE just blow you away. Which is consistent if you look at history.

Further the SAMSUNG CRIMINALS having been whacked a billion dollars for stealing Apple IP ( that is AMERICAN IP they just ripped off ) should not be rewarded with Global customers. We must boycott Samsung as a criminal management.

When they blew people up to save a buck with batteries and circuits that explode burn down homes and offices – injure and kill folks – put fliers in the sky at risk of life – you stop buying from criminals. When they recall the phones in a slow horrible way that is time consuming with millions out of touch and can’t get back into what they paid for – then finally get replacement phones – then those burn and blow up as well – I mean the replacement phones and S lead engineer says on open mic by mistake – WE JUST DO NOT HAVE A CLUE WHAT IS GOING ON AND WHY THESE KEEPS EXPLODING.Samsung

Folks the tens upon tens of millions of SAMSUNG customers that are moving to Apple – who had an APPLE HOLIDAY HOME RUN ANYWAY – is so much of an APPLE WINDFALL TO SHAREHOLDERS you just have not factored that in yet. I would do everything I could to get Apple Stock in my hands at today’s price before the MARKET WAKES UP and discovers – WOW

ITS CHRISTMAS when 78% of all consumer sold goods get bought – it is CHRISTMAS and the largest APPLE RUSH is about to overwhelm Apple – backlog the chain of supply – and show you an upward STOCK LIKE YOU HAVE NOT SEEN SEEN FACEBOOK AND GOOGLE AND BANK OF AMERICA TODAY.

Buy low sell high.

Buy now and hold till the next Apple sell off before their anniversary of the IPHONE and then sell after the market trashes that release next fall and then BUY LIKE CRAZY all over again. Making money with Apple is historic. Just look at the graph and buy accordingly. You could be brain dead and make a ton of profit on Apple stock. But if you factor in the SAMSUNG FACTOR and 600 million yet to upgrade from IPHONE 4 I mean folks this is not rocket science – its Global Christmas.

Apple Folks.

Ask your expert brokers for their advice and see if they follow my opinion.

Hey but what do I know..I’m not always right …outside 100% of my calls.

APPLE then.

Berny Dohrmann – An Apple A Day builds the profits that pay……

PS: Its because I knew Steve and trust Kim its now …..

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Monday Oct 17th



Icon the investment scion today reported that the market had far more downside than upside potential. He could not see the crazy multiples being maintained. He stated the FED had created a FALSE market place by keeping interests low this long. ( Ah hem – we coughed that up for two years now to our readers ).

A Fed Local Chairman ( Fisher )  stated today that the market is being harmed by low interest this long. That market distortions are taking place that leave the FED out of the control room. The Fed Chairman ( spitting in the FACE of Fed Chairwoman  Janet Yellin’s call for even more easing last week ) stated the next recession would be longer and deeper because of FAILED FED LOW INTEREST POLICIES.

ICON said that he was MORE AND MORE worried about the stock market and that the

S&P was way over valued today. ICON said the FED had created a totally false market place.

Jeffrey Bunlach the BOND KING of the world stated that investors need to become defensive ( as markets dived and bond sales out of government securities began to gush ).

Fisher says the dangers of low interests could impact the core stability of the entire financial system of the world.  ( Ah hem we said that precise item all year did we not readers ? )

Janet Yellin marching to her shareholders of her private bank ( the Fed ) like criminal Wells Fargo and all the big financial brands as shareholders – suggested we open the flood gates of money and just drown the world in cash and that would create growth? This is not wrong minded its pig headed. But then Janet IS the worst Fed policy leader in 70 years.

Fisher said the Central Bank ( the Fed ) was limited to fight recession as they did not control all the factors that depressed prices and growth. He said that low interest rates this long run a risk on entire system stability.

This flies in the face of Janet Yellin stating she wants the FED to consider a HIGH PRESSURE ECONOMY virtually downing in free fed money until growth begins. Well 20 trillion later how is that failed policy working for you now Janet? The system is a casino – outside your regulation – addicted to speculation and manipulation – and avoiding all real economic growth investing – hence no growth. While the USA can not pay its debt – debt you ran up – because without growth we lack ability to maintain the debt. We bankrupt the USA. Its Math Janet its in JOBENOMICS read the Chuck Vollmer book – his math can’t be wrong he’s run BILLION DOLLAR institutions larger than the Fed Janet.

But hey sweetie pie – you march to your own private drummers – where your own track record of failure and loss means nothing as long as no blame attaches to you honey. Which it never does ….except here. I blame YOU JANET and I hold YOU responsible for the unborn generation of the nations of the world. You allowed GREED TO FEED while your morals and judgement proved inadequate to leadership and its requirements. F as Fed Chairman Janet Yellin – Grade “F” – as history will define. Give it time.

CEO SPACE is the largest business voice in the nation for smaller business. We in writing Chairman Yellin never receive a courtesy reply. Not even a respect. Why? Well they march to the SUPER MONEY and GREED and trample the little people who pay all the bills. Our people. They won’t even reply to a policy request.

They are not just arrogant and bad people – they lack manners and are rude people.

Fisher reported other reasons that contribute to North American zero growth over this time frame include:

  • Lower productivity falling now versus rising
  • Labor force growth is falling not rising
  • Aging population and retirement
  • Weak or absent investment
  • Weak foreign growth

Is anyone reading these tea leaves as to why NO SHORT TERM RECOVERY is going to take place. We are working so far away from the truth and the cause and no one is working  to fix it. Stocks continue to hold lower following Fisher telling the Truth against Janet Yellin telling lies.

So today we had various experts all confirm things look long term – BLEAK. Not to mention after election realities settling in on the markets:

Hillary – largest tax increase in 200 years

Trump – largest tax decrease in 100 years

The economy needs to be fixed to prosper.

We’ll keep a light on for you.

Berny Dohrmann – Optimistic for a FIX ya think ?

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The new jobs offered in America where at a 43 year low. The media reports that as good as the Administration says the labor market is FIRMING.

The markets are going to lie and spin financial news to keep volatility in a range that supports sovereign Debt in the EU – Asia and North America. Only free money – no cost money – leveraged into NATIONAL DEBT BONDS – keeps economies afloat today.

The market has basically made a casino deal. Nations leave us loop holes from your laws. We will buy your debt with the free money you have to give us to buy that debt. This keeps us both afloat. Until someone figures out how to fix this.

The new President will preside over a long huge recession in America. When a default contagion event ( some big one can not pay their bills ) and the dominoes of debt abuse come home finally – SUPER CRASH and depression will wash all over the world. It will all take less than a month and be over faster than it started. The aftermath will take 100 years to repair.

World war will rebalance and reset populations assets and the world order.

Today China and Russia grow based upon debt that can never be repaid.

The Casino is a wonderful place to make money – spend money – buy some drinks – get drunk – do drugs and party until the party is over and casino is shut down. I’d play along as you wish until the dooms day begins. I’ll tell you all about that as it unfolds

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE with my own opinion of the casino

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If we are talking about the MARKETS I believe this. The casino capitalism markets are so phony, so manipulated outside any regulatory frame work, THAT, the likely roller coaster volatility in which the SOFTWARE makes so great a short term institutional profit will continue. I think that KNOWING a SUPER CRASH “IS” coming the Central banks outside a merger back into treasury, will vastly expand stimulus, free money, and market efforts to super inflate global economics with phony economics. This will make the ultimate Super Crash much much worse and its already the worst of all super bubbles in 8000 years of government, history, and failed economic policy of nations.

Until a DEBT CONTAGION DEFAULT EVENT triggers Super Crash the central banks will seek to influence the casino they created and that they alone profit MOST from – all of which falls outside the Government and public understanding. Financial ignorance is the ultimate cause of everything that is going to rebalance the entire world through WORLD WAR and enormous death and pain.



So the Criminal management that set up and continued policies to earn over 5 billion in profits we know about – bilking over 2,000,000 customers by committing crimes they never are held accountable for or ever go to jail for ( like Deutsch Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland ) – is now still in power. They fired 5,000 little people. They need to fire 5,000 managers and the board of directors. ALL OF THE CRIMINALS and charge them and prosecute them all. Case in point this weekend on a slow news day:

So the criminal Stumpf – the CRIMINAL CEO who planned it all authorized it all and bilked his own customers for bonus money and a golden parachute of tens of millions he received last week when he quit – has installed his own management team that engineered it all so the criminals continue under his guidance – no change no criminal prosecution. Now get THIS. It comes out this weekend that as CEO Stumpf SOLD tens of millions of stock in Wells Fargo knowing the investigations and settlement were coming but just before the fine and settlement. HE KNEW. He committed criminal insider trading at a disadvantage to all other shareholders KNOWING as an insider the stock in WELLS FARGO BANK would plunge and not stop plunging for years and years as the bank has a RUN ON THE BANK and must sell off assets like a fire sale to remain liquid or file bankruptcy. HE the criminal made insane profits while his shareholders got shot in the ass from his crimes. NOW SHOULD HE GO TO PRISON WITH ALL HIS MERRY MEN? Am I the only sane on on line here? Where is the media? Reporting on the Hillary they go low and we go to hell and lower than hell – nothing is more hypocritical than the notion the HILLARY DIRTY TRICK machine goes HIGH – they never go high – they have invested 1 BILLION Dollars in trashing Trump – not winning themselves – and its working. ONE BILLION more than any sum in the history of elections to just TRASH ONE CANDIDATE to the toilet bowl and flush. Its funny to watch if your awake …its their only style.


So Trump has the majority of the popular vote and states. The West Coast and Upper East Coast is Hillary. It was Monday 190 Electoral College Votes to a little over 200 for Hillary with the swing deciding. Due to the Clinton Smear campaign despite winning the Debate – Trump popular vote soared – his poll numbers soared – his crowd s can’t fit in stadiums – Hillary can’t fill smaller venue’s – BUT the Electoral College has moved 170 or so for Trump and 250 for Hillary.

Trump may win the popular vote and Hillary wins the Electoral College and Presidential vote. Though an upset could still happen in this Political Sit Com WAR ELECTION – no one is going High – everyone is going lower than any election in 400 years – the lowest of the low ever in history. It is a shame to all peoples of the world.

When you look at the RED and BLUE MAP this weekend – you can believe Trump won’t win by a landslide.

When you visit the ELECTORAL COLLEGE numbers which is all the Clinton Team is focused upon – Hillary can not LOSE this election no matter how the popular vote unfolds – UNLESS SOMETHING NEW HAPPENS.

So that is the news on the weekend report. I’m not taking a position for either side I”m just saying there is no HIGH GROUND. They are both in a rope pull across a mud pond and anyone saying they are on dry high ground in this election is a liar. That is the only truth I hold. Its frankly a shame to our unborn generation.

My politics. I wish the two vice president candidates were on one ticket running together and actually WON. They would be the bomb for America.



Isis is being cursed by Allah. Any Muslim can see the INSANITY of ISIS. There is no Koran that supports their horror Muslim to Muslim. They are insane brains. They are under their faith under the possession of demons, also insane, and they are cursed. They are not blessed rising up. They are cursed being destroyed and utterly deleted as insane brains. Those who follow them are insane. Backing the anti religion. Those backing ISIS are into satan worship and bowing to the dark side every day.

Allah is cursing ISIS. They have no favor. No grace. they live like cornered rats. They have no water food and can not pay their insane troops. They are having the majority of their tribe wake up and defect. The DEFECTIONS are stripping ISIS of any survival ability. The Taliban and ISIS are not political nor are they religious. They are INSANE BRAINS.

Today you know OF GOD as cooperative. In the after life there is no competition between divine souls outside hell. The absence of God. The notion of any heaven in any faith is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND COOPERATION. Diversity of everything including faith is CELEBRATED and NEVER PUNISHED. When  you punish – as a Master Race or a Master Faith – you are INSANE – competition is a form of insanity. You have chosen EVIL in pure insanity. The absence of God. The majority of vast cooperative believers of all faith’s know this. The Koran DEMANDS respect by all Muslins for other Muslims and for PEOPLE OF THE BOOK. Those who are insane disregard this DEMAND and fail in their own salvation because they are insane. As leaders in the Muslim world define increasingly that the radicals are INSANE and the radicals are NOT MUSLIM and fail to follow the KORAN the insane will have less success in tricking sane brains to join their insane NOT OF GOD leadership.

Media needs to focus on these principles – they are insane – as they do the notion Allah is cursing them becomes so clear and who would follow those who dare to oppose the will of God? Thats my weekend opinion keeping a light on for the Isis oppressed.




If you like to gamble with your life nest egg, I would stay in the markets of stocks bonds and hard assets – all manipulated casino markets – and I would risk loosing all of my nest egg having such fun, as gamblers do, along that path.

If you wish to protect your nest egg at all costs I would sell at the peak all time high, move to all cash in all asset classes, engage a licensed insurance investment professional and move your cash into diversified insurance investing as they suggest approaching the area with this model in mind:

  • Whole life is like liquid banking with far superior returns and better liquidity than FDIC protection in my opinion.
  • Index Life – is high return GUARANTEED PRINCIPLE investing with far better investment long term protection than any market choice in my opinion – by the superior money managers in the world markets today – highest return – nest egg lack of risk.
  • Annuities like bond and income investing to provide fixed income where and when needed also with a nest egg no loss posture.

Safe. A time machine to move money and investment 7 years past the SUPER CARSH period and into return to THE MARKETS after they are RE-REGULATED buying LOW always and selling high.

If you wait your late.

If you delay you pay.

Decision makers gain and procrastinators loose.

Your brokers in THE MARKET are so hopelessly lacking holistic information and so morally conflicted as to the conflict of interest ( yours versus theirs ) that YOU have to make your own choice on your own nest egg.

Later in life a few of you will write me and with tears inform me how your entire nest egg was protected by this weekend blog. Why? because you chose a single drop of courage greater than your fear and took action.

To the rest of you …you will all write me and comment on this blog in the comment section saying – I WISH I HAD LISTENED TO HIM WHILE THERE WAS STILL TIME…I LOST MY ENTIRE NEST-EGG ALL OF IT….MY GOD and I KNEW I KNEW.

We’ll keep a light on for you.

Berny Dohrmann – Weekend In Thought just for you

PS: Why not print this blog and take it to your insurance professional and just explore what they tell you…just explore. The last honest way to invest in the world today.

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Today the Fed Chairwoman I have stated is the WORST Chairwoman of the Fed in 70 years – gave the market a speech I summarize as stating:

  1. Downturns are serious
  2. They create new unknowns
  3. Policy makers must be more nimble in solving new challenges the world never saw before
  4. We have no clue what to do
  5. Growth sucks and policy is not working and we don’t know why

She failed to report – WE ARE THE CAUSE OF THE PROBLEMS with our failed policies that I’m continuing.

Folks the CENTRAL BANKS of the world need to be merged for pure oversight back into their treasuries. These account-less agencies – as private company NGO contractors to nation are hopeless conflicted failed policy makers. Law makers need to pass emergency legislation and merge the FED into Treasury.

Meanwhile Shadow Banking is soaring. Shadow banking is a technology approach to do in private firms what institutions once owned exclusively. Shadow banking is now taking 100’s of TRILLIONS into world positions – all speculative casino capitalism manipulations of price and goods and services – WITH ZERO REGULATORY OVERSIGHT BY NATIONS –

So the market has become a casino.

The market is digital and the regulations have failed to stay ahead.

Shadow Banking exists in loopholes that no nation can close.

Unless the G 100 re-regulate the DIGITAL CASINO criminals run the casino.

The risk for a SUPER CRASH accumulates in how long and serious the world depression pending and coming will BE and the failed policy of CENTRAL banks is the cause, including legalizing SHADOW BANKING and failure to regulate SHADOW BANKING.

How screwed are we?

Economically speaking without a regulatory re-think?


Oh yeah – thats what I’ve been telling you. You should have some comfort in what I’ve been saying that the TOP COP – Janet Yellin is clueless about a solution and she said that just today – she admits we have new problems the world never experienced before and she names so few of them because she herself is CLUE LESS. She is buried in inside circle data of the worst kind….THAT IS THE WAY WE ALWAYS DID IT.

In a world moving to digital flash trading Janet can’t begin to influence via 100’s of trillions that make the Fed look like a poker player with 1.00 dollar chips – at a Vegas high roller table – with SHADOW BANKING holding mountains of chips in reply.

Your DONE Janet and the FED your DONE.

Its time to merge you into US TREASURY and allow the grown ups to make policy.

Berny Dohrmann – Investment banker economists with an opinion of my own


PS: Confidence in Central banks has been shattered completely and forever – the markets no longer consider them anything but marginal to reality.

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The SEC isn’t asleep.


Far from it. The staff are hard at work not just crafting rules for new legislation but also in ferreting out violations of securities regulations.

In fact, 2016 has been a record year for this.

The SEC  has, thus far, filed 868 enforcement actions against issuers, brokers, investments advisers and…yes…lawyers. The result has been more than $4 billion in fines and penalties (and counting). That is 2016 alone so far year to date only.

The message is clear – ignorance of the law isn’t a defense, they are on the watch for violations and aggressively pursuing people. So tread carefully and always seek the counsel of experienced attorneys, accountants and financial advisers. 

I personally  know of a couple of enforcement cases of misrepresentation that raises to the level of fraud as after SEC is done then Justice dept. looks into the cases that’s when we learn of the criminal plenty .

Lower  level dollar cases they went after as well I believe the regional offices are under pressure for more enforcement . SEC enforcement budget was increased for 2017 and keeps increasing. 

Mary Jo carries the highest CEO SPACE endorsement for a job being well done under the laws she has to work with – she keeps advising congress to upgrade the legal frame work and congress keeps not doing their job. In our opinion.

KUDO’s to MARY JO at the SEC

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60 Minutes did a report on the great CRASH of 2008 to discover the cause. They concluded the cause with many experts at the top agreeing, was the unholy conspiracy of failed CENTRAL BANK policy and the Clinton Administration in 1999. In December, on a snowy day in Washington, in the last 3 hours ..and thats THREE HOURS…before the United States Congress adjourned for their Holiday Christmas break, on a slow slow news day, the last unanimous vote of that time passed a law. The last big law of the CLINTON ADMINISTRATION.

A long sought CLINTON POLICY.

The law was named the COMMODITY MODERNIZATION ACT of 1999. The President signed it and went home taking all the g and w’s off the White House Computers. Merry Christmas.

The CLINTON POLICY destroyed 70 years of DEPRESSION SAFE GUARD LAWS. The law had little to do with commodities other than to manipulate all their prices. The law permitted investment banks to own banks. The law permitted banks to invest like investment banks – prohibited and a crime in 1999 and legal in 2000.

Speculations that were a crime in 1999 where now legal again in 2000.

The law makers knew what they were doing. As many state laws outlawed at state law level what is known as BUCKET SHOPS or scheme’s plans or devices to invest in “which way an item any item might go versus to hedge by buying the item directly” as a crime. The new LAW stipulated as 60 minutes reported so well – THAT – the Federal Law superseded these state laws and that NO PROSECUTION could now occur when the speculation in the digital markets that was CRIMINAL AND A CRIME was all of a sudden legal again by a animus act of congress and Clinton Policy signed into law.

During the next 16 years the real market would be over come by 100’s to one in trading on casino bets as the REAL MARKET of the entire world was destroyed and the core cause of the depression of 1907 and the GREAT DEPRESSION of 1929 returned to the world. However now no physical side bet bucket shop was the villain as today the push of a finger can trade half a trillion dollars in speculations creating a CASINO CAPITALISM that is a “we have been here before folks” GREED FEST that is mindless and without legal restraint until the laws change.


So in our election no one talks about policy to the vote really. We are talking about who kissed who in the hall ways. I mean really. We are grown ups. Everyone kisses everyone lets get off that topic.

SUPER CRASH is occurring because the fire wall between banks and investment banks was destroyed – a firewall the depression congress sought to never have breached regardless of the GREEDY pressures to do so. This single policy has:

  1. Created Global Casino Capitalism
  2. Made Central Banks obsolete and failed as policy makers
  3. Bankrupt the banks and investment banks if REAL MARKET ACCOUNTING applied to them as it does to all the rest of us – but they are exempt by the 1999 ACT.

When the crash hits the blame game will begin. Everyone will move the pea under the wall-nuts so fast you will have trouble seeing the pea and you will never be asked to consider the REAL CAUSE. Congress – Clinton failed policy – and Central banks who proposed it all for their own greedy membership ( remember Central banks are private companies under a contract and immune to any prosecution for their crimes ). Central Banks need to be MERGED BACK INTO THEIR TREASURIES in a digital market space a single error the depression congress over looked to their peril today.

Who pays the price for the CLINTON DOCTRINE?

All of us. All the people of the world. Can the one that brought you this failed policy and leverage that is no longer fixable – fix their own error ? Why would one think that?

So the single issue we think is so important – WHO WILL FIX THE ECONOMY AT CORE?

Berny Dohrmann – Speaking for the unborn generations of nations

PS: See SIXTY MINUTES clip on the cause of the 2008 crash – its all there folks verifying every aspect of my reporting here.  Hey why don’t they do an UPDATE in this election? No you know the CAUSE of the 2008 crash and the CAUSE OF THE MUCH WORSE SUPER CRASH STILL TO COME…..without new laws we are doomed.

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If the market stays up the incumbent “always” wins – unless we present new historic d.data

If the market goes down the new folks always win. Close to election.

Today the market is a roller coaster. One side bids it up. The other bids it down.

Data means little. It seems.

China at the Holiday season has a CRASH in exports manufacturing and their slow down is a nose dive.

The earnings recession is global.

Samsung is taking a 5.4 billion dollar HIT on earnings and an 18 billion dollar hit on stock.

Wells Fargo earnings are crashing and no data on the run on their bank is out yet.

Deutsch bank is selling assets to get desperately needed cash to manage its own run on its bank – seeking merger partners – the hand writing is on the wall for Deutsch bank.

The disappointment of earnings is vast and global.

So the market goes UP today on bad data globally. You figure that out.

Trading in the roller coaster makes money if you see the market as a casino versus a real market any longer. Computers make money on volatility for SUPER POOLS of money. As 80% of small investors ( us ) are OUT of the market and trading and the market is FREE MONEY leveraged by institutions, trading against each other, one software moving profits against another chaps software in a market without regulation.

To prove a point today the powerful Democratic  Senator that just ousted the CEO of Wells Fargo Bank wrote a scathing letter to her own party boss President Obama asking President Obama to use emergency powers, to fire Mary Jo White ( CEO SPACE LIKES MARY JO ) for failing to regulate the digital market space – to demand more disclosures  Elizabeth Warren see’s as vital to reverse casino economics – but we fear Senator Warren is spitting into the wind. After all a NEW PRESIDENT is coming in and why SPIT now when in 60 days a new team is in power? What is the point?

Congress not Mary Jo has failed to pass legislation to RE-REGULATE the digital casino that is now out of any control. CONGRESS in the last three hours of the lame duck BILL CLINTON ADMINISTRATION passed unanimously ( that is 100% of congress voting ) the COMMODITY MODERNIZATION ACT – the very name a congressional Fraud and Bill Clinton Signed that law. This law took all the DEPRESSION SAFE HARBOR LAWS out and allowed deposits in your bank from say your grandmother – to move off shore without her knowing – and be invested at fifty to one margin in pure crap – where the bank looses all its money – but the loss is not reported on the books. For one issue of that VERY HORRIBLE LAW that created CASINO CAPITALISM in a digital world.

Congress is the problem related to casino capitalism Senator Warren not Mary Jo White – who IS – administrating your laws faithfully – and doing a great job of balancing avoiding a SUPER CRASH while trying to reign in speculation but she frankly lacks the RIGHT LAWS to do SO from the CONGRESS.

So the casino rolls on and the markets go up. That folks is ….insane.

The longer we party to the cliff the longer the fall in SUPER CRASH.

Party on.

Berny Dohrmann – As we miss Super Crash in October ( if we miss it ) hold your sights on the Spring of 2017 and remember we told you the time line over and over on this blog.

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The period from 2010 to 2016 has seen the Middle Class in America no longer represent the MAJORITY of America. A single family household needs a mininum of 24,000 to 73,000 to secure middle class status of annual income. A five person family houshold needs 54,000 to 164,000 to secure middle class status.

121 Million American’s remian in this catagory. However more remain below them or above them when combined for the first time in 70 years.

The MIDDLE CLASS is being destroyed.

When you vote, when you VOTE, you might if you are American as many of my readers or global think about which policies will restore the MIDDLE CLASS and which will continue the policies that are destroying the American Middle class.

It IS something to think about.

Berny Dohrmann – Data is what makes sense don’t you think

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So lets now make some other assumptions:

  1. The economy is much worse than the liars publicly report
  2. Only 300 % more debt to income – keeps a CRASH away from China
  3. Corruption is out of control and beyond the leaders to control
  4. The anti corruption war is now a license to steal wealth which criminals in power are doing
  5. The leading liars – in the world – are not in control of their people who are in various stages of a revolution in China

China is going to POLITICALLY and ECONOMICALLY melt down. The recent data on how serious the decline – in exports – IS – was staggering to the world and brought all markets down. But one must add in the one word – CHRISTMAS – this crash in exports is taking place at the PEAK HOLIDAY BUYING SEASON. So if during the all time high in EXPORTS the EXPORTS from CHINA are CRASHING does one see what I told you in my blog? Do you see it yet?


China customers are leaving by the 1000’s to other easier cheaper higher quality less corrupt countries in Asia. They are never returning. Billions upon billions are leaving China. No one wishes to do business with China. Its too hard. Too costly. Too unreliable. Everyone is leaving.

Investment institutions and the big and little bucks are leaving the China which is now  in 2016 coming up to a trillion dollars – this capital is never returning to China. China is a third world experiment that had a one 25 year run that was state controlled, artificial economics, and totally mis managed as it always is within communistic economic modeling, and is now fatally collapsing into a SUPER CRASH driven by a total collapse in growth – five year down graph.

We have told you the cause is FAILED CENTRAL BANK POLICY and political policy failures. The result is the world’s largest DEBT MOUNTAIN and the world’s largest DEBT BOMB – bad debt that will never be repaid but the communist are showing this non paying non performing loan mountain ( over 100 trillion dollars in total in Asia overall ) as CURRENT ASSETS on their state institution books. This when adjusted morally and legally and by economics 101 – will SUPER CRASH CHINA and the entire world.

The IMF and the WORLD BANK have both been “screaming” – China is not sustainable – The Economy is WORSE than China is reporting – China’s debt will sink the economy of China into a SUPER CRASH and that will effect the entire world. Not once but over and over all year.

My Blog read by institutional traders and media world wide has been SCREAMING about the danger. This is the single largest danger economically in the world today. We are creating proposals for China to advance IP they lack today to get them out of the TERRIBLE TRAP they are now in and their advisers are making WORSE.

Today we have AT CHRISTMAS TIME with the highest EXPORT numbers of any year – moving to the Holiday market – NOW the LOWEST EXPORT OUTPUT FROM CHINA in more than 18 years – the drop was a shock to experts economists and THE MARKET SPACE – it was SO MUCH WORSE than anyone expected at the PEAK HOLIDAY BUYER SEASON – and this blog told you exactly this was taking place.

We told you this would take place, right now, this season, and you heard it first and all year on this blog. Another or our almost 100 predictions since 1988 that are now proven true, by time and the market space. We will make a prediction that turns out wrong but so far in thirty years – you are reading the most accurate continuous trend predicting site for small business owners – in the world.

This story is so much – the lead story in the world – the CRASH OF CHINA EXPORTS AT CHRISTMAS -versus say how many years ago at a cocktail party Trump hugged inappropriately I suppose – that will not sink the world if it is true – but in this media misappropriate of priority to with bias versus impartial news – skew the election to the owners bias favorite – we have lost an ability to DISCERN to BE INFORMED and if the members of a democracy are unable to THINK and be DISCERNING then we loose our democracy world wide.

Today the frightening item bringing all world markets DOWN with it – is CHINA just like we told you – and the ramifications at CHRISTMAS to have this five year DOWN DOWN DOWN GRAPH in China just EXPLODE DOWN further even with all the debt, all the central bank spending, failing utterly as policy to do anything at all but make it much much worse – the quick sand under the WORLD ECONOMIC SYSTEM is now opening into A GIANT SINK HOLE economically – we call SUPER CRASH. No structure standing today is going to survive this SUPER CRASH without full on reformation. Trust us on that item.

So now the quick sand is moving into SINK HOLE for the world economics.

And Crammer is telling us to go for growth? I don’t think so.

Berny Dohrmann – China is the one and the only NEWS in the world today …


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Then ranked CEO SPACE the # 1 Business Conference in the world. No wonder they are making a movie about my life – because – my life is impossible.


Want to see the full article ( as I seldom write about “me” ). Forbes also ranked me in the top 10 keynote slot for world SPEAKERS globally – so if your group needs a speaker tell them about me. Glad to serve a I speak on stages all over the world.

CEO SPACE lobbies in national agenda’s for small business world wide always trying to balance investor protection and start up ease to access capital. We are one voice of many and always at this last part of my life seek to apply our enormous standing and experience to advance ENTREPRENEURSHIP world wide.

If your going to follow “ME” there is always more to my story than you could ever imagine. Visit http://www.lsapublishing.com for the short movie trailer on my film, along with the most famous thought leaders sound bites – fun if nothing else.

If our too busy – just come back and scan and we’ll keep using our global community to give you the hard economic data and facts as we know them.

Now you know the other side of the story.

Berny Dohrmann -Best Selling  Author Film Producer Radio Show Host Investment Banker Economist and Founder Chairman of CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL the largest Entrepreneur Institution serving CEO’s of small business and professionals in practice in 140 nations for 30 years. But enough about me….I”m not running for anything……

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